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BTVE Episode 24

<24> The heroine of the original work could not break her silence. Maybe if my sister had seen it, she would have held her stomach

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MLAP | Chapter 8

[TL/N: Hello! Please read The Monster Lady and the Paladin at Moonlight Novels only to support the translator. Thank you! ] “Why, it’s the area

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MLAP | Chapter 6

He threw a coin to the busy and tired store owner and left the crowded shop.  Veronica followed him with narrowed eyes, unsure of what

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BTVE Episode 23

<23> 5. The original female protagonist. … This. A tone filled with embarrassment leaked out from her lips. “What did you say now?” “Young Lady.”

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BTVE Episode 22

<22> The pushing voice trembled terribly, as if there was a noise as it went backward, and then the pronunciation became muffled with a sense

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BTVE Episode 21

<21> When Calix Hamel first started plotting his prison escape, there were a few things he didn’t tell his colleagues. One of them was about

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MLAP | Chapter 4

Instead of denying it, the man’s mouth curled into a cold smile. Why didn’t she realize it earlier? He was the only one who would’ve

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BTVE Episode 20

<20> Suddenly, the sound of grinding teeth was drowned out by the sound of urgent footsteps. Clark left the meeting room and climbed the stairs

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