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Cage Devotion~The Engagement was Broken and I was Locked Up. You Will Never Be Forgiven~

When his engagement was called off, Prince Elias was abducted by an unknown person, without a clear understanding of his emotions.

Upon awakening, Elias found himself in a luxurious room that had been prepared exclusively for him and in the presence of a person he had never expected to cross paths with.

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The Obsessive Male Lead Found Out I'm Alive

The Obsessive Male Lead Found Out I’m Alive

I possessed a wicked woman, the daughter of the enemy who killed the mother of the male protagonist and a woman who was a woman of time.
Having managed to usurp the throne, he married me, the daughter of the spoils of the Führer.
With a wicked woman who will die soon due to ill health.

“This is what happened.”

A cold voice.
Fortunately, I’m going to die a month later.

I’m sure it should be the case.
I didn’t die. And an unwanted pregnancy.

So I left.

How can you be married to your enemy’s daughter?
I pretended to be dead and ran away.

That’s what happened.

“How can you pretend to be dead?”

He had changed completely when I met him again.

“It’s not your child.”

How he found me, he said with tears in his eyes.

“I don’t care who the father of the child is. He’ll be my child anyways.”

He was crying and laughing with a crumbling look.

“Didn’t I tell you? Every single strand of my hair is yours.”

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He Holds a Rose from the Abyss

He Holds a Rose from the Abyss

Chi Lang transmigrated to the Middle Ages as a third-rate magician in a third-rate magic academy. His magical aptitude is zero. But he has a good roommate.

His roommate is good-looking.

His roommate is good-natured.

His roommate helped him escape from danger several times.

His roommate never complains.

Chi Lang felt like he liked his roommate a little bit, and then his roommate helped him solve his ‘single’ problem.

It wasn’t until much later that he realized that his roommate was a remarkable figure.

——He was one of the demon lords sealed by the magician known as the “God of Magic”… And Chi Lang became the one who unlocked the seal of the Demon Lord.

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Until The Real One Shows Up​

Until The Real One Shows Up​

She dared to cross over to become the main character from being an extra in the novel. She believed that the power of love could change any fate. However, everyone died and realized that it was a perfect mistake.

“If I ever go back, I will never love you.”

Perhaps the earnest wish worked, she returned back a year before the original work began. The problem is that this body that she possessed in the original, is the worst villain in the world!

“If I go on like this, the female lead will appear and my neck will be cut off.”

She decided to never follow the plot after her rebirth while keeping her distance from The Male Lead.

“I must write the greatness of Her Highness the Empress as a pamphlet and spread it throughout the Empire!”

“You did a great job! The Empress must be a saint!”

“I would gladly give this one life for the sake of the Empress!”

Did I work too hard? Everyone seems to like me very much. And besides…

“What are you doing here…”

“Is it strange for a husband to find himself in his wife’s bedroom?”

The attitude of the man who hated her terribly also became quite strange somehow…?

Finally, the news that the heroine had appeared. Now it was time for the extras to disappear just as they were in the original. She stamped the divorce papers without any regrets and took them to her husband…


“You will dethrone me and the new Empress… Wait, what are you doing?”

Before she could finish speaking, he tore the divorce papers to shreds. He responded to her with a calm face.

“I won’t.”

“Are you going to go against the blessing?”

“That’s out of question.”

“I beg your pardon?’”

I was dumbfounded, and he came close to me.

With a dangerous face, he said as if growling in the narrow hunger for a kiss.

“You promised to stay by my side until the day I die.”


“Your promise comes first. I will never let you go.”

The original was about to change once again.

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For My Derelict Favorite

For My Derelict Favorite

I entered my favorite romance-fantasy novel, which I have read many times.

Thanks to the body of a wealthy commoner, I bought the status of a fallen aristocrat, attended a noble family’s gathering and observed the romance of the characters in the original novel.

I wanted to return to the real world after witnessing the ending.
But somehow, even after the ending, I was not freed from the body I possessed and remained living in the original novel.

As a result, I acquired the stories behind the scenes that I refused to comprehend.

My favorite sub male lead, Kaelus, has died.
Living impoverished in the original work without him, I eventually fell ill and died.
Now, I wanted to return to reality.

However, the irony of fate has returned me to the end of the novel overnight. This is definitely… to save my beloved, right?

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Mystery Clock

Mystery Clock

During a dinner party at a secluded mountain villa, while the invited guests are engaged in a strange game over an ultra-luxury clock, the owner of the villa, a female writer named Mori Reiko, is met with an unnatural death in her study.

With this, the curtain rises on a deadly game of deduction! 

Embroiled in the game are Enomoto, a crime prevention consultant (whose main profession is a thief!?), and the lawyer Junko, who tries to solve the mystery of a perfectly locked room protected by the wall of time…

Note: Wall of time here means alibi.

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Cinta yang Mengintai di Meja Makan

Cinta yang Mengintai di Meja Makan

Siswi kelas satu SMA, Igarashi Mizuka, suka memasak. Tapi begitu dia masuk SMA, orang tuanya mulai bekerja di luar negeri dan dia harus tinggal sendirian. Tiba-tiba muncul di hadapan Mizuka yang kesepian adalah Hino Yousuke, seorang model dan aktor yang memintanya untuk membuatkan makanan untuknya. Mizuka bingung mengingat status lelaki itu, tapi ia tetap membuatkannya makan siang dan pada akhirnya menyukainya…

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Kucing Putih yang Bersumpah Membalas Dendam hanya Bermalas-malasan di Pangkuan Raja Naga/The White Cat that Swore Vengeance was Just Lazing on The Dragon King's Lap

Kucing Putih yang Bersumpah Membalas Dendam hanya Bermalas-malasan di Pangkuan Raja Naga

Saat dalam perjalanannya menuju kampus, Ruri dan teman-teman sekelasnya dari sekolah menengah, dipanggil ke dunia lain dengan sebuah cahaya yang bersinar di atas tanah.

Pemanggilan itu ditujukan untuk memanggil gadis suci yang akan membawa kejayaan bagi negeri. Singkatnya, sepertinya ia hanyalah seorang pengamat tidak beruntung yang ikut terseret dalam pemanggilan.

Untungnya, akomodasi dan keperluan lain sudah disediakan. Tak beruntungnya, dia dibuat menjadi seorang kriminal dengan konspirasi yang dikarang oleh orang-orang yang ia sebut sebagai “teman” dan diasingkan ke hutan.

Dia diselamatkan oleh seorang penyihir setelah bertemu dengan makhluk tak diketahui. Dia kemudian bersumpah membalas dendam pada “teman”nya sebelumnya.

Belakar dibawah bimbingan si penyihir, dia akhirnya memperoleh kekuatan yang cukup untuk melakukan pembalasan dendamnya… atau seperti itulah seharusnya cerita itu mengalir, selain fakta bahwa ia berubah menjadi seekor kucing putih dan tertidur dengan nyaman di pangkuan Raja Naga.

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I Stole the Heroine's Holy Grail

I Stole the Heroine’s Holy Grail

I was excommunicated from my family for a crime I did not commit. But it wasn’t bad. I didn’t have much affection for the family, and I wanted to get out of the original flow of the novel.

So I received a portion of my property that was originally mine, and left without hesitation.

I was happy to think that I was finally freed from the novel.

I came down to a quiet countryside and bought a mansion far from the village.

It was a size that was enough to live alone.
Now, I thought I could live peacefully, gardening for the rest of my life here.

But life, as always, did not go my way.

Knights came to the peaceful village. Among them was Izar, my former fiance who ignored me. The words that came out from his mouth were quite shocking.

“Hestine was not the saint who will defeat the devil.”

No. Hestine is the one who will save the world from the devil. I know best because I’ve read the novel.

“Adelia, that’s you.”


*Male Protagonist: Ivan Hamilton

– The younger brother of the emperor, and the owner of the Grand Duchy of Hamilton. He grew up loved by all without lacking anything, but there are also blemishes in his impeccable background. That is, when he was young, he was kidnapped by an illegal guild. He finds the benefactor who saved him from being kidnapped.

*Female Protagonist: Adelia Sorne

The youngest daughter of a marquis family, but her whole life is crooked as she is neglected by her family. In the end, she is framed for hurting a saint who is loved by everyone and is excommunicated from her family.

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For your Failed Unrequited Love

For your Failed Unrequited Love

Celebrity of the Xenomium Academy.
All female students like him.

Felix Berg.

Recently, there has been a person that annoys him.

Lucy Keenan, just one year lower.

The girl, who has a very unremarkable appearance and a calm personality, is the only one who can distinguish Felix from his identical twin Adrian like a ghost.

Whenever she meets him, she only has an expressionless face.
But when she meets Adrian, she smiles brightly.

When he is with her, her lips are shut.
And she only talks with Adrian.

It is certain.

Lucy Keenan has a crush on her twin brother Adrian.

As her curiosity for Lucy Keenan grows, Felix begins to question her. He has the same face, the same height, and the same voice, so why is it Adrian and not him?

It’s a bonus that I wanted to interrupt Lucy Keenan’s unrequited love for nothing.

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