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CP Chapter 1: Interracial Courtship

[Di——] [The intelligent system of the escape cabin has been activated, the surrounding environment is being detected. The oxygen content is 30%, and the temperature

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Courtship Period

Courtship Period

[Please note that a powerful interracial creature is approaching, and the other party exudes a strong courtship pheromone to you.]

Ban Xia: “???”

[The light brain automatically generated three plans for you: One, accept the courtship of the other party, and the alien will excitedly bring you back to the lair. Second, refuse the courtship of the other party, and the alien will directly take you back to the lair. Three, run away immediately, the alien will catch up to you, beat you up and take you back to the lair. 】

Wandering on the alien planet, Ban Xia saw giant birds, and rode mammoths, so even if another aboriginal wooed him, he could calmly deal with it.

Until the sky darkened, a monster-like magical dragon crashed down with a bang, the monster’s scaly head leaned in front of him, stuck out his scarlet tongue, and licked him.

Ban Xia:!!!∑(°Д°ノ)ノ

Tian Nanxing has been a lonely dragon for thousands of years, and never had the idea of ​​finding a mate.

Until one day , it smelled the scent of an unfamiliar male, and that smell made it quickly enter the courtship period.

“I want to… want to lay eggs.”

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