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Ancient China

LMY Chapter 4

Friendly It’s not that Wang Dian never thought that the real emperor would show up, but he never expected that Liang Ye would appear looking

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LMY Chapter 3

Meet  Wang Dian thought that it was both scientific and not very scientific to have traveled through this sort of thing. He thought of Einstein’s

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LMY Chapter 2

Outrageous In the dead of the night, candles were flickering. Wang Dian opened his eyes strenuously, only to see a face that had a trail

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LMY Chapter 1

Passed Through Liang Ye, the emperor of the Liang Country, was a moody and perverse lunatic. This was not only true to the Northern Liang,

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CDCN Chapter 6.2

Chapter 6.2 For many years, Yuan has not had a Crown Prince. The most favored ninth prince on the surface, was still far from coming

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CDCN Chapter 6.1

Chapter 6.1 Perhaps it was the reason for the heavy rain. Two days later, the weather became fine, and the sun was rising for thousands

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CDCN Chapter 5.2

Chapter 5.2 As far as becoming enemies, it was better than to be killed. But if you let him compromise and hug Beizhou’s thigh, then

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CDCN Chapter 5.1

Chapter 5.1  Mu Yuanlong’s words silenced the Xuan cavalry. For a while, there was nothing but the sound of rain falling from the sky and

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DMAF Chapter 28

Chapter 28 I Forbid You To Die Yan Tenghua, don’t let anything happen to you! I haven’t taken my revenge on you yet! Liu Yuzhen

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DMAF Chapter 27

Chapter 27 We meet again How can he be affected by that little bit of ecstasy scent? When he was in special training, he would

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