SEB Chapter 22


In The World Of Cultivation (5)

At this moment, the elder of the Taiqing Sect and the other disciples looked particularly bad.

They never expected that soon after entering the mysterious realm of Xuanyue, Bai Lian’er disappeared!

The Xuanyue Mystery Realm was originally a place where the major sects used to train their disciples with lower cultivation bases.

It is located at the foot of Xuanyue Mountain, close to the mortal realm. Outside is an ordinary forest with lush vegetation and mist. It does not show mountains and dew on weekdays. Every year, only in May the entrance to the secret realm will be opened randomly for one day.

The danger inside the secret realm is not high. Most of the monsters are only at the foundation-building stage. In addition, there is a Jindan stage elder leading the team. It can be said that as long as there are no accidents, there will be basically no casualties here.

But the premise of all this is that the disciples of Taiqingzong must gather together.

If you are alone, no one can save you.

After discovering that Bai Lian’er was gone, both the elders and the other disciples of the Taiqing Sect’s face turned black.

Especially the elder, who was bribed by Bai Lian’er’s parents and promised to take good care of her.

Who would have guessed that she was so courageous and ran away alone!

“Elder, should we continue to go inside or go to find Senior Sister Bai?”

As time passed, a disciple asked hesitantly.

In order to figure out Bai Lian’er’s whereabouts, their group has been standing at the entrance of the secret realm for two hours.

The disciples with a low cultivation base did not dare to walk around casually and the elders could not directly leave them behind.

Being able to enter the secret realm is the result of their hard work.

Even if this opportunity is for Bai Lian’er, but what about them?

The more time wasted on Bai Lian’er, the less they will gain in the future.

Even the best-tempered immortal cultivator could not help but feel a little bit of resentment in his heart.

“Wait a minute, she is your classmate after all,” the elder stroked his beard and said in a deep voice, “In half an hour, if there is no news from her, we will set off.”

Looking at the expressions of the other disciples, the elder did not know what they were thinking.

To be honest, even he became very impatient.

After so many years, this is the first time he has encountered such a restless person!

After sending a few telegrams to the guards guarding the entrance to the secret realm and asking them to contact Bai’s father and mother to find someone, the elder was ready to go.

Anyway, looking at Bai Lian’er’s life card, she is still very safe and has not suffered any injuries.

Even if something happens, it’s good for her to let her learn a lesson.

With this in mind, the elder was ready to leave with the disciples.

However, at this moment, a disciple beside him suddenly exclaimed—

“Look, elder! What is that?”

Immediately afterwards, the other disciples also showed their astonishment: “Why is there a white light there?”

White light?

The elders of Taiqingzong frowned and followed their line of sight.

I saw a few white light spots appear in the forest not far from them.

Around that bush, the white lights kept flashing, jumping, looked  agile and lively, which made it look quite attractive.

Compared with the disciples present, the experience of the elder is relatively rich.

But even so, he had never seen such a peculiar sight in the past few hundred years of his life.

What is this?

Could it be an undiscovered chance in the mysterious realm of Xuanyue?

The elder with a keen sense of smell made a decisive decision and casted a few spells to determine whether the white lights were traps or not.

After confirming that the white light was not dangerous, the elder led the other disciples and walked over vigilantly.

And at the moment when their bodies touched those white lights, a very strange and flat female voice sounded in everyone’s ears—

“Welcome to the Horror Game Escape Trial.”


At the same time, the people from other ten sects found those white lights one after another.

Some people are suspicious and dare not approach these light spots of unknown origin.

But there are also many people with extraordinary courage, while thinking that this is a unique opportunity and stepped in alone.

In the world of cultivating immortals, wealth and honor have always been sought in danger and cultivators who do not have enough courage can only be left alone.

And on a mountain in the depths of Xuanyue Secret Realm, there was a beautiful girl dressed in white.

She was holding a cat in her hand and behind her stood more than a dozen demon cultivators.

Obviously they all looked fierce but when they looked at the girl’s back, all the demon cultivators had expressions of incomparable fear on their faces.

“Report to Lord Demon Lord, all 200 teleportation points have been distributed.”

Among them, the leading demon cultivator said respectfully.

After hearing his words, Lin Xiaotang nodded and said lightly, “Got it.”

The work of these demon cultivators is still good and at least half of the teleportation points she prepared have been activated.

Lin Xiaotang’s mood became extremely happy when she thought that two hundred immortal cultivators would enter her horror game escape trial to provide her with energy.

Yes, after learning that there will be many high-quality immortal cultivators participating in the Xuanyue Secret Realm, she began to plan all this.

This batch of leeks is not cut in vain.

Imitating the inheritance mentioned in the plot, Lin Xiaotang used her own abilities to set up a very large trial field and also set up several levels to let this group of disciples break through.

I believe that these lovely cultivators will be able to provide her with considerable energy soon.

Out of conscience, as long as there are cultivators who can successfully pass her trials, Lin Xiaotang will give them rewards.

Otherwise, it would be too tragic to be frightened for no reason.

Of course, if they can’t pass the level, there will be no rewards.

This is the cruel world of cultivation.

As for the rewards for customs clearance, they basically come from the legacy left by the previous Demon Lord of Chicheng.

Anyway, she wouldn’t use those things and she wouldn’t be able to take them with her in the future, so she might as well use them to benefit herself.

“Demon Lord, do we need to do something else?”

Seeing that Lin Xiaotang hadn’t issued the next order for a while, a demon cultivator couldn’t help asking.

Lin Xiaotang shook her head and said, “No need, just wait.”

Just wait??

The group of demon cultivators looked at each other.

At the beginning, these demon cultivators were selected by Lin Xiaotang’s palace maids and they were very excited when they heard that they were going to enter the mysterious realm of Xuanyue with the new demon lord.

But they didn’t know that they were just going there only for doing errands and thought that Lin Xiaotang was going to let them do big things.

What good things can a demon cultivator do in the cultivation world?

They can guess immediately that the Demon Lord is definitely going to kill the Quartet in the cultivation world!

To this end, they were gearing up and each was ready for the upcoming battle to the end.

In the end, they didn’t expect that after Lin Xiaotang brought them in, she only asked them to send out those white light spots.

Faced with this situation, the demon cultivators were a little confused.

It wasn’t that no one thought about asking Lin Xiaotang but when he saw the smiling face on Lin Xiaotang’s face, he felt a little hairy for some reason.

Even the black cat in her arms flinched.

…To have such a deterrent power, what the Demon Lord planned must be quite bloody and cruel.

For a time, those demon cultivators actually sympathized with the cultivators in the secret realm.

Lin Xiaotang didn’t know what they were thinking.

If she knew, she might still be very confused. After all, trials or something, isn’t this a great opportunity for those immortal cultivators?

Moreover, she saw that the cultivators who entered the teleportation point were all very happy.

There were many people in there who showed pleasant smiles after hearing the phrase “Horror Game Escape Trial”.

For the next time, Lin Xiaotang stood there quietly, waiting for the lucky ones to enter the remaining teleportation points.

And when all the two hundred teleportation points were triggered, she was ready to leave.

Before leaving, she looked at Duan Xiao who was restless in her arms, thought about it and took him with her.

Just looking at the black cat’s big eyes, if he were to stay here, he would definitely find a way to escape.


On the other side, after entering the legendary “Horror Game Escape Trial”, Bai Lian’er opened her eyes and found herself in another place.

By her side were no longer the green mountains and lakes of Xuanyue Secret Realm but an extremely desolate small village.

The village looks quite desolate, many houses are dark gray and there are broken eaves and broken walls everywhere.

Outside the village are overlapping mountains, dense forests and black tree shadows covering the entire mountain.

Under the gloomy weather, the village was so quiet that there were no birds chirping, revealing a hint of gloom that could not be explained.

From a distance, the sparse houses seemed to be shrouded in a black fog.

Seeing such a scene and feeling the lifeless atmosphere around her, Bai Lian’er’s heart was slightly startled.

But soon, she realized that she should have entered an illusion.

Generally, when the great one leaves the inheritance, he will set up several levels outside the inheritance to test those who are destined.

Illusions or something else are one of the more common types of assessments.

Under normal circumstances, the scenes in the fantasy world are all to test the people who are destined.

If the immortal cultivator is not good enough, it is easy to be fascinated by the illusion and eventually lead to his elimination.

No matter what, she has to be flawless!

Looking at the village in front, Bai Lian’er suppressed her excitement and silently made a decision.

Without a moment’s hesitation, she opened her legs and walked directly towards the desolate village in front of her.

And at this moment, there was a burst of children singing from her behind. 

The children sang a strange nursery rhyme in unison and the tones were surprisingly calm, as if they were reciting word by word without the slightest ups and downs.

Their voices appeared in the dead and lonely village, which sounded very clear and there was a hint of serenity.

And at the end of the singing, the singing of those children suddenly stopped and said—

“Sister, don’t turn around.”

                (End of this chapter)

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