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Farewell to the Sunset

Farewell to the Sunset

Gentle and affectionate big warm man×adorable little beauty.
Tang Nuo had a cake shop. He always closed it in the evenings, and waited quietly for night to fall.

Familiar customers said, “It would be nice to close the door later because most people get off work at that time.”

Only Shen Youning was different.

Only Shen Youning asked him, “Can I… watch the sunset with you?”

Shen Youning (gong) × Tang Nuo (shou)

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PD99YSW Chapter 13

Chapter 13 Don’t care about your wife being bullied? Aunt Xiaoli’s sobbing did not escape Su Qingqing’s ears. While laying in bed, she giggled, and

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Chapter 11 Part 2 He couldn’t help but to feel disappointed. Lu Chenfeng quickly finished a cigarette and stared at the fire spark, but two

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PD99YSW Chapter 12

Chapter 12 Rebellious daughter, kneel down for me! After the engagement banquet Su Qingqing disappeared for a whole day. She drove Su Ruhai crazy when

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Chapter 11 Part 1 The night sinked into the room like thick ink. Lu Chenfeng sat where the darkness and light intertwined and ripped the

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Chapter 10 Part 2 The door to the platform for viewing cut off the conversations the other customers were having in the front lobby. Quietness

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Chapter 10 Part 1 His body swayed with the bus. Lu Chenfeng sat in the last row next to the window and enjoyed the view

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Chapter 9 Part 2 Lu Chenfeng clicked on the picture, a poster of rules to enter the CGL Jewellery Competition revealed to him. It was

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Chapter 9 Part 1 They returned with the afternoon sun. Lin Chaosheng asked what Lu Chenfeng wanted to eat for dinner so he could ask

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