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CDCN Chapter 29.2

Chapter 29.2 That’s right, the King of Beining had already seen through Jin Yu’s identity. Now, taking advantage of his mortal enemy’s memory loss, it

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CDCN Chapter 29.1

Chapter 29.1 Strangely, after the astonishment passed, Yu Beizhou didn’t have any intention to struggle. In the process of falling, with the violent whistling sound

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CDCN Chapter 28.2

Chapter 28.2 After all, if he had to say anything, the conflict between him and Yu Beizhou was nothing more than a cannon fodder and

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CDCN Chapter 27.2

Chapter 27.2 He staggered onto his horse, leaned against it, then steered forward carefully. Ye Linghan didn’t dare to run too fast, because everytime the

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CDCN Chapter 27.1

Chapter 27.1 That’s right. If Jin Yu hadn’t really lost his memory, then it’s impossible for him not to come to see His Majesty. Pei

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CDCN Chapter 26.2

Chapter 26.2 Thanks to the layer of cover up of this tyrant, after raiding a few households, the entire court was full of soldiers, looking

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CDCN Chapter 26.1

Chapter 26.1 Pei Qianxue stood outside the hall, with his both arms leisurely hung on both and fingertips motionless under his wide sleeves. Such a

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CDCN Chapter 25.2

Chapter 25.2 “Look at what Prime Minister Pei is saying, you are from our side.” Standing before the Golden Hall, Zong Chengsi laughed loudly, “So

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