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“I am a monitor who will be monitoring you and at the same time, I have to be your assistant.” “So?” “I’ll ask for that.

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SEB Chapter 50

Promoting Science In The World Of Supernatural (2) The original owner had been entangled by the ghost groom for several days when Lin Xiaotang arrived;

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SEB Chapter 49

Promoting Science In The World Of Supernatural (1) Lin Xiaotang didn’t want to stay in that world after Lin Qingqing died, so she chose to

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SEB Chapter 48

In The World Of Running Away With The Ball (8) “How is this even possible? Tangtang has always been extremely obedient!” Lin Qingqing was stunned

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SEB Chapter 47

In The World Of Running Away With The Ball (7) This screenshot is accompanied with a note from Lin Qingqing- Mom: Baby, hurry up! If

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ADWTG Chapter 11

The next day, I was standing in the hallway on the second floor of the annex, exactly at the time Kyle mentioned. Because he told

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TAGWF Chapter 7.4

His voice was husky and languid. A different appearance from Lacius and Geisha. A decadent and dangerous odor wafted from the room, possibly from the

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TAGWF Chapter 7.3

“It’s a chest cover, but it’s just for covering, so it’s not too tight. It will complement our outfit.” Actually, I’m not sure why I

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I grabbed the doorknob and went inside. Even though it was broad daylight, the curtains were draped so it was like night. I wasn’t used

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