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SEB Chapter 50


Promoting Science In The World Of Supernatural (2)

The original owner had been entangled by the ghost groom for several days when Lin Xiaotang arrived; her body was exhausted and she was dying.

It took her nearly two hours to reluctantly mend this body.

She called a nurse after confirming her health and asked them to contact Lin’s father and mother.

“What? Is Xiaotang awake?”

Lin’s father and mother were overjoyed when they learned that their daughter had awakened and rushed to the hospital.

They were surprised when they saw the ruddy Lin Xiaotang.

“It’s great, it’s great,” Mother Lin said, wiping her tears away, “I finally woke up, I’m finally fine.”

“Xiaotang, what the hell is going on?”

Compared to Mother Lin, Father Lin was much calmer.

While he was delighted to learn that his daughter was in good health, he did not forget to inquire about her recent experiences: “Didn’t you say that there is a ghost in a dream who wants to marry you? “Did you dream again this time?”

Lin’s father and mother have always suspected in their hearts that there are ghosts in this world.

They have no idea how their daughter survived this disaster.

“I dreamed of him again,” Lin Xiaotang admitted. “He led me to the door of his house, drew me in, and said he needed to worship.”

Lin’s father and mother were immediately concerned when they heard this: “Then what?”

Lin Xiaotang answered honestly, “Then I slapped him.”

Lin’s father and Lin’s mother: “……”

“Don’t worry, we’ve already divorced,” Lin Xiaotang reassured.

Furthermore, the divorce remains in the form of “widowhood,” and there will be no involvement with the ex-husband.

“…….” Lin’s father and mother.

They were dazed for a moment after hearing Lin Xiaotang’s words.

…So that male ghost just let their daughter go because of a slap?

But, before they die, ghosts are human beings.

That male ghost most likely desired a gentle and virtuous wife. He gave up after seeing how hard Xiaotang fought?

Lin Xiaotang’s tone may have been too flat, and Lin’s father and mother subconsciously believed her words.

Without realising it, their fear of ghosts had dissipated significantly.

I invited the doctor to check again after chatting with her for a while. They packed up and took Lin Xiaotang after confirming that the daughter could be discharged.

A home with servants is obviously more suitable for Xiaotang to cultivate than a deserted hospital.

However, on the way back, Lin Xiaotang casually inquired on Mother Lin about her birthday.

“Did you tell anyone about my birthday?” “Who will know about my specific birth time?” she inquired.

Every world has the feudal practise of ghost marriage.

Lin Xiaotang also knew a thing or two about this.

The original owner, in her opinion, should have been taken away by someone with an evil heart and given to the male ghost in the dream, so that the male ghost could find her.

The only question is how her birth date became public.

The original owner was a minor villain in the plot, but she didn’t make many appearances and died quickly. Nobody knows who murdered her.

Lin Xiaotang believes that because she is occupying the original owner’s identity, she is also obligated to remind the original owner’s parents so that they can figure out who is causing the harm to their children.

“Is the birth date eight characters…”

Mother Lin was perplexed after hearing Lin Xiaotang’s words, and her expression changed slightly.

As previously stated, the Lin family was a firm believer in science.

They were too lazy to test it for events like their daughter’s birthday.

The first and only time they planned their daughter’s birthday was a year ago, when the Xiao and Lin families were about to get engaged.

The Xiao family, unlike the Lin family, is extremely superstitious.

Xiao Chen’s mother insisted that the Lin family provide Lin Xiaotang’s horoscope and take it to the master to do the math to see if she and Xiao Chen are compatible.

There was no other option; the Lin family could only obey each other and tell Lin Xiaotang’s birth date and time.

The Lin family gradually forgot about this incident after that.

Mother Lin and Father Lin exchanged glances as they considered this.

This happened to her daughter shortly after she ended her marriage with the Xiao family.

Is this really a coincidence?


Lin’s father and mother did not tell their daughter their guess that night because of the lack of evidence and because they did not want to make their daughter sad for the heartless man.

Lin Xiaotang stopped asking questions after reminding them.

She has solved the male ghost who murdered the original owner, and the follow-up matters will be considered by the original owner’s family.

Lin Xiaotang will be resting at home for the next few days.

Lin’s parents and Lin’s mother are still concerned, despite the fact that she appears to have fully recovered.

Fearing that the male ghost from their dream would track them down, they entrusted their connections and inquired as to where a master could assist them in seeing their daughter.

Lin Xiaotang saw their reactions and said nothing.

People are afraid of the unknown, especially those who believe in science, such as Lin’s father and mother.

When their beliefs crumble, they experience self-doubt, a sense that the world is unfamiliar, and that crises lurk around them.

It could be because the heroine Shen Shu follows the path of a Feng Shui master, which requires her to defy science. There are many villains in the original plot who are similar to Lin’s father and mother. They mistreat the heroine Shen Shu because they place too much faith in science. The ability of metaphysics is called into question.

Of course, they are always beaten in the face by the female protagonist. Their three points of view have shifted dramatically since then, and they have completely become loyal believers in metaphysics.

There is nothing wrong with believing in metaphysics in a world full of supernatural beings.

It’s just that there are far too many ordinary people in the world, and far too few Taoists.

Most people are powerless to defend themselves. Some people are even similar to Lin’s father and mother. They are unsure whether their relatives are ill or have been struck by evil.

They can only spend a lot of money in the hope of being sheltered to gain a sense of security.

Lin Xiaotang did not intervene to change the behaviour of Lin’s father and mother.

Out of all kinds of scruples, she didn’t want them to know about her special abilities, and she didn’t tell them that she could actually exorcise ghosts.

Furthermore, she is intrigued by the metaphysics of this world.

There was no such thing in her original escape game world, and everyone fought solely on their own abilities.

The ability to exorcise ghosts is insufficient, but Lin Xiaotang aspires to experience these exquisite techniques by observing the feng shui of the house, which denotes good fortune, good luck, and bad luck.

Lin’s father and mother were initially concerned that their daughter would be unwilling to meet those masters.

They gradually felt relieved after seeing Lin Xiaotang’s calm demeanour and lack of resistance.

Even if Lin’s father and mother began to believe in metaphysics in order to fight for a breath, they never went to Shen Shu.

They went to a famous Taoist temple nearby on the recommendation of a friend, donated 500,000 incense money, and met a Taoist priest surnamed He.

He Daochanghe has a childish face and looks like a fairy, and have a little real material.

He guessed the situation in their home after meeting Lin’s father and mother and pointed out that their daughter was haunted by evil spirits.

“What are we going to do, Master?”

Hearing what Daochang said, Mother Lin looked flustered and asked again and again.

Because the Taoist priest in front of him can easily express their problems, he should be confident in his ability to resolve this matter.

“Take me to see your daughter,” He Daochang said indifferently, touching his beard.

Lin’s father and mother both looked surprised after hearing his words.

They did not hesitate to invite Daochang He to their home.

As a result, they were completely unprepared for Daochang’s arrival. He frowned when he saw Lin Xiaotang, and his tone changed to cold and severe: “Are you Lin Xiaotang, the Lin family’s daughter?”

“I am,” Lin Xiaotang said, “Is there any problem?”

“I’m sorry, I don’t cast spells for the Lin family; please ask others,” He Daozhang said coldly.

Father Lin’s expression changed when he heard this.

“What does this mean, Master?” “Didn’t we all talk about it?” Father Lin asked quickly.

He Daochang’s attitude was previously quite positive; why has he suddenly changed his mind?

“You embarrassed Xiaoyou Shen, but who isn’t aware of it now?” He Daochang’s tone was a little impatient. “Why come to me now that you’ve determined I’m a liar?”

Taoist He knew Shen Shu as a well-known and genuine Taoist priest in Huaihai City.

For this young fellow with profound Taoism, He Dao valued it very much.

Daochang became enraged after learning that Shen Shu had been mocked as a liar by the Lin family on the day of the annulment. He was filled with resentment.

He didn’t know the identities of Lin’s father and mother before meeting Lin Xiaotang, so now he naturally wanted to vent for his friend.

“It’s all our fault for being so stupid before, I scold it, and it has nothing to do with my daughter,” she says. Lin’s mother was so worried that she was about to cry, “I beg you, please save her……”

“It’s only a small sum of money, why bother?” Daochang says. “If you are dissatisfied, you can go to the Taoist temple to get the money back,” he said flatly.

Lin’s father and Lin’s mother listened, but couldn’t say anything.

He Daochang’s demeanour clearly demonstrates that he dislikes seeing their Lin family and does not wish to exorcise their daughter.

Even if he wanted to die with his hands on him, the Lin family couldn’t make him.

Lin’s father and mother never thought about getting the incense money back.

If they actually took the money, it would be a big joke, and everyone in the circle would make fun of them.

Lin Xiaotang, who had been sitting quietly beside him, suddenly spoke up.

“Going to the Taoist temple is a lot of trouble,” she said lightly. “It’s preferable to stay here and refund the money.”

Lin Xiaotang, unlike her father and mother, is unaware of the “unspoken rules” of the metaphysics circle and is unconcerned about her face at all.

 All she knew was that Daocheng, accepted the money and then broke his word.

She calmly took her phone from her pocket, displayed the Alipay receipt code, and handed it to Daochang He in front of everyone.

“Let’s transfer money right now,” Lin Xiaotang said, “Daoist, you should have a phone, right?”


Lin Xiaotang appeared to be about to ask for money, and He Daochang’s face turned blue and white.

Previously, those wealthy businessmen and senior officials had to spend hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of dollars every time they asked him to do something.

Even if he had rejected, those people were too afraid to say anything, so they had to accompany him away with a smile.

This is the first time he has encountered such an idiot, and he has asked him to refund the money in front of him.

What’s more humiliating is that he can’t say no.

Daochang suppressed his rage after returning the money. He threw up his sleeves and stormed out.

Lin Xiaotang’s voice came from behind him slowly: “Walk slowly, and we will not send you away.”

“……”Daochang He.

His expression darkened even more.

“This time, it can be considered as offending all the masters in Huaihai City,” Father Lin sighed after He Daochang left.

The feng shui circle is so small that angering one of them is nearly equivalent to being completely blocked by it.

The Lin family was dissatisfied because of Daochang He’s attitude, so when Lin Xiaotang asked for money, Lin’s parents and Lin’s mother did not refuse.

Daochang He is not pleased to be duped by others. Is it possible that Lin’s father and mother would be pleased?

They don’t deserve to be angry?

They are also well-known businessmen who are admired by many people in the outside world, and they all have their own arrogance.

Not to mention, this Daochang He is not going to help them.

They were still a little uneasy when they remembered their daughter’s encounter with an evil spirit.

“How could we have offended him?” “Since he didn’t help me exorcise evil spirits, shouldn’t the money be refunded?” Lin Xiaotang wondered.

She wasn’t scared of ghosts or anything.

She had agreed with Lin’s father and mother to find the master, but all she wanted to do was see these people.

Lin Xiaotang was a little disappointed after meeting Daochang He.

Perhaps it was the original owner’s experience that moved her, as she had always felt… Is it required?

Because the parents chastised a liar to their daughter’s fiance’s cheating object, they had to watch their daughter die and be happy?

 Daochang He had a lingering arrogance when he faced their ordinary people, despite his good behaviour.

Taking money to do things is an equal transaction, but he must maintain a high profile.

The doctors in the hospital have a much better attitude than them when it comes to saving people.

No expert doctor will deliberately discontinue treatment because they dislike a patient.

After all, isn’t it common practise to get your money back if you don’t do anything?

Look at He Daochang as if she’s done something to him.

Mother Lin smiled helplessly after hearing her daughter’s words: “You, you really don’t understand anything.”

These masters, in their opinion, are what people should respect, and they must not be offended.

And this is also how the majority of people in the world think.

Lin Xiaotang looked at them and asked, “Do you still believe in science, Mom and Dad?”

The depressed expressions of Lin’s father and mother have vanished from the original owner’s memory of resolutely fighting back against feudal superstition.

“”I believe,” Father Lin sighed, “but what’s the point of believing? Can science keep us safe?”

“Besides, we’re afraid of becoming a joke if we keep believing.” Mother Lin expressed concern.

Lin Xiaotang went into deep thought after hearing what they said.


In the following time, Lin Xiaotang bid farewell to her parents.

She left the hall and entered her room.

Shen Shu, the heroine, was correct. The Lin family’s feng shui was truly appalling. The yin qi was too strong, and it attracted ghosts easily.

Lin Xiaotang has only been here a few days and has already encountered several ghosts.

However, she didn’t care about these ignorant ghosts as long as they didn’t bother her.

There is a reason for ghosts to exist in this world, and there is no reason to exterminate them.

Lin Xiaotang, on her way back to her room today, encountered a ghost.

She used her abilities to study the ghost multiple times after bringing it into the room.

In order to make the ghost make a different sound, she also hit it several times.

Fortunately, the original owner studied physics, and she has a plethora of similar instruments at her disposal. She encountered no difficulties while exploring.

Lin Xiaotang let go after roughly confirming the special energy wavelength on the ghost.

Then she turned on the computer and began programming, attempting to use the computer technology she had learned in her previous life.

Lin Xiaotang could easily defeat all feng shui masters with profound Taoism by her own ability as long as she wanted to.

She can exact revenge on He Daochang right now, surpassing the heroine Shen Shu and becoming the world’s strongest.

But it’s too boring to do so.

And, does this approach really work?

The original owner’s family can be turned over in this manner, but in this world, there are countless civilians who will face danger at any time.

They lack the Lin family’s connections, so they can’t tell if they’re sick or possessed, and they can’t tell if the master who came to exorcise is a liar.

Even if they come across a master with real materials, they may not have enough money to request action from these masters.

They could only wait to die if the masters stood by.

In the end, the main reason for this phenomenon is that they are unable to save themselves.

They can only seek assistance from those who are knowledgeable in metaphysics, but there are too few such people.

The current scientific progress is not enough for scientists to detect the existence and nature of ghosts.

They believe in science, as Father Lin stated, but science cannot protect or save them.

– But what if science could accomplish it?

What if there was a device that could not only detect but also harm ghosts?

Lin Xiaotang smiled slightly as she looked at the dense programming text on the computer screen.

There is a well-known saying that metaphysics is the end of science.

It’s just another energy body, whether it’s a ghost, Feng Shui, or even herself.

Ordinary people cannot see ghosts because their wavelengths are not captured by the human eye.

Ordinary people cannot hear ghost sounds because their ears cannot detect the sound frequencies associated with ghosts.

Ordinary people can’t fight back when attacked by ghosts because they don’t know what kind of energy form it is or how to defend properly.

Although she has not yet developed a method for ordinary people to attack ghosts.

However, it is very simple to create a small software and use the converter inside the mobile phone to show ordinary people the shape and sound of ghosts.

Lin Xiaotang stayed at home for a month to accomplish this.

During this time, she even called her parents and borrowed the Lin group’s physics laboratory.

Lin Xiaotang finally produced the final version of the “Ghost” APP after a half-month study of dozens of ghosts.

This is a piece of mobile phone software. To see the ghosts around them, users only need to turn on the camera. They can even communicate with ghosts by using the APP’s built-in “dialogue” function.

Of course, after countless trials, Lin Xiaotang also posted a small notice to clarify what words should not be said to ghosts in order to prevent users from angering ghosts.

Lin Xiaotang bought some advertisements symbolically after putting this APP in the software mall and didn’t care much.

She must then conduct additional research.

It’s not enough to simply allow ordinary people to see ghosts.


Daochang He, on the other hand, invited Shen Shu to a small trade gathering of Feng Shui insiders.

Many Taoist priests, monks, or Feng Shui masters will appear at that time and trade with one another.

This type of gathering provides Shen Shu with an excellent opportunity to meet new people and expand her network.

As a result, Shen Shu arrived at the clubhouse a half-hour earlier and spoke with Daochang He.

“Shen Xiaoyou, I met Lin Xiaotang, the Lin family’s young lady, some time ago.”

Daochang was moved after seeing Shen Shu. He remembered what had happened previously in the Lin family and couldn’t help but say, “This is the first time I have met such a vulgar and rude person!”

“Lin Xiaotang?”

Shen Shu’s eyes widened with surprise as she heard Daochang He’s words: “Is there anything wrong with her yet?”

“Is there something going on? She had become entangled by an evil spirit “He Daochang stated. “Her body contains a lot of yin. It stands to reason that she should have died a long time ago, but she is still alive for unknown reasons.”

The Lin family kept the news of Lin Xiaotang’s illness hidden from the outside world.

After all, the Lins are well-known for their aversion to ghosts and gods. Who would have guessed they’d invite Taoist priests in private?

Shen Shu, on the other hand, should have a unique source of information as Xiao Chen’s girlfriend.

It is not unusual for her to know about Lin Xiaotang.

“That’s it.”

Shen Shu lowered her eyes slightly after hearing He Daochang’s words, concealing the look in her eyes.

People from outside the circle are not permitted to attend such gatherings within the circle.

As a result, Shen Shu brought a new friend she met a few days ago instead of her boyfriend Xiao Chen today.

Shen Shu introduced her new friend to Daochang He after discussing the Lin family with him.

“This is Xu Junran.” Shen Shu spoke softly.

Xu Junran met her by chance a few days ago while shopping for a magical weapon on Antique Street.

She felt his character and ability were good, so Shen Shu befriended him.

Daochang listened to what Shen Shu said. He noticed someone standing beside her.

He took a look at it and discovered that it was a handsome man with clear eyes.

The man was dressed simply in a white coat and wore a string of high-quality Buddhist beads around his wrist.

His brows are soft, his temperament is gentle and indifferent, and his long hair is casually tied behind his head like a gentleman. Even if he stands there silently, he is quite attractive.

However, for some reason, Daochang He hadn’t noticed him until now.

“Hello, Daoist.”

Observing Daochang With a slight smile, Xu Jun bowed towards him and made a Buddha salute.

“Which temple are you form? Did you practice with hair?”

Xu Junran’s demeanour was calm and unhurried, and He Daochang was immediately impressed of him.

“I’m not a monk; I’m just a regular person who is interested in Buddhism.”

Xu Junran smiled as he shook his head in response to Daochang He’s question.

The beads on his wrist shook and reflected a touch of gold in the bright light.

It’s just that the wooden beads are imprinted with four strange characters rather than the usual six-character Great Bright Mantra.

“Purdue all beings.”

———End of this chapter. 

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