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SEB Chapter 29


In The World Of Modern Stallion Man Who Counterattacks (2)

Lin Xiaotang wasn’t ready to do anything to Li Fan’s article, she wasn’t going to do it to this extent.

Her plan to win the Best Newcomer Award is simple. All she will need are her own abilities.

There are two reasons why Li Fan is doing so well. One, he is a good writer. Two, literature found on the internet is not very well developed.

In other words, the current network environment is still stuck in “big love”, “Humans and Nature” and “Positive Energy”, and the ideological content of most of the articles is quite spiritual.

There were very few romance novels much less anything innovative or exciting.

In this kind of environment, no matter what you write is great, an upgraded breed, or a deep love affair with Xiaobai Huaba, or an intriguing Gong Dou, or even the most unpopular science fiction, you can easily get ahead.

 Li Fan’s success is not entirely due to his own strength. Communities will naturally select push their most talented ones to the top to represent the times.

After Li Fan graduated high school, he only read “Zero to Hero” and Revenge novels. He hasn’t read much of the normal genres and his literary literacy is almost equal to none.

Lin Xiaotang on the other hand, has almost zero emotional experience, so it will be near impossible for her to write sweet love stories.

But, there are other genres she can try.

She hasn’t been a writer before and it’s not bad to experience it in this world.

So, what is she going to write?

After thinking for a while, Lin Xiaotang decided to write down her previous experiences and stories in “Escape Games”.

When writing, Lin Xiaotang will have to make some adaptations on account of the readers’ perception or experience making it harder for them to enjoy Lin Xiaotang’s novels if she does not accomodate them.

The original Lin Xiaotang has a work-study schedule and goes out to work a part-time job on Saturdays and Sundays, earning some money for living expenses and reducing the pressure on her parents.

Lin Xiaotang’s classes and studys required her to have a computer so she also saved up enough to buy one from the second-hand market.

This computer is convenient for Lin Xiaotang.

Using her memory, Lin Xiaotang found the laptop under her pillow and took it out.

She started a new document and began to type out the title.

“True Horror.”

Lin Xiaotang’s hands are very fast and she can provide a lot of plots and materials from her mind.

After thinking about the outline and following her own train of thought, she quickly finished the first chapter.

After simply editing 3,000 words and confirming that there were no typos or omissions, Lin Xiaotang registered her author account on Yunxiao Novel Network and uploaded her first chapter.

After that, seeing that it was very late, she hurriedly packed up and was ready to go to bed.

Although the energy in her body is enough for her to squander, her body is still that of an ordinary person and she will feel hungry and sleepy.

During this period, maybe because she didn’t reply and was afraid that she would really commit suicide, Li Fan sent her a few more messages.

The phone kept vibrating around her, buzzing like a fly.

Lin Xiaotang was so annoyed that she simply turned off the phone and threw it aside.


“Brother Fan, what’s wrong with you? Why have you been unhappy?”

On the other side, in a commercial street near the school, An Qing asked softly while looking at Li Fan who had a gloomy face.

Li Fan has been typing on his mobile phone and constantly sending messages.

Because his attention was all on his phone, Li Fan ignored her several times, or didn’t answer her.

Once or twice is fine, but he’s ignored her for a while now.. Even if An Qingyu has a good temperament, she can’t help but be a little concerned.

Li Fan frowned as he looked at Lin Xiaotang, who didn’t reply to his messages.

But after hearing An Qingyu’s words, he still smiled and explained, “It’s nothing, I’m just a little worried about Lin Xiaotang.”

“What are you worried about her doing?”

Hearing what he said, An Qingyu had a displeased look on her face, “Isn’t she related to you? If she pesters you again, we will go to the police.”

In her opinion, Li Fan was too kind to be entangled by a woman who worships money.

If An Qingyu hadn’t made a move, the woman might have made a fuss.

“However, Xiaotang’s parents are kind to me,” Li Fan sighed and said, “She told me just now that she was going to commit suicide and I am really afraid that she would do something stupid…”

“Your girlfriend is by your side, are you still thinking about other women?”

Hearing this, An Qingyu shook his arm unhappily: “I haven’t bought a handbag yet, you should accompany me.”

“Okay, let’s go buy a handbag,” Li Fan said helplessly, “It’s up to you, whatever you want to do, Brother Fan will accompany you.”

Seeing his always generous and decent girlfriend show the appearance of such a playful little woman, Li Fan felt both helpless and spoiled.

Sure enough, only a woman of noble birth, yet gentle and lovely like Qingyu, is the perfect candidate to be his wife and is worthy of him.

In fact, Li Fan isn’t toally indifferent to Lin Xiaotang.

Although Lin Xiaotang usually wore old-fashioned clothes and didn’t wear makeup, she looked quite unassuming.

Despite all that, she actually looked really pretty.

Even Li Fan, who was accustomed to seeing beautiful stars on the internet, was surprised when he saw Lin Xiaotang for the first time.

However, every time he saw Lin Xiaotang, Li Fan couldn’t help but think of Lin’s parents.

When he thought of Lin’s parents, he felt extremely disgusted in his heart.

Li Fan always felt that Lin’s parents provided him with education and food and clothing. But all that kindness was because they coveted Li Fan’s talent and future and wanted him to marry their daughter.

Otherwise, why would they have treated him well?

This kind of thing, for an upright man, is simply humiliating.

No matter what, Li Fan couldn’t accept such a shame!

As for Lin Xiaotang?

She is good-looking, but her personality is too withdrawn.

In Li Fan’s eyes, she was like a piece of wood, unable to say a few good words.

Lin Xiaotang was too shy to even hold hands or let him kiss her much less take him to bed..

He could see but couldn’t eat and there were other passionate and beautiful girls beside him. Gradually, Li Fan was too lazy to care about Lin Xiaotang.

Lin Xiaotang is just a woman, is she even worth remembering in the future?

Thinking like this, Li Fan wrapped his arms around An Qingyu and lowered his head to kiss her.

“Brother Fan…”

Seeing the gentle smile on Li Fan’s face, An Qingyu’s face flushed slightly.

She tilted her head, looked shy, and said in a thin voice: “Brother Fan, I-I don’t seem to have brought my dormitory key…”

Hearing what she said, Li Fan looked at her in surprise, with a very excited tone, “Really, baby, I really didn’t expect that I’ll buy everything you want later!”

“I don’t want you to buy it.”

Feeling her lover’s excitement, An Qingyu shyly buried her head in the other’s chest, her voice soft as water: “I only need you to be nice to me…”

An Qingyu couldn’t tell why she was willing to pay so much for Li Fan.

It was as if she could not help falling in love with Li Fan when she saw him for the first time.

She had never seen such a man, from the backcountry, with amazing talent.

Li Fan pursued her despite the difference in pedigree.

His love for her was something she had never seen in her old fiancé, Gu Jing.

This is the person she loves, and she is willing to give everything to him. 


At this moment, Li Fan, who was still immersed in the gentle village, did not notice the new book quietly released on Yunxiao Novel Online.

A group of readers who liked to read a little before bed were still on their phones with the Yunxiao app open.

Since the book “Breaking the World” by “My Life is Extraordinary” became popular, many titles following the trend have appeared on the Yunxiao website.

In just half a month, the atmosphere of Yunxiao Novel Online has undergone earth-shaking changes. At first glance, it is all about the comeuppance of trash characters..

Although it has been a while, those authors who follow the trend have not yet grasped the essence of the genre started by the author of “Fighting the World,” where the protagonist becomes stronger and knocks down the people who once looked down on him.

But these novels also make their many readers feel refreshed.

Those heavy and profound stories have been read a lot, and it is good to be able to read some simple, cool texts that do not require much thinking.

Life is already very hard and if they are allowed to read that literature, life is somewhat more bearable.

In order to encourage newcomers to publish books, Yunxiao Novel Online has a special new book list for newcomers who have just published their first book.

On weekdays, many readers will flip through this list, looking for new books worth reading.

At this moment, these readers were surprised to find that a very special book appeared at the top of the new book list—

“True Horror”.

After seeing these words, most readers are involuntarily attracted.

‘True horror?’

The title of this book is really weird.

It is neither the previous style of “Ten Stories to Tell Every Young Man”, nor the recently popular “Dou Po XX” style.

Is it possible that it is a horror type ghost story?

With much curiosity, they clicked in.

They quickly started reading the first chapter—

[You must not be afraid of the story I am about to tell you.

As ridiculous as it may seem, it is exactly what happened to me.

I was originally just an ordinary college student with mediocre grades and no specialties.

Because my family is poor, I have been looking for a suitable part-time job to make money to support my family.

One day, I received a mysterious letter, the envelope was covered with dark red blood, and inside the envelope, there was 10,000 RMB and a piece of paper.

On the paper, the sender told me that he had a job here, which was suitable for a young man like me and the ten thousand yuan was the deposit he gave me.

After repeatedly confirming that the 10,000 yuan was genuine, I immediately called the sender without hesitation and asked about the salary and what I needed to do.

“The salary is 100,000 yuan a month and what you have to do is very simple,” the other party said, “You just need to go to the place we designated during the day on the fifteenth of each month, and then stay there for the whole night, that’s all. “

After listening to him, I was very surprised.

‘You can get 100,000 yuan just by staying there for one night?’

“Other than that,” I asked, “what else do I need to do?”

The other party’s answer was very strange, “survive.”


“That’s right,” the other said. “As long as you live to the next morning, the money will be in your account.”

‘Just survive, what’s so hard about that?’

‘Even if you encounter a vicious murderer, why don’t you just hide and call the police?’

Without any hesitation, I immediately agreed and took over the job.

At that time, I was ecstatic and did not realize what was hidden meaning behind the word “survive”…]

The author of “True Horror” is called, “The Great Demon King.” He seems to be a new author. Even the book has only published one chapter.

Soon, they finished reading the short three thousand words.

‘The author’s narration is quite succinct, without the slightest sloppiness and he simply tells the experience of the protagonist on the first night.’

However, many were confused about what’s going on, the author’s writing is not particularly stunning, and the content of the article is not intentionally very shocking, but after reading this chapter, everyone felt a chill behind their backs.

In particular, this article is narrated in the first person perspective. 

Looking at it, the readers couldn’t help but bring it in, as if they were the protagonist in the text, and spent the night in panic and fear in the midst of anxiety.

———End of this chapter. 

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