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SEB Chapter 7


The world of modern entertainment industry (7)

These girls are in the same class as Su Tiantian and they have a good relationship on weekdays.

However, unlike Su Tiantian, a good student, they often skip classes and hang out with other people in society.

Just like now, around these girls, there are several men who are obviously social youth.

After seeing these girls and feeling their worried eyes, Su Tiantian felt a tinge in her heart and tears fell immediately.

“It’s all because of her…..”

All kinds of grievances came to her heart these days, she choked up and her words became intermittent, “I can’t even go back to school…..”

In her eyes, everything she suffered was Lin Xiaotang’s fault.

If it wasn’t for Lin Xiaotang, she would still be the obedient top student, who was favored by everyone in the past.

Seeing Su Tiantian cry like this, the girls felt heartbroken.

Although Su Tiantian didn’t say who it was, how could they not be able to guess?

Before, these girls had blocked Lin Xiaotang in the toilet cubicle of the abandoned teaching building in order to stand out for Su Tiantian.

….Although they were all scared by Lin Xiaotang alone in the end.

At the beginning, Lin Xiaotang’s neck-choking action really terrified these girls who had never seen such a big scene.

Especially the girl who was almost strangled to death, took a seven-day vacation in one go.

After that, when they met Lin Xiaotang at school, they tried to hide as much as possible.

Such behavior continued until the release of the online drama “Remnant of Life”.

After watching the female ghost played by Lin Xiaotang in “Remnant of Life”, they realized that Lin Xiaotang’s gloomy appearance in the toilet was all from the show!

That’s right, everyone is an ordinary person, no matter how powerful Lin Xiaotang is, she’s just a teenage high school girl.

Seeing their good sister Su Tiantian being bullied like this, these girls started to move again.

They were not good people. They used to bully and blackmail other students. When they were living in the school, they forced the girls in the same dormitory to drop out.

The new hatred and the old hatred together made them think of attacking Lin Xiaotang again.

“What are you discussing?”

While they were talking, a social man asked curiously.

He was the “boss” that these gangsters recognized outside of school. He was about thirty years old, wearing a black vest, with a black dragon tattooed on his shoulders.

Su Tiantian glanced at him in fear and did not dare to speak but the girls around her had no scruples.

They talked about the general situation and introduced Lin Xiaotang’s background along the way.

These social gangsters don’t watch dramas at all on weekdays and naturally they don’t know about “Remaining Life”, let alone Lin Xiaotang.

But after hearing them say that Lin Xiaotang is an actor and a female star, these people suddenly became interested.

“Oh, an actress scares you like this?”

After listening to their words, a ruffian-looking male gangster was smoking a cigarette with disdain on his face, “Aren’t these actresses all toys played by others?”

The few male gangsters next to him giggled and responded: “That’s right, don’t look at them being cold, in fact, even they don’t know how many people have been slept by them.”

Su Tiantian had never heard of such pickled words and her face turned red all of a sudden.

But when she turned to think about it, she also felt that these people were right.

Not everyone is as simple as she is. Lin Xiaotang can have so many scenes as an ordinary group actor and if it is not for sleeping with the director, what else could be the reason?

“They are the most annoying thing in my life,” the boss sneered, his words full of disgust, “This kind of woman, just because she looks good, has to find an honest person to take over when she gets tired of playing, bah!”

After listening to the boss’s words, the men next to each other looked at each other and they all showed malicious smiles.

Female stars, they haven’t played this kind of thing yet.

These stars are very shameful and even if something happens, as long as they have her handle in their hands, she will never dare to speak out.

“Little sister, since you hate her so much, if you call her out, my brothers will help you get revenge.”

Thinking of this, one of the male gangsters couldn’t wait to speak.

Looking at Su Tiantian who was hesitant, he said again, “Don’t worry, we just want to be friends with her.”

“That’s right, Tiantian, the boss and the others won’t do anything, just help you scare that bitch.”

When the female gangsters saw this, they all started to coax.

It would be great if someone could teach Lin Xiaotang a lesson for them.

Although these girls said that Lin Xiaotang was nothing more than that, they were still a little afraid of her.

After being persuaded by so many people, Su Tiantian no longer refused.

In her opinion, Lin Xiaotang really needs a little “retribution”.

Moreover, they just wanted to be friends with Lin Xiaotang and it wasn’t a big deal.

If something happens later, she will apologize to Lin Xiaotang, right?

Thinking of this, Su Tiantian finally made up her mind.

She took out her mobile phone and sent a message to Lin Xiaotang, asking her to come out and see her, after school in the afternoon.

And the address of the meeting happened to be the place where those female gangsters once blocked Lin Xiaotang—

An abandoned school building.


On the other hand, after receiving Su Tiantian’s text message, Lin Xiaotang felt very calm.

In the calm, there is still a hint of curiosity.

As the boss of the horror escape game, Lin Xiaotang is hundreds of times stronger than ordinary people in terms of emotional perception.

And the emotions she can perceive are often not only fear but also negative emotions such as sadness, pain and hatred.

In the past few days, she has been able to vaguely receive the subtle emotions from Su Tiantian.

But because of her popularity, more and more people are paying attention to her. Whether it is fans or sunspots on the Internet, their emotions are much stronger than Su Tiantian.

Therefore, Lin Xiaotang didn’t care about Su Tiantian’s emotions at all.

But today, on this text message, that subtle emotion turned into substantial malice.

Very interesting, Lin Xiaotang thought.

This is the first time she has been hated by others in the real world.

Lin Xiaotang, who didn’t want to pay attention to Su Tiantian, finally agreed to Su Tiantian’s invitation.

For Lin Xiaotang, the potential threat naturally should be resolved as soon as possible.

She also wanted to see what trick Su Tiantian is playing.

So, after school in the afternoon, Lin Xiaotang carried her schoolbag and went to the abandoned teaching building alone.

However, what she didn’t expect at all was that this time, Su Tiantian actually found a “helper”.

When she saw the five men hiding in the women’s toilet and met the malicious eyes of these people, she realized what Su Tiantian’s purpose was for calling her here.

She turned her head and found that the door to the toilet had been blocked by the gangsters.

After the failure of the last round, the girls “improved” a lot – they used a lock to completely lock the door of the women’s toilet.

“Aren’t you very arrogant before? Didn’t you strangle me last time?”

The girl who was pinched by Lin Xiaotang held a grudge. She kicked the door and shouted triumphantly from the outside: “No one is here to save you now, just stay inside for me!”

The girls laughed and their voices echoed in the empty corridors of the school building, making them extremely loud.

Lin Xiaotang ignored the girls’ words.

She just tilted her head and looked at the men in front of her.

They all drank alcohol before they came, so she could smell the strong smell of alcohol on them, mixed with some smoke.

All of them were in high spirits, especially after seeing Lin Xiaotang’s beautiful face, the excitement in their eyes turned into another more disgusting desire.

The beautiful and attractive girl stood quietly in front of them, looking at them with those dark black eyes.

Her skin is very white, even whiter than the young lady they were bathing in. Even the exposed slender ankles had a seductive smell.

Looking at Lin Xiaotang’s calm expression, they might feel that something was wrong but under the impact of alcohol, they ignored these details.

She is just a little girl who has not yet grown up, even if she is a little capable, what can she do to them?

After the door outside was locked, finally, someone couldn’t hold back.

“I heard that you are still a big star?” A social gangster surnamed Wang came up, looked at Lin Xiaotang’s small and exquisite body, with an indifferent smile on his face, “You don’t seem to be afraid? Do you know what you are coming here for??”

Behind him, other men laughed along.

Someone took out his mobile phone, turned on the video recording function in the camera and pointed the camera firmly at Lin Xiaotang’s face.

And at this moment, the girl who had been silent all the time suddenly spoke up.

“Have you ever played a horror escape game?” she asked.

The girl’s voice was light and it fell into the quiet women’s toilet, which was particularly beautiful.

After listening to her words, the man surnamed Wang was a little confused: “What horror game? What are you talking about?”

They didn’t expect that under such circumstances, the girl in front of them would be able to ask them questions.

Lin Xiaotang repeated: “Horror escape game.”

Her expression was still calm, without the slightest fluctuation.

However, for some unknown reason, under the dim light, her delicate and beautiful face showed an indescribable sternness.

“What the fuck is that?”

The men around understood her words and all burst into laughter.

They have already regarded Lin Xiaotang as something in their pockets and only thought she was playing some tricks: “We haven’t played this game, but we have other ‘games’ to play, little sister, would you like to try it out?”

After hearing their words, Lin Xiaotang finally had a reaction.

She raised her head, smiled slightly at the person in front of her, and said, “Okay.”

She is the best at playing games.

It just so happened that in the past few days, she had gained enough energy by virtue of the female ghost role in “Remnant of Life”.

Since these people have never played a horror escape game, she will invite them to play once today.

            (End of this chapter)

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