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SDMTG Chapter 11



“Brother, it’s the first time I’ve heard you speak so much!”

Laiya strode over to her brother, a smile stretched broadly over her lips, causing Roy to unconsciously step back frowning. 

Woah, brother, your vigilance is so strong. 

“But you’re right brother Roy, I’m not giving it to you because I want my brother to be strong.”

“Are you strong?” 

“Yes, in fact, even brother should know that you can’t reach true strength by cultivation alone.”

Roy flinched. 

“Even I, who knows nothing of swords, knows that my brother needs a teacher or something like a guidebook to understand the techniques.”

“What else do you know?”

“I know a lot, the first and second brother are receiving lessons, too.”

The little girl reached out, the first time she could get closer to this brother of hers was using a book as bait. 

She spoke truthfully, the other children of the BlackWinter family, received various forms of support and the family’s protection. 

Though their father was the current head of the BlackWinter family, the only ones who’d not obtained assistance and support were herself and Roy BlackWinter. 

[T/N: Her father is the head of the household, only due to the grandfather being ill. Which is why previously, the wandering wizard stated that the head of the family was the grandfather.]

“The only ones who weren’t given any tools for progress are brother Roy and I.

So, why did second brother Stephan, who could gain ample support, sneak into father’s office library?

It wasn’t the right time to be thinking of such things. 

“I want my brother to be strong. That’s why I brought it.” 


“Even if I took it for myself, brother, I can’t use it anyway.”

As if proving a point, a cough forced its way from her throat, it may have been faint, but it was loud enough for the siblings to hear. 

The little girl cleared her throat and looked up to her looming brother. 

“Can’t you make a difference if you become stronger?”


“It doesn’t have to be much, just anything would be better than we are now.”

I hope your life plays out differently from the original story. Don’t have an inferiority complex, brother, become stronger. 

It was the reason why she tried so hard to change as much as she could within their family. 

It’s alright to just train as you usually do. 

But I’m trying to live my life by breathing comfortably behind you. 

“Is it not strange to you, brother Roy? It’s not nice to be ignored all your life. No, atleast, I do not like it when it happens to me.”

Still, even if I can’t hide behind you brother, I will find other ways to live. 

I still want you to get strong. But what I need is to first require a sword to project me and stand before me. 

[T/N: Sword as in she needs someone who is loyal to her, knows exceptional swordsmanship and is willing to protect her from harm because at some point, even her family members will be trying to kill her.]

“If you listen, I will do my best to help you, brother.”

Unknowingly. She exerted power into her fingers, clenching them into fists. 

If I could, I would have preferred to rather learn the art of the sword instead of putting my trust in a sword. 

Decisively, she came to the conclusion that it wasn’t important to dwell on circumstances that would never change. 

The words spoken by the wandering wizard, Theodore, came to mind. 

“My child, you have a talent for magic.”

She pondered over his statement. 

It’s practically a last scrap of hope, but I’ll take a leap of faith and try to find out a way to see if I can wield magic. 

But first of all, I need to get this brother of mine to accept—

Well, that was the initial plan before…

“Don’t be ridiculous.”


Feeling a sharp pain at the back of her hand, Laiya snapped out of her reverie and looked at the book laying listlessly on the ground. 

You b*stard! Why would you throw that at me?! 

Before she could shout at him, she realized she had bigger problems to deal with.

Her body was tipping over. 


My butt hurts. 

The hit to her arm shouldn’t have caused her much damage, but with her small and weak body, it could not withstand the force of the blow, thus she toppled over. 

Moaning in pain, she raised her head, her red eyes glaring and met Roy BlackWinter who nervously bit his lip in guilt. 

“IYou want me to be stronger? That’s a lie.”

There is a small anecdote about how Roy Blackwinter began his lonely training. 

[T/N: Anecdote meaning a short interesting or amusing story about a person.]

In the beginning, he’d been given a knight worthy of being called a master of the sword. 

However, the relationship did not last long, because that person had left abusive remarks about Roy Blackwinter and soon left for the 1st Knights. 

Later, it is said that this was an act done by a vassal family who wanted to establish Kyle Blackwinter as the successor, but by then, Roy started his walk on a stray path. 

Laiya thought of Roy’s pitiful, secret story and her shoulders dropped. 

Roy Blackwinter would already be an adult when he found out the truth of it all.

“And even if it’s true…”

 Right now, all he has are memories of being abandoned recklessly, covered in wounds given by those he’d once trusted. 

“You’re saying that you will hide behind me and I will let you do as you please?”

Well, I didn’t expect him to say it as clearly as I’d done to myself. 

But you’re right, of course, your life isn’t meant to be your own, you little black kitten. 

After all, considering his personality developed later, he would not listen and obey. 

He won’t do as I ask, whenever I ask. 

She shakily rose to her feet. 

“You b*stard! Why don’t you trip and fall too!”

She cursed angrily. 

Of course, she didn’t deliberately curse him, it was just that when she took in the sight of the discarded book which was covered in dust, her eyes widened and she retorted. 

Thinking about it, even if she’d been in her past life, if anyone had dared to throw a treasure away like it’s worthless, all she’d see was rage. 

As an orphan, she never wanted to make others as miserable as she was, so she’d hold in her anger. Unfortunately it would continue to build until it burst.

In any case, the habit lived on as she did. 

“If you don’t like it, just say no! Why would you decide to throw it around?!” 

I have to return it later, but it’ll be found out if it’s covered in dirt. 

If they find out who stole it, will you take responsibility? It’s a little torn on the edges now! 

“If you can’t understand it when I say so, what should I do?!”

“Ha, you didn’t say you didn’t want it, you just threw it at me!”

“When did I?!”

“You! I really don’t know what you’re thinking. Why do you keep interrupting me?!”

Something cold dripped down her cheek. 

The back of her hand was in such pain, that unwillingly, tears trailed down her face without her knowledge. 

Stumbling, she forcefully kept her balance. Alas, will alone was not enough, her weak body tilted, weak and limp she collapsed. 

Tears welled in her eyes. 

Why can’t I stop it?!

“What are you even thinking, brother? If I really wanted to hurt you, why would I bring you food?”

“…It could have been poisoned.”

“Poison doesn’t work well on BlackWinter’s people!”

BlackWinter, where their descendants are big and strong, yes? Everyone’s immune except for me!

She angrily wiped away her tears. 


Once she got angry, Laiya knew very well that she would end up portrayed as the bad guy. 

So what? Yes, I am the one who tried to seduce you with swordsmanship, but still. 

She tried to brush off the dirt from her skirt. 

In fact, no one would care if she walked through the mansion with a dirtied skirt, yet she refused to walk around with it like a badge of shame. 

Did I fight like this immaturely or is it because I’ve become younger? 

It was something for her to consider and regret over.

“I must have been too selfish.”

Sighing, Laiya sincerely apologized, with her gaze centered on her dirty skirt, she was unable to see the expressions on her brother’s face. 

If she had to guess it would have been a look saying, “Come on now, confess.”

Stepping back, she stumbled. 

Oh, I must have sprained my foot. 

The situation was like a blow to the stomach. 

However, she needed to pick up the book, it was still thrown on the ground, and it appeared that Roy had no interest in picking it up. 

Limping, she bent, picked it up, and instead of handing it over to Roy BlackWinter, she neatly placed it on the ground before him. 

“This is for brother Roy, you can use it however you wish. It’s not like I can use it anyway.”

She smiled bitterly to herself. 

“It’s a pity that I can’t even hold a sword, much less pick it up.”

Glancing up, Roy’s expression was strange. 

Well, a kid was calling him a b*stard not too long ago, and now her attitude did a 180 turn. It’s understandable. 


Lowering her eyes once more, the little girl rubbed her cheek. 

Without further hesitation, she turned to leave. 

I guess today isn’t a good day. 

Limping, she left, knowing that she would need to treat her injured leg. 

“Then see you, brother.”

The sky overhead was overcast. 



The next day, rivaling the other day’s gloomy clouds with a heavy rain shower. 

The rain began in the early hours of the morning, and began to stop by the afternoon. 

Laiya, who spent her day blankly staring out of the window, caught a glimpse of something in the rain and jumped up from her seat. 


Grabbing her skirt, she ran as fast as she could, in her hands remained a towel and blanket. 

Maids passing by watched her strangely, but no one spoke a word to her. 

If, by chance, their eyes met, they quickly avoided her. 

Smoothly, she ran out of the mansion.

Kitty cat!

After all the fuss the day before, Laiya refused to visit Roy BlackWinter.

It wasn’t that she felt embarrassed to see him or that she hated him. No, it was to give him some time. 

If not, she felt that she would do more harm than good. 

Even if the day before could be ignored, if she continued to bother him, there was a high chance that Roy would come to really hate her. 

So what I’m running to now is the cat, not my brother. 

She convinced herself that all she was going to see was the kitten who was always seen with Roy BlackWinter. 

I don’t know if brother Roy is taking care of it or not, but I don’t think he’s doing a good job at it if he is. 

Isn’t it getting hit by rain in the morning?

She wondered if it’s black fur, which resembled Roy, which made her more concerned over it. 

Click. Clack. 

Click. Clack. 

Because of the rain, the garden path was flooded with puddles as Laiya rushed through to reach the third training ground. 

Fortunately, her sprain wasn’t as bad as she assumed, so even if it throbbed, Laiya was able to walk quickly. 

“Where are you… Ah!”

Arriving at the third training ground, she laid eyes on the kitten.

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