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MLAP | Chapter 9

[ Content Warning: ⚠️🚩⚠️🚩⚠️ This chapter contains scenes with slight gore. Reader discretion is advised. If you are sensitive to blood or violence, please consider

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MLAP | Chapter 6

He threw a coin to the busy and tired store owner and left the crowded shop.  Veronica followed him with narrowed eyes, unsure of what

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MLAP | Chapter 4

Instead of denying it, the man’s mouth curled into a cold smile. Why didn’t she realize it earlier? He was the only one who would’ve

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MLAP | Chapter 3

A sticky sound echoed in his ears. Leon twisted his head and pulled the small body closer to him, wanting to dig his tongue deeper.

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MLAP | Chapter 1

‘The world is falling apart.’ Veronica thought as she watched her father die. Thud. Thud. The Bahamut that had attacked the city was twice the

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The Monster Lady and the Paladin

The Monster Lady and the Paladin

The city was destroyed. Her family was dead. Her friend was murdered right before her eyes. Veronica tried to run away but to no avail. The moment her eyes met ‘it’, her life was turned upside down.

“She’s already been assimilated.”

A man grabbed her by the hair and looked at her disdainfully as she struggled.

“Do you want to live?”

“Ugh, cough. Ugh.”

“Do you want to live even if you have to roll in the fires of hell?”

“Let me go.”

“Answer me. If you wish to die, I will kill you painlessly.”

She doesn’t want to die. She didn’t want to die yet. She had just been reborn.

“Then ask me for help.” The man, who seemed to read her thoughts, sneered. The burning abyss was staring straight at her.

“I want to live… please, help me.”

She didn’t know until then. That his breath and his saliva, filled with his holy power, will save her.

She became a God in place of a vanished God.

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CDEBILU Chapter 17

Chapter 17: You Will Never Be Forgiven Translator: MadHatter Editor: MadHatter I walked alone through the familiar corridors and opened the well-used doors by myself.

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CDEBILU Chapter 16

Chapter 16: Advent of the Goddess Part 2 Translator: MadHatter Editor: MadHatter There is cruelty described in this chapter. A fluffy way to describe it

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