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Part 029

When Adrian blocked his way again and drew his sword, Damian felt like she wanted to regain her senses. Adrian, who faced her, was already a mess. His white shirt was already stained with blood, and the right side was ripped open, revealing a wound that looked painful to look at. His blood welled up and he was already soaking his pants. To make someone who did something like this raise a sword again. Damian looked in the direction of the sound, full of anger and resentment, but an unexpected face appeared on the first basement floor. Blurred blonde hair with amber eyes. It was Homer. Even though she felt relieved because he was a familiar face, Damian couldn’t let go of her heart. Then, only after the tip of Adrian’s sword, which was facing him, went down, her body relaxed.

“Why are you out there?”

He lowered the sword he was aiming for, but Adrian, who was still on guard, still held the sword in his hand and asked Damian as he stood in front of him. Homer approached Adrian after ordering his subordinates in the same outfit to clear the building.

When he saw the woman behind him was Damian, he made a visibly surprised face, but she did not speak to her. Damian also did not react separately from Adrian’s back and just watched Homer approaching.

“Your Excellency, Duke Bigor. I was searching for a secret passage that led from the port to the underground here. There was evidence that illegal weapons were brought in, so I caught two people escaping while entering the underground warehouse. One was in critical condition and was transferred immediately. But if you want, I’ll take over.”

Homer politely explained the situation. Adrian was once again fed up with her carelessness. What Damian discovered was a secret to keep even to the military commander and a smuggled weapon. To bring her to such a dangerous place like this…

“Let’s talk about it another day. Please clean up after yourself.”

Adrian was about to turn away, but Homer’s horse caught him.

“I will take Lady Damian.

“Don’t worry, I’ll take her there.”

Adrian turned away, and Homer bowed his head with a disapproving face. While Adrian approached Damian and examined his complexion, Homer turned and disappeared to the second floor. As soon as she was convinced that it was not a dangerous situation, she felt a great sense of exhaustion as my stiff body loosened up again. Damian watched Adrian approaching her, barely holding on to her distant spirit.

Adrian, looking exhausted, stretched out his arm again. She was about to hug him, but she shook her head and Damian pulled herself up.She couldn’t go inside the arms of a man bleeding profusely from his side.

“I can walk.”

Adrian, who had been watching Damian stand up for a while, held out his hand with a sigh. But Damian shook her head, straightened her back and took a stance. She still felt her legs tremble and weak, but she couldn’t bother Adrian, so she gritted and strained her body.

Adrian, who was watching her, let out a sigh of relief.

“It’s because I’m having a hard time.”

As Damian looked up, Adrian gave her a slight grimace. Startled, she went to Adrian’s right and grabbed his arm. Adrian smiled as he looked down at the crown of Damian’s head as he tried to support her, then turned her arms around her so she could put her weight on her. The small hand held in his hand tried to change its position again, but he did not let go and walked on.

As they left the building, Franz, who had heard the news from Homer’s subordinates, was running towards them. When Franz saw his lord holding onto Damian’s disfigured arm with his clothes cut in places and covered in blood all over his body, Franz stiffened stiff on the spot and began to weep loudly.

As Adrian ignored it and walked away, he followed his master and continued to shed tears like chicken poop. Damian stopped walking and looked up at Adrian, feeling sorry for Franz, who followed him like a lost puppy.

Seeing her gaze, Adrian let out a low sigh and turned around.

“I was the one who left you behind. Don’t beat yourself up.”

“I’m sorry, my lord!!!”

“Don’t do it, bring out the wagon.”

At Adrian’s command, Franz ran to the carriage, wiping his tears with one of his forearms. Even when he sat in the driver’s seat of the carriage that appeared a moment later, he was still crying.

Damian was about to climb into the carriage, but five knights arrived, driving her horse in a wind of dust.When Ethan told her                                                                                                                                                            to pursue his master’s actions out of an old man’s heart, he scoffed at him for worrying too much, but Hegel and other knights volunteered out of curiosity because he was with Damian, whom he was always curious about. As soon as the knights in short cloaks embroidered with the pattern of the Duke of Bigor were embroidered, they jumped off their horses and knelt on the ground as soon as they saw the Jeu army.j

Because they knew Adrian’s inaction so well, the knights who left the Duke’s residence with light horses on their outings thought their hearts would jump out as soon as they saw their master covered in blood from a distance. Chewing his tongue, he knelt down and waited for the disposition. Franz, who had jumped off the carriage, also knelt down next to his seniors and wept. Adrian sighed as he put his right hand on his forehead. Franz’s cries grew even louder as his arm was lifted, revealing his severed side.

“Noisy. Quietly returns.”

Soon the wagon started moving quietly. Damian was barely holding back from wanting to lie down in the carriage chair. It was hard to keep him still. However, she barely endured it because it was in front of Adrian, who I thought would be more difficult than her.

“For now, I’ll take you to the duke’s residence.”

“Yes? I want to go home…”

“Your family will be amazed when you return with that look.”


Damian guessed so. It was obvious that it would be messed up even without looking. She could also see blood splattered all over the hem of his skirt. She weakly nodded her head. Her head hurts and she can’t think of anything anymore.

* * *

Upon arriving at the Duke’s residence, Damian was led straight to the bathroom. Ethan, who had been contacted earlier, politely guided Damian, and then forced Adrian to lie down in front of the doctor and shouted.

“Should I attach someone to my lord now? How many times have I told you not to move without a consultation!”

Adrian, who did not respond to Ethan, who was outraged by messing up his hair, and watched as his flesh was being mended, ordered in a low voice as the doctor left after treatment.

“Send someone to the Count’s house. Explain to him that we brought his daughter here because there was a situation, and say that we will bring her after dinner.”

“I already sent it! Lord, I can’t just let it go. You’ve been really dangerous today. Didn’t Miss Damian get into trouble too!”

Adrian glared at Ethan with ferocious eyes. Ethan stung inwardly, but received it without avoiding his eyes. Adrian, who had been glaring at Ethan for a long time, looked away first. His injury was on his side, and the side of his face looked like it was going to break.

“It’s my mistake. I won’t do this again.”

It was a grievous voice. Ethan, who was angry, softened his attitude at the master’s voice that pierced his ears. He raised his voice in frustration, but Ethan knew that it would be Adrian who was more angry than anyone else.

“No, rather than saying that the lord was careless, there are things I didn’t find out beforehand, and who would have known that they would come out like that? Fortunately, the lady said she was just very surprised.”

When Ethan saw Adrian sinking with self-blame, he changed his attitude and comforted him, but when he met him again, Adrian’s eyes were already burning red.


“Yes? Yes, lord.”

“I never thought that this fight was my own. I just felt obligated to sort it out because it was my father’s fight. So sometimes I didn’t like it. I was skeptical about why I had to go this far.”

Ethan couldn’t say a word in front of Adrian, who was expressing his feelings for the first time. There was nothing Edan could say in front of the lord’s deep blue sincerity, which seemed to have been broken or something had been built. Adrian continued, turning his gaze out the window. It was not a message to someone else, but a message to himself.

“But now it has become my fight, Ethan. When I held her back and raised the sword, I knew exactly what I was trying to protect. I will now cut anyone who stands in our way.”

Ethan silently lowered his head. After getting up from his seat, Adrian went over to his desk and took his seat. It was very sad for the master to pick up the papers with his body, which had taken a long time to be stitched up due to a long cut, but Ethan could not stop it and stood in front of him.

“The boss said something strange. He said that if I died, ‘his’ work would be easier. This means that the Milton Merchant Company was not simply involved in the money laundering of the Marquis of Talus. Find out who is involved.”

“The King’s Eye is said to be undergoing treatment. As soon as we are guided, we will dig in earnest. Investigations have already begun on the other side.”

“What about illegal weapons?”

“Including that, we are investigating. I’m sorry, lord. I couldn’t figure it out because the organization was centered on the ringleaders of four years ago.”

Adrian, tapping the desk with his fingers said.

“Former butler, you said Doev contacted the Luther family, right? Where is he now?”

“I searched all over Luther Street, but I couldn’t find it. It looks like he had already hidden himself. There are traces of the former knight commander’s contact with the Milton Merchant, but this also happened last winter, so we can’t figure out whereabouts at this time.”

“These are ghosts left by those who have already died. They were among his father’s henchmen, so there’s no way they’ll disappear like this. Keep digging.”

“Yes, lord.”

Ethan bowed his head deeply and left Adrian’s room. All the members of the moon were summoned, received their orders, and departed from the Duke of Bigor.

Adrian knocked on his desk and checked the gathered reports once again. Starting with the Marquis of Dollars, there was the Marquis Luther at the tip of the gathered information. Due to the friendship the former Duke of Bigor had built since he was a prince, Marquis Luther, who stood in the forefront of the rebellion four years ago, seemed to be plotting something with his maternal nephew this time. And the missing father’s butler and knight commander.

Anything was fine. If what he wanted was a crown, it should be worn by anyone who suited it. If it’s one that hurted innocent people, if it’s someone who splashed dirty water on her daily life, which she should be laughing at, he wouldn’t stand by. Adrian stood up frustrated and went out to the terrace. In the garden, which was already dark, the shadow of a tree lay long.

It was reported that Damian skipped dinner and fell asleep. He turned his head to the right and looked over the terrace of the room where Damian was sleeping. He just looked, but his body was moving wildly and crossing the terrace.

After jumping over four terraces, he found himself standing in front of a large window covered with thin curtains. Someone was lying on the bed, but he couldn’t see her because it was dark inside. Again, his hand was holding the doorknob of the window at will. Adrian let out a moan and forcibly removed his hand from the doorknob.

He wanted to make sure she fell asleep, but Adrian stopped walking. As soon as the hesitation didn’t go away even after stepping back out of his reach, he jumped off the terrace.

It was the night of the 49th day of summer.


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