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MC Chapter 5

“I see. I understand Tokizane’s feelings very well. I want to ascertain the identity of the culprit, regardless of whether the execution is called for

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MC Chapter 4

“There’s no hope. She has passed away,” Kumakura, who had been crouching down in front of Mori Reiko to check her pulse, lifted his face

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MC Chapter 3

I have gotten a bit drunk. Junko thought to herself as she reached the restroom and covered her eyes with a damp handkerchief. While the

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MC Chapter 2

The room was over 66.116 square meters[i] in size, featuring a large metal fireplace casting a blazing red flame. After Tokizane and Natsumi served them

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MC Chapter 1

“Cleanliness is filthiness. Filthiness is cleanliness.[i]” As Mori Reiko raised a large glass of wine in front of her and passed the alluring ruby-colored wine

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