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DS Chapter 55

Heroic Spirit (2) His Royal Highness smiled so faintly and gently, however, Jiang Jianming only felt that he was going to be entranced. —In all

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DS Chapter 54

Heroic Spirit (1) He was dreaming again. This time the dream was weird and continuous, like waves of tide enveloping Jiang Jianming’s consciousness. He could

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DS Chapter 53

Brawl (3) When the body of the black ape fell to the ground like a rock, Garcia’s body was also thrown into the air by

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DS Chapter 52

Brawl (2) Rumble…… The speeding mecha’s feet stepped on the frozen soil, and the gravel along the way vibrated. The mecha troops galloped across the

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DS Chapter 51.3

Brawl (1.3) “Wait a moment, Your Excellency, Young Chief.” “What about the Slash Comet?” Chilong was stunned for a moment, he couldn’t understand why this

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DS Chapter 51.2

Brawl (1.2) Rita: “It’s still…….not yet confirmed, our drone should have been shot down by alien creatures if it’s unable to reach there.” Xie Yuduo’s

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DS Chapter 51.1

Brawl (1.1) Mountain Valley! Jiang Jianming’s finger landed on a valley terrain, which was where the officers in the adaptation period encountered the subspecies, and

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DS Chapter 50

Ambush (4) The grotesque rocks were covered with frost and ice, and the snow-like mecha slowly landed among the high mountains. The sun gradually headed

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DS Chapter 49

Ambush (3) The second he looked eye to eye with the toads, all the fine hairs on Jiang Jianming’s body stood on end. He pulled

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DS Chapter 48

Ambush (2) The mecha’s speed was fast while it’s in flight again. The distance between the shades of the trees was quickly drawing closer. A

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