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SEB Chapter 48


In The World Of Running Away With The Ball (8)

“How is this even possible? Tangtang has always been extremely obedient!”

Lin Qingqing was stunned after hearing what the headmaster had said.

Her daughter has always been smart and sensible.

Even if Xiaotang dislikes talking, she appears unconcerned. When it comes to children, her heart has always been soft.

How could such a Xiaotang be at odds with other kids?

Regardless of what Lin Qingqing said, the director’s attitude remained firm——

Lin Xiaotang was no longer accepted at their kindergarten.

Lin Qingqing had no choice but to rush to the kindergarten and retrieve Lin Xiaotang.

When she arrived at the kindergarten, she noticed that many of the children were staring at her with strange eyes.

When she meets the kindergarten teachers who used to have a good relationship with her, they are now quite indifferent.

And when Lin Qingqing arrived at the little tiger class where Lin Xiaotang was under the leadership of the principal, she overheard a little boy beside her daughter curiously asking, “Tangtang, everyone said that your mother was nurtured, what does this mean?”

“Tangtang, why did you disappear a month ago?” “My mother said your mother made a mistake, and your father didn’t want you,” another little girl inquired.

“It should be, my mother said the same.”

“It’s strange that Tangtang doesn’t have a father.”

Lin Qingqing’s body froze as she listened to the children’s innocent words, and her entire body was like an ice cave.

“Sorry, Ms. Lin, but we really like Tangtang…”

The principal’s voice could be heard intermittently behind her: “However, many parents are unwilling to send their children to school with her. We’re also embarrassed…”

Lin Qingqing’s subconscious response to the principal’s words was, “It’s okay, I can understand.”

But in the end, she couldn’t tell.

Although Xiaotang does not appear to care about other people’s words, living in such an environment for an extended period of time will undoubtedly affect her.

What makes matters worse is that rumours, no matter how they are explained, are difficult to eradicate.

She had no choice but to take Lin Xiaotang home.

She then attempted to locate other kindergartens.

When the heads of those kindergartens heard Lin Xiaotang’s name, they immediately rejected her admission.

The only kindergarten that took the initiative, called Lin Qingqing and said Lin Xiaotang was allowed to enter the kindergarten. Lin Qingqing inquired and discovered that the teachers inside were extremely bad, and the children frequently fought and cursed.

After four or five days, malicious rumours about Lin Qingqing’s mother and daughter began to circulate among her neighbours.

A few mischievous kids even threw rotten eggs in front of their house.

Lin Qingqing was so enraged that she went to the parents of the children to argue, but she couldn’t argue with those long-tongued women.

Lin Qingqing returned home exhausted after several arguments that went nowhere.

Although not fatal, the various malicious targets in these days were like soft knives, stabbing her body bit by bit, oppressing her nerves, causing her to suffer, and there was no way to deal with it.

Although she was mentally prepared to offend the entire Leng family and face retaliation from the moment she went against Leng Xiaohan.

But after a long time like this, Lin Qingqing would still feel pain.

“Xiaotang, do you want to leave here?” she asked cautiously, looking at her daughter Lin Xiaotang.

“Moving?” Lin Xiaotang inquired.

“Yeah, let’s live somewhere else,” Lin Qingqing said, “because it’s not good here.”

Lin Xiaotang asked, her eyes dark, “Is it because of the Leng family?”

Lin Qingqing remained silent.

“You can move if you want.” said Lin Xiaotang.

She didn’t mind the rumours, but Lin Qingqing obviously thought a lot of her.

In this case, it would be preferable to live in a clean environment.

Lin Qingqing clenched her teeth and went back to the rented house.

She moved Lin Xiaotang to another city and used the rest of Mother Leng’s money to buy a large house here.

Since the original city can’t last, let’s start over in another place.

It’s possible they left the range before the Leng family could intervene. Lin Qingqing and Lin Xiaotang’s lives improved dramatically after moving to the new city.

Lin Qingqing soon found a new job.

There were no strange rumours among the nearby neighbours.

Everything appears to be going in the right direction.

The only bad thing is that Lin Qingqing still has not found a kindergarten that can accept Lin Xiaotang.

“It’s fine, Mom; I don’t have to go to kindergarten.”

Lin Xiaotang’s reaction to the distressed Lin Qingqing was calm: “I want to stay at home, I have my own things to do.”

As an adult, she considers kindergarten to be a waste of time.

Furthermore, Lin Xiaotang was acutely aware that her body’s intelligence level was extremely high, allowing her to learn anything quickly.

In this case, she’d be better off staying at home and learning more about what she wants to learn.

Lin Qingqing paused after hearing her words: “But…”

“It’s fine,” Lin Xiaotang stated emphatically, “I can read at home.” Lin Qingqing examined the books on Lin Xiaotang’s desk. In addition to the previous programming books, a new set of “Securities Market” was released. “Basic Knowledge,” “Stock Trader,” and other stock market books.

“……” Lin Qingqing.

Even just reading the titles of these books made her dizzy, but Xiaotang could read them?

Lin Xiaotang appeared to have been reading these books.

In many places in the book, she has made dense notes.

“These things are not difficult,” Lin Xiaotang said meaningfully, “and once we learn them, we can solve a lot of trouble.”

“Solve the trouble?”

Lin Qingqing had no idea what Lin Xiaotang was talking about.

Lin Qingqing, who was still a little anxious, felt a lot better as a result of her daughter’s calm demeanour.

“Tangtang is so smart,” she joked, “she may become a more powerful entrepreneur than those from the Leng family in the future.”

A successful businessman?

Lin Xiaotang gave her a serious look and said, “It’s not impossible.”

Lin Qingqing couldn’t help but smile when she saw her five-year-old daughter’s confident expression.

She listened to her daughter’s rhetoric casually and did not take it seriously.

Lin Xiaotang is indeed powerful, but how old is she now, and have so many old men in business not all been messed up in the stock market?

Despite this, Lin Qingqing quickly agreed to Lin Xiaotang’s request and allowed her to stay at home.

Lin Xiaotang got busy after receiving her mother’s approval.

The first thing she did was form a hacker group and ask members if she could follow them in order to learn hacking techniques.

“Of course, if you don’t understand something, just ask.”

The hackers in the group were friendly. They agreed without hesitation after seeing Lin Xiaotang’s desire to learn.

And when someone asked her why she wanted to be a hacker, Lin Xiaotang’s reply was simple.

“I need to make money,” she said, “to make a lot of money.”

Moreover, programming is indeed very interesting for her.

The members of the group are unaware of Lin Xiaotang’s current situation, but they are delighted to be Lin Xiaotang’s teachers.

Lin Xiaotang’s terrifying learning ability astounded them as well.

It didn’t take long for Lin Xiaotang to pick up a few tricks.

She began taking orders in the Polar Night Forum to make money after she gained some power.

The members of the Polar Night Forum are all top-tier hackers and businesses.

The task they assign is difficult, but the pay is plentiful.

Lin Xiaotang invested all of her earnings in the stock market.

Lin Xiaotang, on the other hand, did not forget about her task object, Qin Yue.

She now strictly adheres to her script and chat with Qin Yue on and off.

The attraction of a gentle, considerate, lively, and talkative big sister can be fatal for a child like Qin Yue, who has been locked up at home for a long time and is about to enter adolescence but lacks the care of his elders.

This eldest sister’s life experience, in particular, is still a little rocky.

Lin Xiaotang doesn’t know much about emotions, but she does understand psychology.

She interspersed a lot of words that could faintly hit Qin Yue’s heart while narrating “Jia Jia’s” life.

“I always feel as if I’m alone.”

“How I wish I had a brother like you.”

“It’s possible that I’ve matured and don’t want to tell my family too much.”

Similarly, Lin Xiaotang remembered that she didn’t really come to chat.

The reason she added Qin Yue is to find out what kind of person he is so she can finish the task.

As a result, whenever she finished speaking, she would ask him his opinion along the way: “If you encountered such a thing, what would you think?”

Where has a 12-year-old boy seen this battle?

Even though he was still on guard, the number of times Qin Yue spoke was clearly increasing gradually.

Lin Xiaotang finally noticed the abnormality in Qin Yue after such a long period of communication.

He is distinct from others, primarily because he lacks the ability to empathise with and comprehend the emotions of ordinary people.

Apart from these, Lin Xiaotang also noticed that even though he had been chatting with her, he did not show much dependence on “Jia Jia”.

He will not send her a message as long as Lin Xiaotang does not take the initiative to find him.

His feelings for her are more akin to curiosity, as she is one of the few objects with which he can communicate.

Aside from this curiosity, she is a non-existent existence.

Lin Xiaotang immediately thought of a disease after discovering Qin Yue’s character——

 Antisocial Personality Disorder.

People who have this symptom are either born with it or lack the care from their parents in childhood.

Given the indifference of Qin Yue’s family, Qin’s parents and Qin’s mother, as well as the nanny’s long-term abuse, it is not surprising that he is in this situation.

When Lin Xiaotang tentatively asked him if he had any dreams or what kind of life he led, Qin Yue replied simply, “I don’t know.”

Lin Xiaotang was unsurprised by this response.

Qin Yue has been imprisoned in Qin’s house and has little contact with the outside world. He will believe that life is dull and routine.

It’s just that if this continues for a long time, when he grows up, he might be completely crooked.

She might just assist him because he has no hobbies.

So, one night, Lin Xiaotang sent him the C language textbook that she had carefully prepared.

“Creativity brings joy, and in a data network, you can create a world yourself,” she said. “Do you like data? Do you want to learn programming? I can teach you.”


Lin Qingqing and Lin Xiaotang are still living comfortably a month later.

Mother Leng, on the other hand, has already contacted people in the Leng family.

“Are you ready?” she asked quietly as she stood in the bedroom.

“It’s already done,” said the other party. “We contacted the person in charge of Jinxiu Jingyuan and requested that the surveillance in Area C be suspended for three days.”

Lin Qingqing’s mother and daughter’s new homes are in Jinxiu Jingyuan’s C district.

Mother Leng finally smiled after hearing the news, despite her slightly arrogant demeanour.

“Then proceed as planned,” she said lightly. “When the task is done, call me. I’ll double your money “.


Mother Leng neatly removed the calling card and hid it in a secret location after hanging up the phone.

Since they made up their minds to target Lin Qingqing, special personnel have reported their every move to Mother Leng.

Mother Leng knew everything about Lin Qingqing’s move or new job.

It’s just that she wasn’t ready to put too much pressure on Lin Qingqing and the others.

It’s boring to suppress them directly. It’s better to give them a chance to catch their breath and think the worst is over, only to deliver another more devastating blow.

Wouldn’t it be more fun to do so?

Mother Leng was not satisfied with just those minor torments.

Because this woman is willing to take action against her son, she must be willing to live rather than die!

So, one month after Lin Qingqing and the others had moved, Mother Leng found some people and asked them to set fire to Lin Qingqing’s new home while others were not paying attention.

At the same time, she made sure to check on the nearby neighbours and the person in charge of Jingyuan, so they could create “coincidences” and remove traces.

Even if the cops arrived, what evidence could they find in the burned-down house?

The only monitor capable of detecting any clues also happens to be broken on the same day.

Even if Lin Qingqing suspects her, without evidence, what can they do to her?

She lacks both money and power, and she is forced to provoke the Leng family. She is the one who instructs them.

Mother Leng left the bedroom in a good mood after ordering all of this.

She went to make a pot of tea and brought it to Leng Jianguo, thinking her husband was still working in the study.

She was about to leave the study when she heard Leng Jianguo roar.

“When such a big thing happens, why are you not alert at all? Why are you still considering hiding from each other?!”

Leng Jianguo was furious at his phone as he walked around the living room: “I don’t know how many times I’ve said it, but just let me know if you have anything! Can you meddle in the affairs of the company!?”

“Sorry, uncle, we only found out about this recently.”

On the other end of the phone, a man spoke tentatively: “The other party is too secretive, and we didn’t expect so many people selling stocks…”

Leng Jianguo trembled with rage as he heard what the other party said, unable to say anything.

He was even angrier when he saw Leng’s mother drinking tea: “Look at the good son you gave me!”

After all, Leng Jianguo pushed her away without waiting for Mother Leng to ask a few questions before turning and leaving the Leng family home.

He lifted the pot of tea and slammed it to the ground, splashing tea all over Leng Mu’s body, but she didn’t even bother changing her clothes.

What exactly is going on here?

She had never seen such a vengeful husband before, and she was worried for a while.

Leng Xiaohan returned to work in the company after his legs had healed.

The position of president, however, was taken away from him by Leng Jianguo’s younger brother’s son, Leng Yuan.

Leng Xiaohan and Leng Yuan have been fighting openly and secretly for power over the last month, causing a lot of trouble. This is no longer a trade secret within the company.

It’s just that, on weekdays, Leng Jianguo has always been oblivious to Leng Xiaohan’s power struggles.

After all, Leng Xiaohan was his biological son, and he considered passing on the Leng Group to him.

However, the phone call from Leng Yuan just now enraged Leng Jianguo.

What in the world is going on?

And the mystery surrounding this matter was quickly revealed——

Except for the Leng family, someone acquired 32% of the Leng Group’s shares and became the company’s largest shareholder.

Such a thing was unthinkable before, so when the news broke, it caused quite a stir in the outside world.

What’s more frightening is that the shares of the Leng Group were purchased by one person rather than a company or team.

Someone discovered that when the Leng Group was targeted by snipers a few months ago, that person controlled public opinion and bought some scattered shares when the Leng Group’s shares fell.

Following the infighting between Leng Xiaohan and Leng Yuan, this person hired several business teams and acquired the remaining shares with great strength.

The viciousness of the other party’s tactics and the agility of his actions stunned the industry and caught the Leng Group off guard.

At the very least, the board of directors will be purged, and many high-level executives will be replaced.

“All of this is because of you!”

Faced with such a result, Leng Jianguo, who had been struggling for more than a year, was completely unacceptable: “Xiaohan, how could this happen if you didn’t provoke that woman?”

With the Leng Group’s continued expansion, the Leng family now owns only 40% of the total shares, which does not meet the standard of absolute control.

Many shareholders are dissatisfied with the Leng family’s recent infighting and Leng Xiaohan’s previous mistakes.

Not to mention that Leng Jianguo’s generation’s big and second houses are constantly arguing. It remains to be seen whether they can become one.

They are afraid that if the newcomer is allowed to contact the other shareholders, the Leng family will lose the company that they have worked so hard to manage for three or four generations!

Listening to his father’s scolding, Leng Xiaohan didn’t speak.

He just stood there with his head down in silence.

Leng Xiaohan’s treatment in the Leng Group has deteriorated since he was demoted to vice president and his confidants were replaced.

Even if he is dissatisfied and wants to rebel, his boss, Leng Yuan, will always find new ways to disgust him.

However, when his first love, Bai Yueguang, Qin Yao, returned to China, she was also cold to him.

Despite the fact that Mother Leng intends to marry, Qin Yao is clearly more optimistic about his cousin Leng Yuan.

Leng Xiaohan’s edges and corners have been sufficiently smoothed by his months of experience.

After experiencing the loss of power and status, Leng Xiaohan’s heart surged in vain, not with anger and unwillingness, but an unprecedented daze.

Did he really do something wrong?

Could it be that he caused all of this?

Wouldn’t he be sniped if he didn’t provoke Lin Qingqing, their Leng Group’s stock price wouldn’t fluctuate at all, and that new shareholder wouldn’t appear if he didn’t provoke Lin Qingqing?

“Don’t listen to your father’s nonsense, Xiaohan; how could this be your fault?”

Mother Leng came over immediately after Leng Jianguo left, holding her son tightly in her arms: “This is obviously the fault of that bitch, who told her that she didn’t know what to do and spent money to find a sniper? Who told her that if she doesn’t love herself, she’ll be put to sleep by someone?”

Mother Leng was extremely distressed as she looked at Leng Xiaohan with a tired face, and she repeatedly comforted her: “It’s alright, it’s alright, your mother will help you.”

Mother Leng had no idea the original incident would have such serious ramifications.

Fortunately, she had already planned everything; otherwise, how could she make Lin Qingqing pay the price?

Leng Xiaohan’s initially confused heart gradually returned to its original position after hearing his mother’s words.

Also, what’s wrong with him wanting to reclaim custody of his daughter?

Lin Qingqing should be grateful that their Leng family was able to reclaim Lin Xiaotang, because she was too ignorant.

It was just a normal business transaction for the person who purchased the Leng Group shares.

Could this be his fault too?

He was clinging to the last piece of driftwood like a drowning man at this point.

He could only feel his breath when he took Mother Leng’s words to heart and accepted them as true.

And the only good feelings he had for Lin Qingqing had faded in the midst of the hectic day after day.

Mother Leng called those people again immediately after Leng Xiaohan had left.

She asked them to choose a quiet night, and she simply set fire to the house while Lin Qingqing and Lin Xiaotang were both at home.

People cannot die, but they can be injured, and this can be considered bad luck.

As a result, Mother Leng was surprised when the other party refused to take her call.

“Sorry, we can’t fulfil this order,” the person over there said. “We will refund your money. If you want to deal with them again, don’t ask; we won’t accept it.”

“Why?” Mother Leng was surprised that they would break their promise, and her voice rose in vain “Were we not all in agreement? I’m ready!”

“We will refund you an additional 10% of the fee as liquidated damages,” the opposing party said flatly. “If you still don’t understand, I recommend you read the Leng Group’s most recent internal news.”

What does this mean……

Why do you want her to know the latest inside information of the Leng Group?

Lin Qingqing and Lin Xiaotang, shouldn’t they be just two ordinary people without money and power…

Hearing this, Mother Leng froze.

An unexplained panic hit her, making her heart beat faster and faster.

With trembling hands, she took out her phone and sent a text message to one of her subordinates, asking him to find out who the largest shareholder of the Leng Group was.

After an hour of waiting, the subordinate’s response finally appeared.

[Lin Xiaotang,] [The new largest shareholder is Lin Xiaotang, and her legal representative is her mother, Lin Qingqing, according to the other party.


This upheaval in Leng’s company passed quickly.

Lin Xiaotang, the new shareholder, appeared at the company meeting three days later.

When Lin Xiaotang arrived at the meeting, the first thing she did was promote some senior executives who were already dissatisfied with the Leng family’s dictatorship, along with other shareholders, and dismiss some of the Leng family’s members.

After that, she didn’t do anything else.

She doesn’t care about the Leng Group, or she would have let Lin Qingqing and Leng Xiaohan be together a long time ago.

Lin Xiaotang would consider purchasing the Leng Group’s shares, primarily to keep the Leng family out of trouble for good.

She never imagined that after offending the Leng family, they would give up.

And, despite the fact that she and Lin Qingqing had money, they were nothing in the eyes of the powerful Leng family.

It’s all too easy for them to cross the line and lose everything they own.

Lin Xiaotang is not afraid of them because as long as she acts and employs her terrifying abilities, these people can easily die.

But she thought about it, these people are not guilty of death.

Not to mention, their social influence is still very large.

Once something happens, hundreds of thousands of employees of the Leng Group will be affected.

So, after coming to Leng’s house, Lin Xiaotang began to learn about capital operations.

Offence is the best defence.

Because there is no way to attack the Leng family, it is sufficient to increase her and Lin Qingqing’s power and status to the point where the Leng family is intimidated and will not attack them at all.

Lin Xiaotang brought her legal representative Lin Qingqing to the meeting and asked her to convey her instructions because she was still young and could not exercise the equity independently.

The Leng family members who knew the inside story had quite complicated moods when they looked at Lin Qingqing.

But when they found out that Lin Qingqing was just a puppet, and Lin Xiaotang had the final say on most things, their eyes were even more shocked.

A few years old little girl can understand so much, and she can deftly avoid the Leng family’s language trap and fight back until they are speechless!

For many years, Lin Xiaotang had been a demon sovereign. She ruled a group of rebellious demon cultivators with erratic personalities at the time.

To her, mortal affairs are nothing more than that.

After easily dividing the rights of the Leng family, Lin Xiaotang didn’t deal much with Leng Xiaohan.

Nonetheless, she appointed him as vice president and his cousin Leng Yuan as president.

Leng Xiaohan is the world’s male protagonist, and he is capable when it comes to work.

Allowing him and Leng Yuan to restrain each other is also an effective way of suppressing the Leng family.

What about the Leng mother?

Lin Xiaotang had similar feelings about dealing with her. After all, she was able to get into this position, and Mother Leng’s money was a great contribution.

Following the meeting, it was confirmed that the rest of the Leng family would not attack her again, and Lin Xiaotang would no longer care about the Leng family’s affairs.

Lin Xiaotang stayed at home and studied in the days that followed.

Only the Leng family is still arguing about the existence of Lin Xiaotang.

Only, this time, no one dared to say that Lin Xiaotang and Lin Qingqing were wrong.

“That kid is a real genius, someone who can be recorded in history.”

Leng Jianguo was filled with remorse after recalling Lin Xiaotang’s performance in the meeting: “Why, why didn’t we pay attention to her at the start and didn’t keep her?”

Leng Jianguo was heartbroken at the thought of his brilliant granddaughter slipping away from him.

Why would they be so cold if they could train her properly and treat her better?

“You must please them for me,” Leng Jianguo said as he looked at his increasingly silent son, “You are Lin Xiaotang’s biological father, there is no overnight feud between father and daughter, you must let Lin Qingqing forgive you!”

To please them? Make them forgive him?

Leng Xiaohan’s handsome face wore a bitter smile as he listened to these words.

Even Leng Xiaohan, who had fought against Leng Yuan not long ago, had a high opinion of Lin Qingqing’s mother and daughter.

He never imagined giving up his dignity to please a woman he once despised and thought he could play with at will.

In this regard, Leng Xiaohan was unwilling and filled with humiliated rage.

However, there is also a hint of confusion and self-doubt.

Is it true that he did something wrong?

If he could see Lin Qingqing as a real person, not to tease her, not to think about controlling her, wouldn’t he have this fate at all?

If he could seriously apologise to her and take her child for granted, would he still be what he is today?

All of the causes and effects that he had previously ignored have now come to his mind, leaving Leng Xiaohan completely stumped.

He remained silent for a long time in response to the above questions, unable to provide the desired answer.

Mother Leng, on the other hand, who was aware of everything, was even more concerned.

Since learning of her good deeds, Leng Jianguo has slept in separate rooms with her for a long time.

Even Leng Xiaohan’s feelings for her grew colder.

They could find any servant and find out about Lin Xiaotang’s treatment in Leng Zhai at the time.

On the first day Lin Xiaotang arrived home, Mother Leng ridiculed her as a “cheap child”.

After that, to keep her out of sight and mind, she locked Lin Xiaotang in the most remote room and instructed the servants to only let Lin Xiaotang out to deliver meals.

She even asked Lin Qingqing to sign the contract when Lin Xiaotang was picked up, and she continued to squeeze them out.

The rest of the family is disgusted by this series of actions.

At the same time, Mother Leng was not without fear in her heart.

She was more concerned about getting revenge than the rest of the Leng family.

Lin Xiaotang, in particular, has an almost limitless future despite her age.

What will happen to her and her family if she offends such a child?

With such fear, Mother Leng trembled every day, living in unease about the future.

After a few months, she actually lost ten pounds.

Looking at the embarrassed self in the mirror, while in a trance, Mother Leng covered her face and shed tears.

At the beginning, were the people who had been oppressed by her as painful as she was?


Lin Xiaotang’s life has been described as “smooth sailing” since resolving the Leng family’s problems.

She lived well into her forties in this world.

Because of her interest in business, she has fought for it and built a veritable world-class business empire.

When Lin Qingqing was old and ill in the hospital, she thought about gathering some terrifying energy to leave this world.

Lin Qingqing had never been with Leng Xiaohan.

She turned down his numerous courtships before meeting a gentle enough man and entering the marriage hall with him at the age of thirty-two.

Under the encouragement of Lin Xiaotang, the task target Qin Yue transformed from a child at risk of developing an antisocial personality disorder to a programmer who lives at home and is addicted to programming.

His main hobby is constantly breaking new codes, learning new technologies, and finishing his own data world creation.

Lin Xiaotang confessed her identity to him more than ten years later because they had known each other for so long.

Qin Yue was incredible in this regard: “So, when you were five years old, you started making up stories on the Internet?”

“……,” Lin Xiaotang.

That is acceptable.

“However, your story is really well made up,” Qin Yue repeated, “When I first went to make friends with other netizens, I was worried that there would be no topic, so I just copied your story, and I made a lot of programmer friends.”

“…….” Lin Xiaotang.

It was a little beyond her imagination.

In any case, once Qin Yue had hobbies and goals, as well as met a group of friends on the Internet, he could be considered to have walked out of the original ending and lived the life he desired.

She can be considered to have completed her task in this manner.

The only regret is that Lin Qingqing’s illness is complicated.

Her condition worsened after two years in the hospital.

At the last moment, Lin Xiaotang hurried to the hospital and saw Lin Qingqing for the last time.

In the past, she was unsure of the reasons Lin Qingqing decided against having more children despite being married.

Lin Xiaotang received all of her maternal love and care.

Lin Qingqing, whose memory had deteriorated, could no longer recall most of the people when she was old and seriously ill.

Her expression has always been numb and indifferent when she looks around at her relatives; only her husband can bring her closer.

Lin Qingqing on the hospital bed, on the other hand, burst out laughing when she saw Lin Xiaotang.

She stretched out her hand and took Lin Xiaotang’s hand tremblingly.

“Tangtang, having you was the best decision I’ve ever made,” she said slowly, “I’ve never, ever regretted having you.”

“I know,” Lin Xiaotang replied softly.

“Many of them… mock me for being stupid, let me have an abortion, let me abort you…” “But I don’t want… because you are… a child given to me by God,” Lin Qingqing said intermittently.

Lin Qingqing has a well-kept secret that no one has ever revealed.

In her second month of pregnancy, she once went to the hospital once.

Lin Qingqing had an induced abortion out of disgust and fear of rapists.

After all, such a baby was born with a sin.

Nobody expected her pregnancy reaction to continue after she returned home that day.

Her stomach had grown significantly by the fourth month.

Lin Qingqing went to the hospital for an exam and was shocked to discover that there was a child in the womb that should have been empty.

Nobody knows how this child came to be.

Lin Qingqing, on the other hand, didn’t want to let it go after learning about it.

Lin Qingqing had an intuitive feeling that this child was not the child of a rapist.

The rapist’s child has long since died, and the fetus in her womb now belongs solely to her. God sees her going through ups and downs and is lonely, so she will be compensated.

– It’s here to save her.

And she guessed right.

“I’ve always known… I’ve always known…” Lin Qingqing’s voice became softer and softer, “My happiest thing is to meet you…”

Looking at Lin Qingqing who was no longer young, but still smiling, Lin Xiaotang lowered her eyes.

After a long time, she replied softly, “Me too.”

————End of this chapter. 

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