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DFEF Chapter 19

Endorsement Dai Zhong just asked that jokingly in a sudden whim, but Lin Jianshen seemed to be pondering about this question seriously, when suddenly he

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DFEF Chapter 18

Filming In the studio, the director glanced at the time and called to stop after the scene was shot.     “It’s over, it’s over, everyone has

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DFEF Chapter 17

Comments On the thirty-ninth floor of a high-rise building, the office of the president of Yu Xue Company. The man in a black suit flipped

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DFEF Chapter 16

Your excellency Standing there and watching the taxi go away, Wen Quyi didn’t look back for a long time, until the taxi gradually disappeared from

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DFEF Chapter 15

Doubt After introducing themselves, the classmates talked with Yu Mian with few words, and then they didn’t say anything more.     There were also classmates who

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DFEF Chapter 14

Photograph Isn’t this a picture of her from high school?     Yu Mian still remembered that this was the photo she took when she applied for

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DFEF Chapter 13

Childhood friend The moment he saw Yu Mian’s face clearly, the boy suddenly opened his eyes wide, his pupils dilated in extreme shock.      “Yu Mian?!” 

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DFEF Chapter 12

Mu Lan Walking out of the community, Yu Mian stood at the door with an umbrella. Even after waiting for ten minutes, she didn’t see

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DFEF Chapter 11

Rainy Day In the early morning of the next day, Yumian woke up and opened her eyes, hearing the fine sound of rain, rustling like

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