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IDWTBR Chapter 20

After the two of them had dinner, Ye Xuan took out a box of washed strawberries from the space. He put it on the table

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PSMAT Chapter 6

The place Bai Xiaohu found was on the hillside going up from the factory, in a small woods area; she felt more comfortable in the

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IDWTBR Chapter 18

After solving the outside affairs, Ye Xuan returned to Ling Jiaze’s dormitory, sat beside his bed and waited patiently for his awakening to end. A

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PSMAT Chapter 5

Bai Xiaohu felt very sad, frustrated, and confused. When she finished being confused and saw the man’s hand was still in front of her, she

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PSMAT Chapter 4

As the group of people all got outside, the zombies outside of the walls smelled them, and became more and more excited; some even successfully

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IDWTBR Chapter 17

“What did you just say? A mysterious person broke in and beat you up like this?” “Yes teacher. He rushed over directly and beat me

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PSMAT Chapter 3

Lu Ye watches the little girl in front of him panic. She is indeed very beautiful and looks very young. The way she widens her

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PSMAT Chapter 2

Bai Xiaohu has just regained consciousness, and the first thing she notices is the indescribable horrible smell in the air.  The smell of blood, sweat,

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