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School Life

ADWTG Chapter 10

About 15 days have passed since I became Ariel Dalton in the first semester of 5th grade again. That means that it had been 15

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ADWTG Chapter 9

All sides of the greenhouse were filled with magical plants that glowed in colorful, fluorescent colors. Like Professor Stafford, who has an excellent aesthetic sense,

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ADWTG Chapter 8

“Don’t you have to go there?” I asked, looking at Bryce Nadon from a distance, who was setting the table for Blossom while grinning. Ramos

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ADWTG Chapter 7

More than half of the Fitzsimmons students who celebrated the weekend could be found on Finnigan Street. It was because it was the only downtown

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ADWTG Chapter 6

Ilestia called Walsh ‘Adam Willie’, and it was in the past, which naturally hadn’t happened yet. Could it be that the sixth Illestia has memories

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ADWTG Chapter 5

‘Interesting.’ He smiled as if he found me amusing. The corners of his mouth went up crookedly. Does he know that an expression like that

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ADWTG Chapter 4

Finally, the unavoidable afternoon arrived. I could not concentrate on Professor Monahan’s heated lecture on Goblin’s reproductive organs, so I insisted that I need to

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ADWTG Chapter 3

No matter how I feel, Fitzsimmons Academy was also very beautiful on the sixth March. I was looking down at the courtyard planted with flowers

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COR Chapter 61

Prey For a moment, only the sound of his beating heart was left in Shengjian’s ears. “…Run.” Lu Shen suddenly said something in a low

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COR Chapter 60

Whale In the spring season of March, ice and snow melted. Willow catkins along the street floated with the warm spring breeze, stained the hair

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