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SDMTG Chapter 7


Episode 7 


A swordsmanship textbook. 

It was a textbook detailing the art of swordsmanship.  

There were many forms of swordsmanship in this world, and amongst them, the BlackWinter’s Eichmann Style Swordsmanship was unique. 

Eichmann was the name of the first head of the BlackWinter family, and their swordsmanship was created by that man and was handed down even up to their current day. It helped raise the status of the BlackWinter family.  

While the BlackWinter continued their practice of swordsmanship throughout generations, they gathered countless textbooks of swordsmanship that belonged to other families. Some of which were the best of the best.  

It was the library of the BlackWinter estate. 

The BlackWinter library was directly beside the BlackWinter main office. So, in order to reach the library, you had to pass the office.  

And as of the previous generation, with their grandfather being ill, Laiya’s father, Titan BlackWinter, had taken over the position of the head of the BlackWinter family. 

In simpler terms, the office was used by her father.  

The question is, how do I get in there? 

Unlike the most beloved child of the estate, the rest of the children would have to wait in the drawing room for their turn.  

Besides, much less the favorite, she wasn’t even a part of the ‘rest of the children’. Laiya was in a difficult situation; she was clearly the unfavored child who couldn’t even use a sword.  

But what if I sneak in, how would I do that? I want to sneak. 

It wouldn’t be impossible if she could use her insights from the book. 

“What should I do?” 

The following day, Laiya didn’t visit Roy at the training arena.  

Instead, she used her time to ponder in her room. At the very least, she needed to figure out a way to enter the library.  

There was a setting from the novel that could work to her benefit.  

There’s no magic barrier guarding the library.  

In this world, there were those who excelled in swordsmanship, and there were those who excelled in magic.  

Although the male lead possessed excellent swordsmanship, the role of magician and wizard fell on the supporting characters and extras. 

But magic could cut through the ground and could even hide one’s existence. It was full of uses.  

So naturally, amongst the protagonist’s collaborators, there was also a wizard and a magician.  

Anyway, back to her current problems, the BlackWinter family was made up of people who were excellent swordsmen, so there was no one who could put up magic barriers in the family.  

In other words, if I could use invisibility magic, I could enter the library undetected.  

There was a downside to her plan.  

Even if there were no magic barriers in the mansion, those of the BlackWinter bloodline were so powerful that they could sense everything within their expansive mansion.  

Anyone trying to implant a magic bomb or assassins sneaking in were merely wishful thinking.  


The patrolling knights were flawless in their work.  

However, it could be possible to move if you are already inside the mansion, but she would have to worry about that later.  

There will always be problems that will never go away. 

Like her father, Titan BlackWinter was not just the head of state, he was also a man hailed as the hero of the entire continent.  

It hurt her mouth when she admitted that his strength was enough to defeat evil dragons.  

So, she needed to launch her plan when her father was away.  

“Yes? What?” 

Surprisingly, her opportunity came much sooner than she’d expected.  

A maid who obligatorily brought a new sheet that afternoon sounded welcome.  

“Really? Is father really leaving?” 

“Yes?… Yes.” 

The maid answered shakily as she busied herself tidying the sheets. 

As she moved, she turned her face away as though she did not want to make eye contact, a behavior that the others possessed as well.  

It was a habit of theirs that was familiar to Laiya, so she ignored it and moved on.  

“Is he going down to the nearby estate because of the arsenal overhaul?” 

“I have heard stories from the knights as well…” 


The maid had happened to hear from the knights that they had to arrange the ceremonial flags.  

Arranging the flags meant that someone from their household was going out.  

Oh! This is my chance.  

What kind of cake just landed in my lap? Well then, I’ll gladly pick it up and eat. 

[T/N: Talking about her luck that her father is leaving right when she needed him to.] 

Well then, sometimes luck like this is rotten, but who cares. My life depends on it.  

With the task of cleaning the sheets complete, the maid stood still and waited. Laiya quickly expressed her gratitude and removed a brooch from her clothes. 

“Take this.” 

“Yes? What?” 

Staring at the brooch in her hand, the maid’s eyes widened to the size of beads.  

“I was curious about any news about my father as I don’t get to see him often.” 

“No, ah, no! No, Princess!” 

The maid looked at the brooch as if it was some kind of ghostly object. Even her hands shook. 

No matter how incapable she was when it came to swords, it didn’t mean that Laiya couldn’t still move people.  

“So, this is a thank you. BlackWinter will always repay favors and resentment.” 


“If you don’t want to take it, does this mean you’re going to go to father for payment?” 

The maid glanced at her in amazement and took the brooch. Laiya grinned.  

Maid sister, of course this is not giving for nothing.  

It was an excuse for Laiya to ask for more news often in the future.  

“Thank you, I also wanted to hear the news anyway.” 

Feeling accomplished. The little girl smiled.  

Which, somehow, made the maid flinch.  

The maid still appeared as though she wanted to reject the brooch.  

Really, I had to experience this in my previous life as well. So, this weak body who cannot even hold a sword is so disgusting that I’m detested to even the staff? 

“What’s your name?” 

“…This one’s name is Leah.” 

“Leah. Thank you, you may leave.” 

For a second, the little girl felt depressed. She was the person who even such a good-looking maid turned away from.  

She pushed that feeling away.  

The maid greeted her and left.  

As expected, a person who practiced even just the basics of swordsmanship walked differently from the direct descendants of the BlackWInter family.  

 The door closed.  

Hmmm, okay.  

She sat down and pondered. 

She would not find another opportunity like this; her father will be leaving just in time.  

But there was still one other problem.  

It was still impossible to sneak in. 

The knights patrolled often, so they would most likely be there.  

So, at least for a short while, Laiya would need magic to conceal herself.  

The question is, where could she find magic? 

Since her family was large, they should have added invisibility detection magic and presence detention magic scrolls around.  

However, there is no way I can use the normal routes to get in. 

Though, she could use ‘that’ setting from the novel. 

It was about the secret of the invisibility detection magic and presence detection magic scrolls. 

For example, removing a specific part of the invisibility detection magic scroll, turns it into a scroll that allows you to use ‘invisibility magic’. 

If I put the two of them together, then I can move about invisible, and my presence would become hidden.  

This was a method from the novel and was discovered by the protagonist’s colleagues.  

Jooyeon, this secret is mine now.  

Unfortunately, she didn’t have a scroll. Which was kind of the most important part.  


The little girl got up and left. If she sat on her bed and planned, she would never get a solution.  

Walking increases the ability to think.  

It was sunny outside, and in a while, an extremely hot summer will arrive.  

A small basket dangled from her hand. 

She was on her way to the kitchen to stock up on a small sandwich.  

As usual, wherever she walked, the knights ignored her or looked away with a shaky expression.  

Yes, yes, I am Voldermort. He who should not be named, look away, okay? 

“I don’t like you either.” 

With that mumble, Laiya made her way to the garden.  

The mansion was packed with numerous gardens and training arenas, and every single descendant was given one of each.  

In general, everyone grew medicinal herbs in their gardens and trained in their training arenas.  

Alas, hers was the only garden that had nothing planted.  

She had been contemplating planting flowers in her garden, and then she fell as she was planting. Afterwards, all shovels were confiscated.  

Even if they don’t like her, the BlackWinter bloodline was still needed.  

That was the way of a family who had zero tolerance for sickness or falling for fear of death.  

When she had heard that the vassals had decided as such, she was shocked and wept.  

Not, she knew those vassals of her family were garbage. 

People with such terrible personalities and who didn’t even know how to speak in front of children should be ignored.  


Huh? What is that sound? 

As a reminder of the planting incident, Laiya’s garden was on the outskirts of the mansion with a huge fence beside it.  

It had a side gate, where the knights would always be stationed.  

At that moment, there was a commotion by that side gate. 

It wasn’t very far from the girl, so she could clearly see the knights arguing with someone.  

She sneaked behind a tree, then lowered her head to listen.  

“Oh well, didn’t I already say I was invited?” 

“Didn’t I ask for your invitation? If you don’t show it, I can’t let you in.” 

“And old man, this is a door that you can enter. If you want to enter, use the main entrance.” 

“Huh, what my colleague said is right. What are you entering here for? Are you crazy, old man?” 

“Ha! Who says he’s an old man? He looks like he’s in his sixties and he is still out running wild.”  

The old man wore a robe on his head and was making a fuss in front of the knights.  

Laiya couldn’t see him well because of his hat, but he had a long, white beard that helped her guess his age. 

But she was more inclined to focus on his robe. A pure white robe, a very clean and neat white color. His trousers and dirt-soaked shoes peaked underneath, making him look a bit shabby, but the white robe was a direct contrast and erased that impression.  

“Hey, old man! You can’t get in from here!” 

Pushed by the knight, Laiya watched, eyes widened, as the old man turned towards her as she caught a glimpse of his face.  

Uh? That person? 

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