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IDWTBR Chapter 20

After the two of them had dinner, Ye Xuan took out a box of washed strawberries from the space. He put it on the table

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IDWTBR Chapter 18

After solving the outside affairs, Ye Xuan returned to Ling Jiaze’s dormitory, sat beside his bed and waited patiently for his awakening to end. A

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IDWTBR Chapter 14

Ye Xuan had received many express deliveries before the onset of the apocalypse. Many people in the community knew that he had a lot of

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IDWTBR Chapter 13

With a loud boom, a headless zombie fell from a height, and it also pushed down many zombies that were climbing upwards. The chaotic scene

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CDCN Chapter 3.1

Chapter 3.1 Despite hearing the horses’ hooves approaching and seeing the goshawk swooping down from above, Zong Luo remained unusually calm. When misfortune depends on

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IDWTBR Chapter 10

“Ah!” A terrified scream broke the tranquility of the morning, and also woke up Ye Xuan who was sleeping on the sofa. He rubbed his

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DFEF Chapter 19

Endorsement Dai Zhong just asked that jokingly in a sudden whim, but Lin Jianshen seemed to be pondering about this question seriously, when suddenly he

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CDCN Chapter 2.2

Chapter 2.2 “It’s the battle flag of the King of Beining! Quickly, open the gates!” At the command of the Marquis, the half-closed heavy city

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