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School Life

COR Chapter 25

Hesitate “…Sorry.” Lu Shen said in a low voice. Bian Shengjian didn’t say a word, glanced at the chaotic crowd, and worried quickly took over

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COR Chapter 24

Heartbeat The name of the bar was “Mist”, and its front door was very inconspicuous. The kind that passers-by could easily ignore when they pass

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COR Chapter 23

Long time no see Bian Shengjian stared at the train number information constantly scrolling overhead, and finally caught a glimpse of those familiar figures when

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COR Chapter 22

Warming Up The days after the holidays were always long and boring. This was already Bian Shengjian’s 13th yawn while lying on the table. His

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COR Chapter 21

Delusional What will you do if I disappear one day? Bian Shengjian did not speak for a while. “Are you insane,” he said. “I mean

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COR Chapter 20

Lantern  “What do you mean?” Bian Shengjian was a little puzzled, “Is there some kind of hidden meaning to it?”  Lu Shen didn’t say a

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COR Chapter 19

Watch out for the moon Can’t sleep. After Bian Shengjian called Li Fei, Tan Ming, Xiao Liping and the others one by one but no

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COR Chapter 18

Blood as Medium A person was standing by the window. Bian Shengjian stared at the shadow closely, not daring to take a breath, for fear

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CMMM Chapter 19

Sudah sebulan sejak aku mengetahui bahwa Hino-kun menyukaiku. Musim gugur perlahan berubah menjadi musim dingin. Dan hari ini, seperti biasa, aku membuat makanan agar kami

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CMMM Chapter 18.2

Aku mengangguk di bawah selimut dan membawanya ke hidungku. Hino-kun mematikan lampu kamar yang dekat dengannya. Aku mungkin tidak akan bisa tidur hari ini. Jantungku

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