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SDMTG Chapter 1


Episode 1

Chapter 1: When I woke up in a melodramatic family, I started on a narrow line.

“If that’s the case, we’ll get a divorce! Let’s get a divorce, you novice b*stard!”


Clink… Clatter.

She frowned slightly.

The sound of the vase breaking brought about an irritation to the sensitive ears of the eight-year-old girl.

Isn’t that a 500-year-old precious treasure vase? I’ve seen the butler coddle it.

Head Butler Rover would be shedding tears today. Because when the couple fought, there was generally nothing left unscathed in the house.

No, am I lucky that the mansion doesn’t collapse?

That fiercely fighting couple are my parents.

And I was reincarnated as a character in a book.

A few days ago, when she had gotten knocked over by a horse in the stable, memories of her past life came into her mind like a lie.

In her previous like, she had been an orphan who had eventually dropped out of college on a national scholarship. Her only pleasure in life was when she volunteered for storytelling sessions once a week.

She had accepted those facts about this world more easily than she originally thought.

It’s much better to live as a princess with a full stomach than to live as an orphan.

Of course, it cannot be said that the environment around her was very good.

The book in which she reincarnated into was titled: I Became a Disciple of a Mater Swordsman.

Originally, it was quite the famous fantasy novel in her old world. It was even made into a webtoon, as well as an official bookstore bestseller.

The content was focused on a masculine-orientated general story.

A fallen nobleman and talented protagonist visits to become a disciple of a famous swordsmanship family when he was younger, but that sassy family blew him off.

Afterwards, the protagonist meets a master teacher, and his genius talent finally blooms.

Once again, he appears before the famous swordsmanship family, becomes a disciple, and then defeats every other talented villain there. Just in time too, as a crisis falls upon the world, which he then stops.

Most importantly, the novel included a harem.

The setting was such that each female character who passed by fell in love with the main character and followed him.

Her family, which was the main stage of the story, was no different.

She, Laiya BlackWinter, was amongst the countless other women who grew up chasing after the main character.

To be more precise, when the male lead had first come to her family, she had harassed him.

And later, it was her role to regret falling in love with the adult male lead.

It’s funny when I think back, but I didn’t really like that all the female characters wanted the main character.

Of course, aside from that, the novel was extremely popular.

The novel had even arrived in the secondhand bookstore in Dal-dong, where she had lived. As she did not have a smart phone, she was able to read it part-time.

By the time she had become an adult, there was newer novels that had been published, but those fantasy novels where once her entire childhood.

But that doesn’t mean I wanted to be born here!

In fact, most of the female characters were from pure sects who could only look at the male lead, but if you looked closely, there were quite a few of them with excellent abilities.

Amongst them, was my favorite older sister, Veronica SnowWhite.

She was a widow.

After she had been married into the BlackWinter family, she lived a life full of all kinds of hardships, and then one day, her husband passed away. So, she was left all alone in this mansion.

But surprisingly, she was resourceful, scheming, and as talented as a commander.

 After, she had served as the deputy commander in the war by helping the male lead, thus becoming the main reason in leading a victory in the war against the demons.

“…Cool. I was just a woman who had been sold, but in the end, I am now called a general. So, my life is satisfied with that.”

How cool was sister there?

She looked at the passage in the novel in which the older sister appeared, and watched the bookshelf become ragged.

In the meantime, how many times had she re-read that book? And yet, the content was still so alive.


Then she had been reborn into that novel.

You mean that my favorite sister’s husband will be my brother?


The Master swordsman family who appeared in the title of the novel.

Politics, military, economics, and fame of the empire. It was a huge family that held all types of influence.

In addition, Laiya’s father, Titan BlackWinter was also known as a hero who further spread the name of BlackWinter during the present age.


It was crazy!

They’re fighting over there, and now they just broke the door.

The reason as to why Laiya’s mother was able to fight against her father, the strongest in the family, laid in the fact that both of her mother was also a hero.

When Laiya’s mother and father were youngsters, they were the heroes who defeated the Black Dragon and saved the continent from a crisis. They fell in love and got married.

However, their mother did not give up the Duchy of den Drian as she was the head of her family, so the marriage between the two naturally became a family bond.

Mother won’t stay in BlackWinter for a long time, and they fight when she does.

It felt awkward for her to call them Mom and Dad again.

Perhaps it was due to her memories returning not that long ago, and so, her memories left her feeling awkward.

Well, it won’t matter if it’s awkward like this all the time.

If BlackWinter was a Master Swordsmen family, then her mother’s family, the den Drian’s, was a family of Master Spearmen for generations.

Sword and spear. It really is a good combination, but why…?

Getting back to the story, the mother and father of their family was like that, so it was obvious that they would throw away those who held no talent in either swordsmanship or the spear.

Not to mention ordinary people, but to their children, both were relentless tigers.

In a sense, Laiya BlackWinter was a child residing out of her parents’ sight.

Because Laiya was born a very weak child.

Did it say I have a heart problem?

She had a problem with her heart, so naturally, she lacked the cardiorespiratory endurance, and her body was unsuitable for holding a sword.

Of course, she couldn’t even hold a window, much less a sword.

So, as of earlier on, her parents looked down on her with frigid eyes.

Eyes that see what they do not need. That’s why I didn’t even get patted by them.

The pats my older brothers got occasionally, was something I had never had.

Does my body remember ever getting them?

Even now, watching the couple fight, her body trembled.

The problem is that I can’t live like this.

In addition to their parents, in this family, those who cannot wield either of those two weapons, were treated as incompetent garbage.

That was the characteristic of the entire family.

It could be because she was not a swordsman, but unfortunately, Laiya was destined to be eliminated naturally at this rate.

It’s a family who has no need for a daughter, not even as a tool to use for an arranged marriage like other families.

This world was created for the main character to dominate, so it was relatively difficult for women to establish themselves.

Laiya’s dearest sister, Veronica SnowWhite, also lived a life completely unaware of her talents until the ultimate battle with the devil himself.

Maybe the fact that it was the main character who makes Veronica’s talent blossom was used as a device to enhance the main character’s special appeal.

As for Laiya, she was to be assassinated later. It was even her older brother who had given the command for her death.

Her first brother, Kyle BlackWinter.

The man who later becomes the head of the household, following in the footsteps of his father.

Maybe she had been removed on the fear that she would birth children.

With Veronica SnowWhite as his wife, he was a terrible man who lived to make the world difficult. Even thinking about it, made her cringe.

Her brother, Kyle BlackWinter was, so to speak, one of the villains in the novel.

Why did the protagonist, with all his genius abilities, always end up with a rival who was also a villain?

Well, either way, that was her eldest brother. Kyle BlackWinter.

Natural born genius.

Cold-blooded, without blood or tears.

The reserved tyrant.

A human who did not care about the means and methods he used, as long as his objectives were met.

He was a person who stood at the point of opposition against the protagonist who symbolized justice.

And was also the person who had thrown away the BlackWinter’s ‘justice’ to the ground in the future.

So, even his younger sister, who could barely hold a sword, had been casually killed.

Yes, Laiya was destined to be eliminated inevitably at this rate.

Soon, the main character would appear, asking for lessons at their home. He would then be harshly kicked out.

And then, he will meet his true master.

It didn’t matter how bad or how well the protagonist lived, her destiny would turn out like predicted.

Yeah, first, I need to find a way to survive in this family.

On the second day after having recovered her previous life’s memories, Laiya set her goal.

I need to gather my strength!

So that she would never die at the hands of the cruel Kyle BlackWinter.

As she collected her thoughts, someone silently approached her.


“Here you are, Young Lady.”

When he turned his head, the old man gave off a benevolent impression. It was Rover, the head butler.

“Are you waiting for the Duke and Duchess?”


Although the head butler was an old man, he had a large physique and a straight posture.

The BlackWinter’s were an excellent swordsman family and followed the rule where even the butler was able to handle a sword too.

However, this head butler did not ignore Laiya or neglect her because she was not strong enough to use a sword like her other family members.

A good man.

“Did you have something to report to the Lord?” she asked.

“That’s right.”

Laiya laughed a little.

“Well, I don’t think you will be able to talk to him today. I don’t think the fight will end any time soon.”

“… Ha. Ha. Ha.”

Suddenly, both of her parents had their weapons out.

What Laiya wanted to know was, how were they able to handle their weapons so well with their uncomfortable outfits.

Seeing that each of them did nothing else after, it seemed as though they had not lost all reason.

“Umm, Young Lady. It may be disrespectful, but…”

“Do you think the situation will become more dangerous?”

Yes, they might not have lost all reason yet, but as the two of them had brought out their weapons, a fight may be in the making.

“Yes, I am afraid that our weak lady may get injured. Though the two are silent, they must be concerned about this.”

This was why Laiya considered Rover to be a good person. Still, she tried to understand where he was coming from.

Any normal parent would never throw and fight in the vicinity where their child might get hit.

But Laiya didn’t want to watch the fight intensify.

“Alright, I understand. I will be going back to my room.”

“Yes. Oh well, Lady, the doctor will be visiting you in two days’ time.”

“I will remember.”

It seems the time has come for the doctor to visit regularly to monitor her heart.

Laiya walked slowly towards the door.

A problem occurred when she realized that her father, Titan BlackWinter, stood not far from it.

As Laiya grabbed the doorknob, their eyes met.




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