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SDMTG Chapter 16


“You can listen in on our conversation well enough from that measly distance, isn’t that right, Chief Knight Rainante.”

In this novel, the physical limitations of each knight’s rank are clearly divided and described.

The chief knights belonged to the senior knight division. More specifically, they were categorized as sword experts, which referred to a person who can raise and maintain sword skills with mana.

And at this level, by strengthening the body with mana, they developed the ability to hear sounds coming from a vast distance away. It was a fraudulent ability.

Hey, it’s not worth it for me to compromise with you now when it doesn’t even make a difference! Why the hell am I born into this family When I can’t even use a sword!

[T/N: She’s ranting, it may have appeared as if they were compromising with her but in reality, they would still be able to listen in on every conversation she has and assume she would not know as she has no swordsmanship skills or knowledge.]


For the first time, Rainante was surprised.

“…You know of our swordsmanship enhancements?”

“What? You think I would not? I’m a BlackWinter, too, you know? Do you think I don’t even know that much? Why? Just because I can’t wield a sword?”

“No! No, no, I do apologize if I was rude.”

“Oh, that was rude.”

The little girl puffed out her cheeks and huffed. 

Yes, but what can I do to take my anger out on the people who have been ordered to do so? They’re only doing as told. 

Laiya BlackWinter turned her head and stared at the mansion.

What the hell is my father thinking?

Now you come and attach an escort knight on my tail.

There were dozens of times when she had been sick enough to die over the years, but her father hadn’t taken any action, let alone come even once to visit her.

One of my frequent symptoms was pain in my lungs and pain in the heart.

It was unspeakably painful.

I promise you, even if I were stabbed by an assassin’s knife, the pain I felt from my illness would be worse.

“Are you saying I’m going to be constantly uncomfortable in the future?”

“Are you uncomfortable with us?”

“Wouldn’t it be uncomfortable to be constantly watched?”

She relaxed her expression and answered quietly.

“When I open my eyes, I’m always alone, wouldn’t it be strange to suddenly find someone next to me?”


“Well, it can’t be helped that it’s an order. Then you…”

“I’ll make sure you don’t feel uncomfortable.”

“You will? How?”

If it seemed possible, I would have told you in advance what I would like you to compromise with, unfortunately… 

Laiya questioned him bluntly.

“You just said that you are uncomfortable not being able to share a secret with your brother. Would you be comfortable if we said we would keep quiet no matter what we hear?”

She snorted inwardly.

Even if my secret was that I had sneaked into the family head’s office and stole the textbook, would you keep it a secret if that be the case?

“Then, can you swear? Are you guys betting on mana and Danjeon?”

[Danjeon means the reservoir to store the fundamental energy of the Universe.]


“How do you know about mana and danjeon?”

“Because I’m a BlackWinter too?”

An oath made on mana and danjeon. 

To put it simply, it was an oath made by risking all one’s mana. 

If you violate it, you will lose your life’s worth of mana, as well as forfeiting the use of Danjeon.

I wouldn’t want to risk a knight’s life on a promise made with a child, so this was just a grumpy little girl’s wish… They won’t agree to it anyway.

“Would you finally feel comfortable if we swear to it?”


“If that relieves you of your worries, I’ll do it.”

“Hey, Reinante! Are you are crazy”

“Don’t talk rudely, we’re in front of the princess.”

“Ah! No, Princess, hahah… I didn’t mean to say anything bad—”

Ruben glared intently at Reinante. However, after several attempts at trying to correct his mistake, a glance at Reinante who completely ignored him, made him silently cry.

“…I mean, me too. I will vow the same.”

Hey, look at these people. 

They said they would never divulge my whispered secrets and swore an oath?

Are the two of you really stupid?

If you think about it, you’re unconcerned, you’re probably thinking about what kind of secrets a weak child like me may have. 

Laiya grinned.

Knights, even if you regret that decision, it’ll be too late?

“Ah, that’s good. Then it’s okay to stay and listen.”

Ruben glanced at Reinante.

In the end, it was confirmed and the two of them put their hands on their hearts and made an oath.


The sight of the blue light wrapping around the two knights was quite spectacular. It was a scene Laiya had only seen in novels.

After the oath was over, she grinned brightly at them.

“You mean everything I say here is a secret from this moment on?”

“That’s right.”

“Then, what I say to the two Sirs will also be a secret?”

[T/N: She changed how she calls the knights, she refers to them now as ‘sir’. Now that she knows her actions and secrets won’t be reported to her parents or anyone else, she is referring to them in a more respectful manner. Usually a more respectful way to refer to a knight would be as “Sir” or “Sir Knight”.]

She pointed to the ground.

“What will we talk about here?”

“…What would you like to say?”

When the little girl changed her honorifics when referring to the knights, Ruben looked puzzled and Rainante looked a little wary.

Laiya turned her head to find Roy beside her and was startled.

How did he— When did he get here?

Roy stood silently behind her. 

No, this is fine, I was about to talk about this to brother.

“I want you to listen to one request of mine.”


“Please teach my brother about swordsmanship.”

Roy’s eyes widened, and at the same time, Reinante and Ruben looked at each other and spoke.

“Are you talking about the role of mentor?”

“Well, it’s similar. Master… Master sounds better, yes?”


“Just so you know, any of the two options are fine.”

In “Hero Rance’s Will”, Laiya noticed something after 3 days.

This young brother’s potential is greater than I thought!

Unfortunately, I can’t teach you the sword, and my family doesn’t support my brother.

I have no choice but to use this trick.

In fact, even if Roy revealed his talent now, this family already had the first son, Kyle BlackWinter, who had a monstrous talent. 

This budding talent, Roy BlackWinter, would not go unnoticed.

“What do you choose, sir?”

“It’s difficult to say.”

“Sir Rainante, did I propose something problematic?”

Yeah, it’s time to go for the killing move. Now! Charge!

“Did I ask for a favor, did I make a request, or did I give an order? Which one is it?”


“Or I will do something bad! Should I once again do something surprising once more?”

Rainante frowned slightly.

“If I fall here one more time, the knights will be in trouble again. What should I do, it hurts so much… Ah! I feel faint!”

“Just give the order.”

“So you agree, huh—”

“We came as escorts, so until this order is revoked, we will follow the princess’s order first.”

Rainante replied back perfectly. 

Laiya ignored the rudeness of having her words cut off in her excitement. 

“From the moment we received the order, we were the princess’s people.”

This time it was her turn to be left speechless.

She hesitated and backed away, but something like a soft wall hit her back. 

Something warm, standing landed on her shoulder. 

Like a puppy’s paw.

It was Roy’s hand.

She regained her composure from the weight felt on her shoulder.

“So you want to listen?”

“If you give me an order, I will follow it without fail, Princess.”

“It’s an order.”

“Then yes, I will follow your command.”

It was strange.

This place is reluctant to leak sword skills, it is not possible to teach the art of swords recklessly. 

Teaching the BlackWinter people would have not been a problem if there were no titles between household heads, elders, or knight commanders. You could only obtain those skills or ability to learn those skills if it was approved by the head of the household. 

So, even though the children of her uncles were being trained by excellent knights belonging to them, Roy, the direct descendant, did not receive any education.

Only because there was no approval from the head of household.

“Also, I was ordered to obey whatever the Princess wishes.”

“…What? Who— Who gave that order?”

“The head of the household has ordered it.”

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