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‘Will this family like me?’

Veronica Snowwhite slowly raised her head.  A high ceiling appeared in front of her.

The Blackwinter.

A prestigious noble house whose reputation for swordsmanship precedes all others on the continent. Over the last thousand years, they have produced countless, famous swordsmen. 

Many of which have gone as heroes throughout the generations of Californians.

Unfortunately, Cronos Blackwinter was ill.

When no medicine or magic could cure his second son, Titan Blackwinter, took over as acting keeper.

‘Titan Blackwinter’ was a hero like his father.

He is one of the five heroes who defeated the evil dragon.

He married another hero, Duchess Hera den Drian. They had three sons and one daughter.

Veronica Snow White.

She was the daughter of Earl Snowwhite and came to the Blackwinter family to be betrothed to Kyle Blackwinter, the eldest, the California successor.

After everything was said and done, Veronica knew that her fate has been decided. She had been sold.

The devilof the north, Blackwinter’s notoriety spread even to the south of where she lived.

The Blackwinter house’s reputation for being the “Devil of the North” has spread even to the south where Veronica lived.

He was famous for carrying his legend on his back, which even the imperial family couldn’t control, and making all kinds of plots and thugs behind him.

In particular, her eldest son, Kyle Blackwinter, was known for being cold-hearted and willing to risk the lives of his brothers and cousins.  It was a place where competition for the right of succession is brutal.

 Will I be kicked in the eyes of a man with the tag of the next tyrant?

 ‘Even if it’s an arranged marriage…’

 Veronica gripped her own skirt tightly.

 “Hey, your face is…”

 “I hope to see your lovely face again soon.”

 Veronica has heard praises countless times during her time here.

 They are all vassal families that worshiped the Blackwinters.

 “She’s prettier than rumor, but she’s a girl, after all, wouldn’t have dared to come into our family if it wasn’t for Blackwinter children?”

She’s more beautiful than the rumors would suggest. She is a girl after all

 “All she has is a pretty face.”

Veronica hears all these abusive remarks, but she can’t say anything.

Because it was all true.

She had been bought and sold like property.

Blackwinter promised enormous support simply because she had fairy blood in the blood of her family Snowwhite.

Blackwinter has promised enormous support in the exchange because the Snowwhites possess fairy blood.

It was said that children born with fairy blood are lucky and more likely to become heroes.

The Snowwhites are a small and insignificant family in thier own right, but that was also the reason the Blackwinters coveted Veronica.

 It also helped that Veronica is a beauty.

She has moist eyelashes, pink lips, and pure white skin that accentuated her details. Her long flowing hair is the color of spring flowers.

 She is considered one of the most beautiful women in the Empire.

For that reason, she was given extravagant care. However, on the way to the Blackwinter’s estate, Veronica was wrapped up in her outfit to prevent any sliver of skin from being shown.

“Show yourself modestly.”

“The fate of the family rests on your back.”

Veronica gradually grew tired.  She felt the pressure of the gazes of the maids and the attendants as they glanced at her.

She was brought and she couldn’t be reckless. She just stay still and she had no choice but to keep silent.

She had to be impeccable. No mistakes, accidents, or flaws that could jeopardize her standing. She kept as still as possible to minimize any chan

 ‘My fiance didn’t even come.’

Raising her head, Veronica saw a painting hanging on the wall in the middle of the dining room.

It was a portrait of the Blackwinter family all together. They looked very alike.

 Veronica saw the young man in the portrait.

It was a young man with black hair and blue eyes; he looks like he’s in his early 20’s. He was a young man with an outstanding appearance.

 ‘That’s Kyle Blackwinter.’

 It wasn’t difficult to recognize him because he looked exactly like the portrait sent to the Snowwhites.

 The Blackwinters are known for their black hair and most of the people in the portrait 

 Among them, the tall beauty with gorgeous red hair is the hostess of this family, and Hera Dendrian who also leads the family.

Standing tall amongst the family with her gorgeous red hair is the matriarch of the family, Hera Dendrian.

 Veronica noticed someone standing besides Hera.

 ‘Blonde hair?’

 A girl with blonde hair alone in a portrait.

The girl gave an impression of being small and sickly when standing next to the people in the portrait.

 Still, she had a very cute and lovely face.Veronica couldn’t take her eyes off her.

 ‘Come to think of it, she said she only had one daughter.’

Veronica knew nothing about this girl, but she instinctively felt that the girl was loved by the family.

She was such a lovely girl.

 For some reason, she was separated from the portrait.

 As Veronica stopped thinking about the blonde girl, a door opened.

 ‘Is it Kyle Blackwinter?’

 Contrary to her hopes, it was a stranger who came in.

 He had black hair, but it was a bit dull. 

Once Veronica got up from her seat, the man grinned slyly.

 “Are you Kyle’s fiance?”


 “Ah, let me introduce myself. I’m Kyle’s cousin, Roman Blackwinter.”

Unlike most families where the eldest son  

As of right now, the rankings are already established except for Titan Blackwinter, who is acting head during their father’s sickness.

 Kyle Blackwinter is not here.

The number of his cousins ​​was over ten, and the fact that he led countless talented people showed how capable he was.

 When Roman blinked, the people in the drawing room rushed out.

 “It is said that the beauty of the continent has come here, and she is truly worthy of the title.”

 “… Veronica Snowwhite.  Nice to meet Sir Roman Blackwinter.”

 “Ah, take it easy.  Aren’t we going to be seeing each other often?”

 Roman laughed softly.  The gloomy brown eyes narrowed.

”You know, you can choose me over Kyle. After all, it’s fine as long as it’s with any Blackwinter, right?”


 “I can give you a child.  Kyle is a cruel man with no interest in women.”

 Veronica bit her lip in frustration from the teasing.

‘How much longer do I have to put up with this kind of ridicule?’  

Her eyes darkened.

“Look at the time, has Kyle not come yet?”

 In addition, the man whom Veronica is engaged to has not appeared even after an hour has passed.

 “From now on, when the night is lonely, I’ll be Roman…”


In that moment, the door slams open.


 Roman turned his head in surprise. There stood a young man with a fairly large physique.

 The moment she saw his cold gaze, Veronica was startled.

 ‘Kyle Blackwinter.’

Her fiance.

The veiled nose and hard jawline that outlined a graceful face. The strong neckline with broad shoulders that proudly showed a strong physique.

It was a face that looked just like the portrait, but even colder and more ferocious.

 “Hey, Kay-Kyle?”


 “That’s it… I-I just wanted to say hello…”


 “I knew you wouldn’t show up here…”

Kyle Blackwinter stood still and said nothing, but he exuded a sense of intimidation that no one else could match.

The mere sight of bubbly Roman Blackwinter’s shift in his demeanor gave Victoria an idea of ​​his standing in the family.

 It was Roman who felt the most crisis at this moment.

 ‘It’s a red flag.’

Roman, who had been making excuses for stuttering, broke away in a cold sweat when Kyle didn’t respond.

 “Ha, ha, ha, I will be going now!”

 I never, never wanted to receive Kyle’s punishment.

Showing up here was purely because I was certain that Kyle Blackwinter wouldn’t show up at this place to meet his fiance. But if he’s here, that means things are different!

 ‘The guy who didn’t even care about women!’

Of course, Roman felt a little sorry for the woman who is considered the most beautiful in the empire, but he valued his life more than that.

 Veronica watched Roman’s back as he rushed away.

 The door clicked shut.

 Veronica waited for Kyle to speak first.

According to the etiquette of the Empire, until a person of high status has spoken, no one else is speak before then.

 ‘Why won’t you say something?’

 Sweat was beginning to form on the back of Veronica’s neck.  Veronica rolled her eyes.


 Kyle Blackwinter scattered like smoke before her eyes.

It was a strange sight when people scattered like smoke.  Veronica clenched her hands on her skirt, so as to not flinch from surprise.

 “That bastard.  I knew he would be here.”

 At that moment, Veronica heard a thin voice and slowly turned her gaze to the voice.

 “I knew it was going to be a mess.”

To my surprise, someone wearing a tablecloth as a mask crawled out from below the table.

“I know pretty things and I can say for sure that he is one filthy bastard.”

In that moment, Veronica thought she is seeing an angel.

The little girl looked lovely and delicate like a doll.

Veronica meets the girl’s eyes.


It was the girl who spoke first and smiled.

Veronica recalled the fact that she had seen this girl a while ago.

‘Isn’t she in the family portrait?’

 She was a lovely girl who gave the impression of being sickly alone.

The only difference between the girl from the portrait and the girl standing in front of Veronica right now is that the girl is now around 16 years old.

 “Nice to meet you.”

 She looked more lovely than the portrait.

 “I’m Laiya Blackwinter, the youngest in this family.”

 “Ah… hello, Lady Blackwinter. I am Veronica Snowwhite.”

 “I know.”

 Leiya got up from her seat and brushed off her plaid skirt.

 “Sister, brother is waiting for you.”

 “But I just saw him.”

“I made that with magic.”

 Leiya gently waved her wand in one hand.

 “I am a wizard. And I’d say I’m pretty capable of creating decent fantasies?

She was an outstanding genius of magical talents born into a family of swordsmanship masters.

But no one knew her ability.

Leiya stared at Veronica.

 ‘Wow, this sister, the rumors don’t do her justice.’

 Veronica wasn’t just pretty. She was really, really pretty.

 ‘As for how pretty she was, she looked so pretty and kind to my older brother.’

Leiya waited a long time for this moment.

“My brother didn’t even plan to come here from the beginning. And it looks like sister has suffered because of him.


 “That man is a dog right?”


 “Oh, it’s okay.  No one here is listening.”

 Leiya smiled brightly.

 “Sister, I’m here to tell you how bad my brother Kyle is.”


 “I’ll tell you straight up.”

 Veronica blinked and looked down at Leiya, who was younger than herself, in front of her.

 She was obviously looking down on herself, but she didn’t look shy at all.

 “Don’t marry my brother.”

However, Veronica didn’t know.  That Leiya’s current words are words that she want to say for years.

It was something she had been thinking about since she read this book in her previous life.

‘Sister, don’t marry that bastard!’

Seriously, it was just something I wanted to say.

‘What’s wrong with you, sister? Huh?’

Seeing her, Leiya reaffirmed her determination. She clenched her tiny fist.

‘I’m definitely going to stop this marriage!’

 I am definitely going to do it.

-To be continued

Translator: Byoun
Editor: Renko

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