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SDMTG Chapter 6


Episode 6 

A younger sister who can’t wield a sword was treated as a useless existence, but on the other hand, the younger brother who showed a clear talent for swords?  

I wanted to use him as a checkpoint in my plans.  

Though his clothes are a bit old, he wears the same clothes every day, and he trains day and night.  

Waiting for the day when he will be recognized.  

But who could bear to tell such a hard-working boy that the day will never come?  

Just as Laiya was lost in her thoughts, her eyes met those of her third brother who was taking out the second piece of meat from the basket.  

The food she left behind from the day before was chicken. To be more precise, it was chicken breast, so, even cats could eat it.  

Though… Why is he staring at me? 

Roy BlackWinter had given her a noticeably bloodier stare as she took another step closer.  

It was sad really.  

Even so, Laiya had thought about the ten days that passed with little to no affection.  

How can you give the food I gave you away to that?  

She corrected herself. It was a black kitten.  

Laiya took another step closer as she examined the boundaries, there was now a hand-made sword in her brother’s hand.  

It was true then, when cats come together, there was no such thing as a cat left behind.  

Two, there are two cats. 

Reluctantly, Laiya stopped walking, instead, she moved to the side as though she was ravenous and stopped under some shade.  

“Isn’t it hot today, brother?” 

The days had become quite hot over the past ten days, so it must have been difficult to endure the sun outside for some time.  

The young girl spread out her mat, sat down, and took out the sandwich she had brought with her.  

I applied a special sauce to my sandwich today! 

What she made the chef prepare this time was a devil’s jam from her past life.  

It was a chocolate spread!  

The taste was similar to that from her memories.  

I’m not going to share it with you today because you disrespected my food, you rascal.  

Of course, it didn’t seem as though her brother cared.  

One of the basic human needs is obviously an appetite.  

Did this boy reach nirvana? 

With that thought in mind, Laiya took another bite of the sandwich.  

Delicious indeed.  

Black kitten Oppa, you will regret not eating this today.  

She thought so, but honestly, the girl felt concerned.  

Was he not hungry? People should not go hungry.  

If the nation was hungry for rice, then they would sing the rice taryeong.  

At first, she had needed Roy out of desperation. Later, it was for greed.  

Now, even if he did not pay attention to her, she still wanted him to at least eat well.  

The black kitten licked its paws, confirming that the last bite of meat was eaten. Laiya found it cute.  


Then the cat saw her and meowed.  

Oh, do you want me to call you this way? 

Laiya glanced at Roy, who for some reason or the other was watching her again and decided to get up.  

Yes, it is the general who must make the first move. Just you wait! 

I’ll make that iron wall around my brother look like it doesn’t even exist.  

The sandwich in her hand had shrunk.  

As she murmured, she at the last piece without thinking.  

Then froze.  

Come to think of it… Why didn’t I see anyone on the way here? 

It was a belated question.  

For these past few days, she had been filled with thoughts of feeding her kitten brother.  

But it was strange.  

No one is here. 

BlackWinter’s direct descendants were given a knight from the moment they held a sword.  

Those knights were usually those who stood out in the Knights Templar or were commanders.  

Those selected would mainly be old knights who had been active for a long time and now became teachers of the direct descendants.  

Stephan, who was the second son of the BlackWinter family, has had a teacher since the age of four. He was the deputy commander of the Winter Knights.  

Their cousins, who Laiya had not previously met, had either excellent knights or not as skilled knights as the main descendants.  

Even the third uncle’s son, who had very little power in their family, was able to gain a teacher.  

But her third brother doesn’t even though he is the son of Titan BlackWinter.  

When Laiya turned her head, she caught sight of something moving. They looked like knights.  

They were passing from afar, but when their eyes met, the knight turned away. They refused to make eye contact with the girl and acted coldly.  

Huh, you think I can’t see you if you turn the other way? 

Such behavior was familiar to her.  

This was a cruel place for those who could not use a sword, such as herself.  

Compared to what it’s like for others.  

She turned to look at Roy BlackWinter.  

A spacious training arena, however, it was entirely empty.  

He had shelter, a warehouse, and a water supply.  

But not even a single bench was in sight.  

This showed Laiya a key factor.  

Roy was forsaken too.  

Just like her.  

I already knew that, though.  

Laiya leaned her chin on her knees and tilted her head softly and then decided to stand.  

She knew that if the two of them stopped trying, then they would continue to live like that.  

You and I are still young, it’s not too late to do something. 

As she watched her brother, something began to bother her. 

Why aren’t they leaving? 

The knights who had accidentally made eye contact with her and then ignored her were still roaming around.  

At first, she assumed they were Roy’s knights, but they weren’t. 

Because their attitudes were too blatant.  

You’re monitoring what? 

Were they sent by Kyle BlackWinter? 

Laiya did not like that the knights hovered about as if spying.  

I think I can see them better.  

 She staggered to her feet and ran to them.  

As she closed the distance between them, the monitoring knights appeared bewildered.  

Though it seemed as if they had no intention of backing down. With that, Laiya finally arrived in front of them.  

“…I-I greet you, Princess.” 

“…I greet you, Princess.” 

The knights averted their trembling eyes as they awkwardly greeted her.  

Laiya could see that they were reluctant to act politely.  

Black Knights.  

They were the 1st Knight Templar amongst countless knights in the BlackWinter family.  

Her father, Titan BlackWinter, the owner and current deputy commander of that place was… 

I know they belong to Kyle BlackWinter.  

The suspicion that the knights were sent by her eldest brother grew.  

“I have a question for you.” 

Laiya took a deep breath in as she watched the knights glance at one another.  

Hey, look at how sullen you look.  

“Are you here to disturb me?” 

 “Yes? What are you talking about, Princess?” 

“You interrupted me. My third brother and I are playing now.” 


The knights who had previously been relatively cautious, now appeared dazed and dully answered.  

“You kept watching us. Why are you disturbing me?” 

“I didn’t disturb you, Princess.” 

“Then why are you looking at me?” 


The careful-looking knight immediately shut his mouth like a scallop. 

So, there must be a reason behind them.  

“Go away. Because of you, Roy can’t concentrate.” 

“Yes? I’m sorry but that is difficult to do.” 


Laiya pouted her small mouth as the knights stared at her, ignoring her with a pinched expression.  

Attitude such as that towards her. It was familiar.  

And Laiya knew how to correct it.  

“If I fall down, father will come to warn you.” 

“Yes, I know!” 

What do you know? That b*stard father wouldn’t even be interested in me. 

“So, if you don’t go, I am only going to be standing in the scorching sun.” 

I used to get very sick every time I fell ill. When I finally got back up, it wasn’t uncommon for a few to days to have passed. 

So, falling ill came naturally to Laiya.  

Titan BlackWinter doesn’t even care about me. 

Only the bloodline of his own choosing was taken care of.  

And Laiya was not on her father’s list of ‘useful children’. 

 “If rumors spread about the BlackWinter’s direct descendants being killed by a member of the Black Knights, Mother would be displeased.” 

Her mother, Hera Dendrian, didn’t like the BlackWinter family.  

She had a very impressive ability that she used against Laiya’s father.  

It was one of the reasons why the couple fought constantly.  

The little girl smiled brightly.  

She lifted her finger once, then pointed at the sky.  

Lastly, she then pointed at the knights who flinched.  

Her meaning was clear.  

If I fall ill, it’s your fault.  

While she was laughing on the inside, the two knights exchanged a look. Then, with reluctant expressions, they backed away.  

Their one action showed exactly how they felt.  

In particular, the careful knight would have felt it was unavoidable. To then, she must have had the appearance of a naughty villain.  

A faint conversation could be heard as they retreated.  

“…is rumored to be… It was real, the headmaster deserves to hate you.” 


She stuck out her tongue at their backs. 

Never ignore a small schemer again! Do you understand.  

I protected the black kitten Oppa! 

Laiya watched the knights until they became black dots.  

It was only after the knights had neatly retreated that she turned to her third brother.  

Did you see it, Roy BlackWinter! 

I have kept you safe, ahem! 

She turned to him with a proud heart but froze.  

You aren’t even looking at me? 

That’s too much! Take a look at my struggles! 

Of course, Laiya wasn’t really angry, because it wasn’t her intention to help.  

But she was disappointed. Of course, only a little. Very sparsely.  

Yeah, once we get to know each other better, we’ll worry about the other things like this.  

She wanted to get to that point one day.  

Laiya was human too, so she had used up all of her courage for the day. She needed to go back before she felt worse.  

As she walked towards her mat, the top of her head tingled.  

Huh, what it is? 

When she raised her head, she was a building not far away from the third training arena. A huge window could be seen from where she stood.  

That’s… It was the side of the fourth conference room. 

It was usually an empty place where the vassals from the state would gather.  

Hmm, it’s strange. 

The little girl could feel a gaze on her, but there was no one at the window.  

Guess I imagined it.  

She went to pack up her belongings and leave the arena.  

Just before leaving, she glanced at her brother who still wielded his sword and fell into deep thought.  

She didn’t realize it until just then.  

At the current pace, Roy’s skills may not improve.  

Not matter how much of a genius he was, he still needed a teacher.  

If she looked at the first and second brother, there were knights and teachers who would take care of them, and they would grow after seeing the great swordsmanship textbooks. 

Laiya wasn’t able to get a teacher for him.  

I’m a bully too though. 

Instead, she came up with a better way.  

A good way to buy Roy BlackWinter’s favoritism and also develop his skills.  

I need a swordsmanship textbook! 

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