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SEB Chapter 27


In the world of Cultivation (10)

In the days that followed, Lin Xiaotang returned to Chicheng and began to cultivate her own confidants.

Whether it was the palace maids or Duan Xiao who came with her, they were all ruthlessly tortured by Lin Xiaotang.

Lin Xiaotang was someone who had gone through the college entrance examination. She was tortured by exam-oriented education and she had her own experience in teaching.

She went to the mortal world to find several old scholars who were knowledgeable and well-behaved, and hired them as teachers to teach her people.

At the same time, she herself would give Duan Xiao and the others homework and examination papers according to the situation. She issued a small test every ten days and a harder exam once a month.

Every time the exam results come out, she would send the report card to everyone.

The one with the best grades will naturally be rewarded and the one with the worst grades will be punished by Lin Xiaotang.

But even so, in the face of such a ranking system, everyone’s enthusiasm was high.

After all, no one wanted to disappoint Lin Xiaotang, the future Demon King.

Besides, the rewards given by Lin Xiaotang can be said to be quite rich.

For the prize alone, they would work hard.

Under such high-pressure education, facing the large amount of homework issued by Lin Xiaotang.

 Duan Xiao: “…..”

He was out of his mind at first when he wanted to follow the demon king Lin Xiaotang to Chicheng, right?!

Speaking of which, when Lin Xiaotang went to the Mysterious Realm Of Xuanyue and set up trials, it was very suspicious.

Other people make trial places basically for the benefit of the next generation of immortal cultivators or to choose a suitable owner for their inheritance and treasures.

But Lin Xiaotang just wanted to intimidate those cultivators.

He didn’t know what was wrong but he completely ignored it and wanted to follow her to Chicheng.

Every time he thought of this, Duan Xiao felt extremely regretful.

Although Duan Xiao often slandered Lin Xiaotang in his heart, he had absolutely no desire of ​​escaping from Chicheng.

Lin Xiaotang saw his gloomy face before and asked him if he wanted to leave.

As a result, without saying a word, Duan Xiao stared at her as if his hair was blown up.

“Why don’t I want to leave?” he asked rhetorically, “If you didn’t take me so seriously, I would have left long ago!”

Lin Xiaotang: “…..”


Duan Xiao showed that he was learning very fast, so fast that he’d already comprehended the previous paragraph. Lin Xiaotong thought about it and decided to assign him an additional class. 

In the face of such a cruel workload, no one will have time to have any foul thoughts.

“How to complete Lin Xiaotang’s task” should be the most important thing in their minds.

On the other hand, many of the teachers invited by Lin Xiaotang know how to cultivate their thoughts and pay attention to the psychological problems of students.

When dealing with Duan Xiao, who was already a bit crooked, the teachers wouldn’t scold or accuse him. Instead, in their daily interactions, they encouraged him.

The gloomy boy gradually shed the hostility he once felt.

He began to no longer resist the closeness of the people around him and he also learned how to express his emotions awkwardly.

A few years later, after completing the individual homework assigned by Lin Xiaotang, Duan Xiao looked at the books he had read throughout the last few years and then looked at the thick stack of homework that Lin Xiaotang had placed in the corner of the study. He then made an extremely confused look on his face.

“Demon King, you are very strong, stronger than Duan Yan, so I want to ask you something.”

After a few breaths of silence, the boy lowered his eyes and asked in a low voice, “Did he do something wrong when he killed my mother and my mother’s family?”

Maybe it was because he had been too busy in the past few years, maybe because he had grown up gradually, in this case, Duan Xiao suddenly wanted to know the answer to this question.

In particular, he wanted to know what Lin Xiaotang would say.

Although Duan Xiao didn’t explicitly say who this “he” was, Lin Xiaotang quickly understood what he meant.

“The same thing, in the eyes of different people, is not the same.”

Faced with this question, Lin Xiaotang thought for a while and replied in this way: “He did nothing wrong and it is not easy for outsiders to judge him. After all, immortal cultivators would say that he did something wrong and the demon cultivator, including Duan Yan himself, felt that he had done nothing wrong.”

As she spoke, her tone suddenly changed: “However, Duan Xiao, no matter whether he is wrong or not in this matter, as a victim, you are not wrong.”

‘As a victim, I am right?’

Duan Xiao froze after he heard what Lin Xiaotang said to him.

After a while, he asked incredulously, “I am the victim? Why?”

“What else is there for this,” Lin Xiaotang replied in a natural tone. “Your father killed your mother. As a child, if you are not a victim, what else can you be?”

Duan Xiao opened his mouth, trying to refute something.

But in the end, he couldn’t say anything.

In Lin Xiaotang’s eyes, he was right?

So, he was also a victim?

He thought of how many times in the past years he had hated the blood that was flowing in him also belonged to Duan Yan.

He thought of those demon cultivators, saying that a despicable mortal woman actually gave birth to a descendant of the demon king and she deserved to be killed, so as to not tarnish the identity of the demon king.

He also thought of how in the past, every time he saw a demon cultivator torture mortals, he would feel a subtly happy in his heart.

Obviously he was born out of mortals, wasn’t he?

And what was he thinking then?

He was thinking that killing mortals as a demonic cultivator is an innate rule, a result of the strong eating the weak and an extremely correct behaviour.

Therefore, his mother should have died in Duan Yan’s hands.

…so, his mother’s death was not his fault.

When everyone around was saying that in this matter, he was the one who benefited the most, even Duan Xiao himself would subtly believe that he and Duan Ming caused the tragic death of his mother’s family.

After all, wasn’t it a great blessing to have a Demon King as a father?

No one ever told him that he was a victim too.

And as a victim in this matter, he was not wrong.

“I know.”

After a long time, Duan Xiao nodded with slightly red eyes.

He put the homework on Lin Xiaotang’s desk, took a few steps back and was about to leave.

However, before walking out of the study door, he turned his head and whispered, “Lin Xiaotang, thank you.”

In response, Lin Xiaotang shook her head and said lightly, “You don’t need to thank me.”

She just said a few words and told him the simplest truth.

When reviewing the plot given by the system, Lin Xiaotang vaguely noticed Duan Xiao’s problem.

He was able to continuously target Duan Ming and frame Duan Ming many times and it was probably because of this problem.

Looking at Duan Ming who has grown up loved by countless people, his feelings of jealousy and resentment will make Duan Xiao transfer the guilt he feels towards his mother to Duan Ming.

The mother’s family was killed by their brothers, but why was Duan Ming so indifferent?

Does he have no guilt at all? Has he completely forgotten their mother’s death?

Especially, beside Duan Xiao, there is Duan Yan, the culprit, who was constantly provoking them.

Duan Xiao will eventually reach that point and he will have a completely different end from Duan Ming, which was a reasonable result.

However, what Lin Xiaotang completely didn’t expect was that although Duan Xiao looked fierce, she didn’t expect him to be so fragile.

Those few words made him almost cry.

‘He’s still a teenager after all…’

Lin Xiaotang thought about it and a faint smile appeared on the corner of her mouth.

In fact, such a child was very likely to go on the wrong path because of the lack of love.

As long as someone show them a little kindness, those children will lose their bottom line and they will give everything for their benefactor.

Fortunately, at present, Duan Xiao has no such tendency.

It may also be because Lin Xiaotang, who showed kindness to him at the beginning, acted too monstrous, like turning him into a cat or something.

However, it’s better to offer counsel with these psychological problems sooner than later.

Next, it was time for her to go to the mortal world to find a teacher and teach him how to respect and love himself.

How to arrange homework and exams was also a problem.

Lin Xiaotang smiled and thought to herself.


After talking with Duan Xiao that day, Lin Xiaotang felt that the knot in his heart had been completely untied.

Her mission is almost over.

After that, time flew by and in a blink of an eye, another few years passed.

Without using much effort, Lin Xiaotang finally succeeded in becoming a Demon King.

This was not because she had survived the observation period of hundreds of years, but because the world of immortal cultivation had played too many little tricks in the past two years.

Just like what Bai’s father and Bai’s mother thought before, many people in the world of immortality think that Lin Xiaotang would be a problem.

Her promotion speed was very fast, to a shocking level!

Although her current character was very saintly, what if it was a disguise?

They dare not have too much hope for a demon cultivator!

“This person’s cultivation base is unfathomable and her practice is mysterious and treacherous. It is really unavoidable…”

“Because of her past experience, she is likely to hate the immortal world. When she becomes a demon king, it will definitely be a catastrophe for our immortal world.”

“We should prepare in advance, don’t let her grow up!”

Under the constant provocation of Bai’s father and mother, whether it was the Taiqing sect or several other sects, they all felt that it was necessary to delay the development of the Demon Realm.

At the same time, the situation inside the Demon Realm was not as stable as imagined.

The vacancy in the position of Demon King made many Demon Lords ambitious to become the Demon King and began to cause trouble to Chicheng, albeit intentionally or unintentionally.

Anyway, right now, the throne of the Demon King is empty, isn’t it?

They all have a chance to compete, why wait for that little yellow-haired girl to grow up?

People are forgetful, especially in recent years, Lin Xiaotang had always lived in a secluded place and made no particularly big movement.

Many people felt that after beheading the Demon King, she was seriously injured, so she had to retreat and practice.

Taking advantage of this opportunity for Lin Xiaotang to heal, they might as well grab the position of Demon King quickly!

At that time, those who were vigilant enough would not be killed by Lin Xiaotang by surprise, like the previous Demon King.

With this idea in mind, for a while, there were at least four or five demon lords in the demon world, all of which showed obvious intentions.

Fortunately, in the face of these situations, the solutions given by Lin Xiaotang are very useful.

Disobedient? Have the ambition to become the demon king?

Then let’s give them a good thrashing.

If one wasn’t enough, give a second thrashing.

Thrash a few times and they will always be obedient.

It has to be said that Lin Xiaotang’s rude treatment was especially suitable for demon cultivators.

After being beaten up one by one by her, even the demon lord who was arrogant and rebellious became obedient.

As for immoral cultivators, she couldn’t use violence to solve them. Otherwise, it will arouse their rebellion.

In that case…then just use sugar-coated cannonballs!

So, it didn’t take long for all kinds of “mysterious realms”, “trials” and “inheritances” to appear in the world of immortals.

They sprang up like bamboo shoots after a rain.

How many were these opportunities?

Even if it was just a street-sweeping servant, they may be accidentally involved while walking on the street.

What’s even more surprising was that these opportunities all have the same name – horror escape game trial.

“This may be an ancient immortal who loves to scare people, give us the chance to be his descendants.”

In this regard, some cultivators guessed like this.

“Even the character of this ‘terrifying’ senior is too bad…”

Some timid immortal cultivators could hardly laugh or cry.

However, although they said so, in the face of these opportunities, even the timid immortal cultivator would not refuse them.

In other words, they actually want to refuse, but the rewards are too great…

Besides, even if it’s scary, so what?

This is the seniors tempering their state of mind! It’s exercising their willpower!

As seekers, how can they easily back down?!

Under such a mode of thinking, many immortal cultivators are rushing to it.

After they came out, most of the immortal cultivators turned pale, their legs trembled and they couldn’t breathe.

Even if you get the treasure, you have to rest for a few days to recover.

At this time, if someone came to provoke them and let them target the demon world, they would be too lazy to go!

Was it not good to practise hard and gradually become stronger? Who would be stupid enough to sacrifice themself on the battlefield?

As a result, even if the high-level immortal cultivators wanted to attack the demon world, without the support of the grassroots immortal cultivators and the cannon fodder, they could not move at all.

Moreover, the resource conflict within the Immortal Cultivation World had always existed.

Even if they were determined to reform, how can the inequality between classes be eliminated so easily?

After a lot of opportunities appeared, many disciples from the outer door who were originally mediocre in qualifications, or who were suppressed by the inner door, obtained high-quality exercises and treasures by virtue of their strong willpower and wisdom.

The faster they improve their cultivation, the greater the threat to inner disciples.

In this case, let alone in the world of immortals, it was a question of whether the infighting in the various sects can be resolved.

The sugar-coated cannonballs were good, but they required a lot of resources.

Once the resources weren’t enough, gradually, no one will be willing to enter those mysterious realms and trials.

Such a huge expense was not something that ordinary people could afford.

Even the treasure left behind by the previous Demon Lord Chicheng was not enough for Lin Xiaotang to spend freely.

– Then, who will provide the treasures in these mysterious realms?

After thinking for a moment, Lin Xiaotang decided to introduce a game called ” Pick 5 and Pick 2″ to the immortal world.

The general content of this game is to ask participants to choose 5 numbers from 1 to 35 and then choose 2 numbers from 1 to 12.

These numbers are added together to form 7 numbers in a fixed order.

The time for the lottery draw was set at noon every day. At that time, the organizer of this event will announce the correct number for all the cultivators who participate in the gameplay to compare.

As long as there are 4 numbers that match, you can get 10 inferior spirit stones; if you can match 5 numbers, you will be rewarded 100 inferior spirit stones.

And so on, the rewards keep increasing.

And if all 7 numbers are matched, the winner will get 5 million high-quality spiritual stones, a tailor-made high-quality cultivation method and the guidance of three tribulation-transcending experts.

The most important thing is that if they want to participate in this game, they only need 1 inferior spirit stone.

Once you win the prize, you won’t have to worry about it all your life!

After this gameplay was introduced, in the face of this huge reward, for a while, the entire world of immortal cultivation became a sensation.

“Isn’t it? Is there really such an activity? Didn’t you lie to me?”

“Are you sure you won’t cheat? Are the numbers you announced really random?”

“How are we going to claim the prize? With that ticket? What if it’s stolen?”

“Do you have activities every day? Can one person buy several tickets?”

“Can I buy the same number of tickets as others? What if I win the lottery?”

After learning about the situation of the event, many people swarmed up and questioned the organizers.

It was the first time they had seen this kind of activity and many aspects were unclear.

“Please rest assured, we will not cheat!”

In the face of these immortal cultivators who kept asking questions, the organizer’s tone was very gentle: “Our organizer is strong and kind. She arranged this event to give a chance to those who are destined with good fortune.”

“This is really a lucky draw and there will be no fraud! If you don’t believe it, we can make an oath here!” They all declared.

Afterwards, these organizers also answered questions to those cultivators in a very good manner.

For example, “one person can buy countless tickets”, such as “only recognize the ticket, not the person, you must carefully hide the ticket when you buy it and it is best not to be too arrogant if you win the lottery”, such as “a ticket for a prize. There will be an equalisation situation, and the numbers will be the same.”

Under the oath from the organizer and others, they were resolute in making the event fair and equal.

After they understood the specific content of this event, the last trace of doubt in their hearts completely dissipated.

That’s right. One ticket’s price is just one inferior spiritual stone.

People who can have three cultivators in the robbery period will care about this little money?

Moreover, opportunities that can only be obtained by luck are much better than those that require strength and hardships to be rewarded.

The almighty who set up this event was really selfless and kind!

Without any hesitation, the immortal cultivators quickly threw out the spirit stones and began to buy tickets.

Some well-informed wealthy businessmen in the mortal world joined their ranks after learning about this event.

Some irrational people even spent several low-grade spiritual stones every day to buy tickets and then sit at home and wait for the prize to be won.

The only good thing was that before the organizer of the tribulation-transcending period, no one dared to cheat and forge digital tickets to cheat money.

However, even if someone would be so bold, Lin Xiaotang was not afraid.

The marks on the digital tickets were all made by her with her own unique energy and it was impossible for anyone to forge them.

That’s it, one day, two days, three days…

As time passed, more and more lucky winners appeared.

Many of these people were their friends, or they themselves.

It wasn’t surprising that more people can hit 4 numbers.

And those cultivators who were lucky and won 5 or 6 numbers were all sought after and envied by those around them.

The cultivators who tasted the little sweetness became more and more active.

Maybe one day, they will be the destined people who can hit 7 numbers.

Looking at these spirit stones that were being sent continuously, Lin Xiaotang used them to purchase magic weapons and put them into the various trials and secret realms she made.

Wool grows on sheep, isn’t it normal?

As for whether there were immortal cultivators who were lucky enough to hit 7 numbers, Lin Xiaotang was not worried.

In her past, during the modern time, there were billions of people around the world.

But among these people, there were only a few who actually won the grand prize in lotteries.

And how many people are there in this world?

The nickname “IQ tax” is not for nothing.

Even if someone did win, she can afford it.

By the way, the event of a winner can also be used to motivate others to continue to buy tickets.

An imminent war between the two worlds, just like this, was easily resolved by Lin Xiaotang.

She didn’t even have to spend much money to generate income.

Moreover, just looking at the enthusiasm of those cultivators to buy digital tickets, when they react… It is estimated that it will be more than ten years later.

In the face of such great achievements, what else can those demon cultivators say?

“As expected of someone who can kill the demon king Duan Yan,” an old demon who had lived for two thousand years sighed, “Her heart is really dirty.”

“How? Do you want her to succeed as the next Demon King?” asked another demon cultivator.

“She should,” someone replied, “there is not a more suitable candidate besides her.”

“I agree too.”

“I do as well.”

As a result, it didn’t take long before they started urging Lin Xiaotang to take the position.

In this regard, Lin Xiaotang naturally would not refuse.

She worked so hard to do so wasn’t it natural for her to ascend to become the Demon King?

However, on the day she ascended the throne of the Demon Lord, Lin Xiaotang vaguely felt that she might be leaving soon.

It’s not because of anything else, but the fear energy that her body can withstand is reaching its limit again.

Although the root bones of immortals were much stronger than ordinary mortals, they can hold more energy.

But she has too much energy.

Lin Xiaotang sometimes felt that this place was indeed too suitable for her.

Because this world is an extremely strong world.

Here, everyone values ​​cultivation more than any moral and talent status.

As long as you are strong enough, you can become famous and have a very large influence.

In modern society, she can only gradually gain enough fear by working hard to continuously improve her popularity, spending a lot of time and energy on filming and completing works.

And in this world, as long as she does a relatively sensational thing and shows her powerful strength, countless people will pay attention to her, fear her and continue to provide her with energy.

At the beginning, she just killed a demon lord, which could cause a sensation in the demon world and the immortal world.

Later, she killed the Demon King and this time, even the mortal world completely spread her story.

Compared to becoming an international superstar, fighting was actually easier. Lin Xiaotang thought to herself.

It’s just that, for some unknown reason, after chasing strength for so long, she suddenly felt a little tired.

It may be that she had gained enough power, or it may be that she also realised that it was really boring to go on like this all the time.

Maybe it’s time for her to pause and experience other aspects of life more.


After confirming the day she will leave, Lin Xiaotang thought about it and went to Duan Xiao.

After all, this was her mission target and the main reason she came to this world.

After she became the Demon King, Duan Xiao had been by her side, learning all kinds of things and helping her deal with quite a lot of affairs.

To put it an inappropriate analogy, he was like a baby raised by her.

Now that she is leaving, it would be better to say goodbye to him.

When Lin Xiaotang found him, he was looking through the secret letters handed over by the demon lords in the study.

The light of the candle light reflected on his face, dyeing him a warm halo, which looked extra soft from a distance.

Seeing her coming, Duan Xiao’s expression didn’t change much, but his eyes brightened.

He put down the secret letter in his hand and stood up from his seat: “Demon King, you are here.”

“Well,” Lin Xiaotang nodded and said, “Duan Xiao, I’m leaving.”

Without much concealment, she directly stated her intentions.

“You’re leaving?”

Hearing this sentence, Duan Xiao was stunned for a moment.

He looked at Lin Xiaotang’s calm face and suddenly realised that the “leave” that Lin Xiaotang said might not be the simple leaving he understood.

But where can she go?

After thinking for a while, Duan Xiao asked tentatively, “Demon King, are you going to cross the Ascension Tribulation?”

“Crossing the Ascension Tribulation? Almost.”

Seeing Duan Xiao ask this, Lin Xiaotang hesitated for a while, but still admitted it.

In the previous world, she had no other choice but to design a car accident and let herself “die” there.

However, such a way of leaving will definitely make those who love her sad.

This time, she won’t do it in such a sad way.

Anyway, her energy was almost full, leaving this world, it was not impossible to use the way of transcending tribulation, at any rate, it could give them hope.

“Do you have anything to tell me? Or, is there anything else you want?” Looking at the young man in front of him, Lin Xiaotang asked softly.

If he still had any wishes, then she will take advantage of the remaining time to solve it for him.

In this way, it can be regarded as a good start and a good end.

“Wish? I have no more wishes.”

Unexpectedly, facing the kindness of the Demon King, Duan Xiao naturally shook his head and refused.

He just raised his head, smiled at Lin Xiaotang, and said, “However, I do have something to say to the demon king.”

Under the bright yellow light, the handsome boy’s brows and eyes stretched, revealing the vigor that was unique to young people.

In his beautiful peach blossom eyes, there was no gloom and deepness in the past, instead, they were clean and shockingly clear.

“Demon King, when you succeed in your ascension, you must wait for me there.” He said with a smile.

Want me to wait for him up there?

Lin Xiaotang blinked, smiled at him and said, “Okay.”

The next day, the Demon King Lin Xiaotang survived nine thunder tribulations and successfully ascended to immortality.

As soon as the news came out, it shocked the Three Realms.

At that time, in the Taiqing Sect, most of the cultivators were still discussing the issue of digital tickets.

Some people thought that this was a shocking scam and no one can really hit 7 numbers but some people think that their fate is not enough to be a “destined person”.

The moment they heard the news, many people in the Taiqing Sect fell silent.


In their sect, it seems that no one has succeeded in ascension for a full three hundred years.

It can even be said that there were quite a number of elders who have given up continuing to practice because they have no hope of promotion and devote themselves to various affairs and power struggles.

After all, cultivation is too hard, it is better to enjoy the remaining thousands of years of life.

Now, after recalling Lin Xiaotang’s various performances in the past, they were all confused.

Speaking of which, as a Demon King, Lin Xiaotang seemed to have never shown any clear malice towards immortal cultivators and seldom caused major incidents.

Even the group of demon cultivators under her were disciplined properly by her.

Most of the time, she was in the main city of the demon world, in silent retreat and practising.

On the contrary, many cultivators themselves would issue some “Lin Xiaotang threat theory” from time to time to encourage others to attack her.

It turns out that this is the person who is really practising assiduously?

Was this what they should emulate?

They gave up their penance and instead pinned their hopes on these illusory things… Was it really the right thing to do?

Gradually, many people began to reflect on themselves.

On the other side, Elder Bai, who had actively expressed his desire to fight against Lin Xiaotang, turned pale after hearing the news of Lin Xiaotang’s ascension.

He looked at the digital ticket he just bought in the palm of his hand. For some reason, his heart was suddenly very empty.


[Great host, your mission level this time is S-rank!】

After returning to the lord god’s space of the system, Lin Xiaotang heard the excited voice of the villain’s rescue system.

She looked up and saw the light ball of the system constantly revolving around her: [This is the first time I have met a host who can get to S-rank! My God, Xiaotang, you are really amazing! 】

The most important thing was that Lin Xiaotang completed the task so fast!

In fact, before the judgement results came out, the system was not very optimistic about Lin Xiaotang.

According to the system, Lin Xiaotang should have found Duan Xiao who had sneaked out near the Demon Mist Abyss at first and then gained his trust.

After that, the two returned to the Immortal Cultivation World to find a place to practice silently and improve their strength.

During this period, when Duan Xiao saw Duan Ming, he naturally wanted to make a fuss.

However, Lin Xiaotang can impress Duan Xiao with her selfless love.

Wasn’t it wonderful to let Duan Xiao put down his hatred, shake hands with Duan Ming and become brothers again?

In the end, Lin Xiaotang, Duan Xiao, Duan Ming and Song Mingyue, who had gone through all kinds of hardships, could form a team of four to kill the Demon King Duan Yan together.

As soon as the Demon King Duan Yan died, the story naturally ushered in the finale and Lin Xiaotang was considered to have completed the task.

This was the step conceived in the mind of the villain’s rescue system and it was also the route that most hosts will choose.

In the end, who would have thought that Lin Xiaotang would go up and kill Duan Yan directly?!

Who would have thought that Lin Xiaotang would turn into a Demon King and become the biggest enemy of the immortal world?!

Not to mention the relationship with the original male and female protagonist, Duan Xiao never met Duan Ming until Lin Xiaotang left that world.

There didn’t seem to be any emotional connection between her and Duan Xiao and the system was worrying to death.

Don’t they all say that love is the best thing to influence the villain?

Without this, can Lin Xiaotang really accomplish the task?

Fortunately, what can redeem people is not only love, but also fists.

Lin Xiaotang’s approach was quite effective.

After changing Duan Xiao’s future perfectly, the Lord God Space gave her the highest rating.

Looking at the newly released S score, the system was so excited that it quickly asked: [Host, in the next world, where do you want to go to? Take your pick!】

“You’re letting me choose?” Lin Xiaotang was stunned for a moment.

She thought about it and said, “Is there a peaceful world? I want to relax.”

【You want to relax? Okay!】

—–End of this chapter 

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