SEB Chapter 21


In The world Of Cultivation (4)

Looking at the girl in front of him and his furry paws, Duan Xiao only felt that the string called “rationality” in his head was completely broken.

He glared angrily at Lin Xiaotang and a series of curses came out of his mouth: “Meow meow! Meow meow!”

Lin Xiaotang listened to the cat in her arms constantly meowing and knew in her heart that he was definitely cursing her, but she didn’t care at all.

She spent a lot of money to buy the spell that could turn a cultivator into an animal and turned Duan Xiao into an ordinary cat, just so that she could control him around her and not do bad things in the realm of cultivation.

As for Duan Xiao himself, is he willing?

– What does it have to do with her.

She is stronger than him, so she has the final say.

After carrying the struggling black cat, Lin Xiaotang turned around and left without hesitation.

During this period, Duan Xiao wanted to find an opportunity to escape countless times, but after becoming an ordinary cat, he lost his cultivation, which made his little actions really obvious in the eyes of cultivators.

After a while, Duan Xiao’s oily and slippery fur was messed up by himself.

If he made a fuss, Lin Xiaotang would knock him on the head or spank him.

Duan Xiao: “….”

He endures, he endures!

Duan Xiao, who was aware of current affairs, quickly stopped.

He shrank in Lin Xiaotang’s arms, revealing only a black head, with a pair of golden cat eyes constantly observing the surrounding environment.

When he saw that Lin Xiaotang went to Chicheng city and entered the palace of the city lord and was called “demon lord” by a group of palace maids, he realized that this woman was actually the legendary new demon lord of Chicheng!

He had heard a lot of rumors about her from those demon cultivators before, but he didn’t expect to bump into her hands now.

“Demon Lord, is this the cat you want to raise? It’s so cute.”

When the maids saw Duan Xiao held by Lin Xiaotang, they all showed their favorite expressions.

This small animal has always been the easiest to attract women.

Lin Xiaotang gave an “um” and said, “In the future, you can help me to watch it. It has a wild temperament and loves to run.”

After listening to her words, the palace maids responded again respectfully. 

On the other hand, Duan Xiao seemed very dissatisfied with this sentence and made a “meow” several times in one breath.

Lin Xiaotang didn’t know what Duan Xiao was thinking, after all she couldn’t see his expression through a furry cat face but she didn’t want to know either.

After patting him on the head and telling him to stop meowing, Lin Xiaotang threw Duan Xiao directly to Lin Chunxia and Lin Qiudong and asked them to give him a bath, wipe him clean and then bring him over.

Lin Chunxia and Lin Qiudong took the cat and obeyed Lin Xiaotang’s words.

However before leaving, Lin Chun Xia turned over the cat’s belly and asked casually, “Demon Lord, how old is this male cat, does it need to be castrated?”

When Lin Chunxia was still living in the mortal world, she heard that many big families who kept cats and dogs would castrate their male cats and dogs.

Not only pet cats and dogs but also pigs, chickens and cows, when they grow up to a certain extent, their owners will also castrate them.

Now that Lin Xiaotang wanted to raise a male cat, she asked casually.

Unexpectedly, before Lin Xiaotang spoke, the black cat in her arms let out a shrill cry.

Duan Xiao: “Meow meow meow meow!!”

That rumor is actually true, this terrifying Demon Lord Chicheng has an extraordinary interest in castration because she hates men!

She doesn’t even spare a cat!

To be honest, Lin Xiaotang was also frightened by Lin Chunxia’s question.

Fortunately, she wasn’t that devilish either. Seeing Duan Xiao’s reaction was so intense, she replied, “No, just keep him like this.”

If the target of the task is turned into a eunuch, she is afraid that her task will never be completed in her life.

Lin Chun Xia listened to her words, responded respectfully and took the cat to take a bath.

Lin Qiudong stayed behind and told Lin Xiaotang the news she received recently—

The mysterious realm of Xuanyue is about to open.

The Xuanyue Secret Realm is opened once a year and the level of danger inside is relatively high. Usually, elders of the major sects lead a group of outstanding inner disciples below the Jindan stage to enter the Xuanyue Secret Realm to explore.

And like Taoist cultivators, demon cultivators also need to enter the secret realm in order to compete for opportunities and resources.

Lin Qiudong told Lin Xiaotang about this, just to ask her if she would lead a group of demon cultivators into the mysterious realm of Xuanyue. As the Demon Lord of Chicheng, who was the closest to the Demon Mist Abyss and the Cultivation Realm.

Xuanyue Secret Realm?

Lin Xiaotang was slightly taken aback when she heard this.

If she remembered correctly, the original owner had already obtained the quota to enter the Xuanyue Secret Realm before being pushed into the abyss by Bai Lian’er.

It’s a pity that something happened before the secret realm opened.

However, if she remembers correctly, it seems that there are as many as 200 immortal cultivators entering the Xuanyue Secret Realm every time?

Two hundred… This is quite an attractive number for her.

“Let’s go too.”

After thinking for a while, Lin Xiaotang instructed: “Choose twenty trustworthy demon cultivators from the Chicheng city and instruct them to accompany me to the mysterious realm of Xuanyue in three days.”


On the other side, in the Taiqing Sect, Bai Lian’er’s face was pale.

She really didn’t expect that Lin Xiaotang didn’t die after being pushed into the abyss by her!

A few days ago, when rumors about the new Demon Lord of Checheng in the Demon Realm came, she didn’t take it seriously.

In her last life, even if two hundred years have passed, the Demon Lord of Chicheng has not changed.

Later, when the both sides were fighting, she was hiding behind the battlefield and saw the infamous Demon Lord Chicheng from a distance.

As a result, when the rumors became more and more intense and even after her father told her that the news was true, Bai Lian’er was completely dumbfounded.

How could it be? How can it be different from her memory?

What Bai Lian’er cares most about now is her ability to predict.

Once something different from the previous life appeared, she felt extremely frightened and her heart almost jumped out of her throat.

In order to find out what happened, she intentionally contacted those well-informed colleagues and spent a lot of spirit stones to buy the information of the new demon master of Chicheng.

And after Bai Lian’er found a female cultivator who was said to have escaped from Chicheng and had seen the new demon master with her own eyes, through her description, Bai Lian’er finally knew what the new demon master of Chicheng looked like—

A teenage girl, with a withdrawn temperament who says a few words and has a pair of beautiful phoenix eyes and wears the clothes of an inner disciple of the Taiqing Sect.

…Wait, doesn’t this look like Lin Xiaotang?

After repeatedly confirming the appearance of the new Demon Lord, Bai Lian’er only felt a blackness in front of her eyes and a crack appeared in her originally strong Dao Heart.

How could this be? Why is this happening?

She never expected that Lin Xiaotang, who should have died early, survived because of her actions and even became the Demon Lord of Chicheng!

God, how unfair you are!

Bai Lian’er supported her crumbling body with a forced smile and sent the female cultivator away.

After returning, she smashed the contents of her cave into a pulp.

When she thought that she had offended a demon lord, she felt extremely depressed and even felt a little more resentment and grievance against Lin Xiaotang.

Why did she have to live, why didn’t she die there?

It was not easy for her to come back to life again and as a result, these people would bully her.

She only wants the love of Senior Brother Duan Ming, why are they targeting her?

Thinking back to what she had just seen in the main hall, the back that belonged to Senior Brother Duan Ming, Bai Lian’er’s emotions were extremely complicated and unbearable.

For him, she even offended the Demon Lord but she didn’t know if Senior Brother Duan Ming could see her affection.

No, she finally came back to life, how could she be defeated because of this incident!

She had to find a way, at least, she had to get the great power inheritance in Xuanyue Secret Realm.

Silently swallowing her own girlish sorrow, Bai Lian’er began to make plans in her heart.

In the next few days, she tried every means to ask her parents for a high-level magic weapon.


Three days passed in a blink of an eye.

Soon, under the leadership of the elders, Bai Lian’er and the remaining nineteen fellows went to the entrance of Xuanyue Secret Realm.

This time, there were ten other sects who came with Taiqingzong sect.

Among the largest sects are Taishang Jianzong and Xianmiaogu. Together with Taiqingzong, they are known as the three mainstays of the cultivation world and there are eight smaller sects.

Bai Lian’er is indifferent to these sects. Whether she can obtain the inheritance in the Xuanyue Secret Realm is what she cares most about.

After casually swiping at the other people, Bai Lian’er raised her habitual gentle smile on her face and said softly to her classmates around her: “I’ll be in the secret realm later, if there is anything you don’t understand, you can ask. I, Lian’er, will definitely answer the questions for the younger brothers and sisters.”

In her last life, she was isolated and helpless in the sect and no one believed her because she did not know how to be a human being like Song Mingyue and did not know how to show favor to this group of people.

In this life, she must get in touch with human relations early and catch Song Mingyue by surprise.

“Okay, thank you, Senior Sister Bai.”

After listening to Bai Lian’er’s words, the inner disciples looked at each other in dismay.

Bai Lian’er, who didn’t know that she was promoted to the Foundation Establishment stage by relying on medicinal pills.

Even the fact that she was able to come to the mysterious realm of Xuanyue this time was due to her parental relationship, replacing the deceased Junior Sister Lin Xiaotang.

If they don’t understand what it means, ask her… Who does she think she is?

Some inner disciples even couldn’t help but show contempt.

As sect disciples, they need to complete certain sect tasks every year, only Bai Lian’er never does these chores because of the protection of her parents.

That’s fine but for some unknown reason, Senior Sister Bai has suddenly become very warm-hearted recently and has offered to help them complete their tasks.

The result can be imagined, how could a person  like Bai Lian’er, who has never worked, suddenly become enlightened in the blink of an eye?

Her kindness not only doesn’t help them but also often causes them a lot of trouble.

Sometimes, when the trouble is big, this Senior Sister Bai will cry.

As soon as she cried, coupled with the partiality of her parents, the final punishment of course, fell on the other disciples . 

What’s even more terrifying is that after a long time, Bai Lian’er actually regarded herself as their benefactor, thinking that they should be grateful to her.

Some inner sect disciples felt disgusted when they thought of this.

Bai Lian’er didn’t know what these inner disciples were thinking.

In her heart, she thought that she still had the golden core cultivation of her previous life and did not take this group of foundation-building disciples seriously.

Besides, the number of secret realms she entered in her previous life is unknown.

If it weren’t for the inheritance of the great power inside, she would look down on a mysterious realm.

After finishing the beautiful scene, Bai Lian’er ignored the people around her.

When she entered the secret realm, she used a concealment talisman and slipped away from the elder.

If she remembered correctly, Song Mingyue had to separate from her sect after encountering the beast tide.

After that, Song Mingyue walked all the way to the south and accidentally discovered the place of inheritance.

This time, Taiqingzong’s group did not encounter the beast tide and Bai Lian’er could only find a way by herself.

After getting rid of the group of people behind her, Bai Lian’er didn’t hesitate and hurriedly walked to the south.

Song Mingyue’s inheritance opportunity will be hers!

However, the inheritance of the ancient powers is not as easy to find as Bai Lian’er imagined.

And her strength is much weaker than she expected.

Not long after leaving the elders, Bai Lian’er was attacked by monsters several times in a row.

She wanted to find a route with less monsters but was almost attacked by the poison ivy next to her.

She entered the secret realm in her last life, which was was not accompanied by her parents and guards.

It’s not so much as wandering in a game.

But now she has suffered very much, her clothes became a lot dirty and she looks quite embarrassed.

What’s even more embarrassing is that after spending most of the day, Bai Lian’er found nothing.

After feeling that her body was a little tired, Bai Lian’er felt anxious and angry.

She walked to a nearby water source, ready to rest for a while before continuing to search.

– At this moment, she saw that in the grass ahead, something was shining, as if attracting the people around to take a look.

What is that?

Seeing this, Bai Lian’er was stunned.

In her last life, in the secret realms she had been to, Bai Lian’er had never seen such a strange light. 

Could it be that this is the inheritance she was looking for?

Thinking of this, Bai Lian’er was overjoyed.

After thinking for a while, she first grabbed two rabbits from the nearby jungle and threw them into the light spot tentatively.

It wasn’t until it was confirmed that the rabbits had not disappeared and were safe and sound that she took a deep breath and walked towards the spot of light.

The moment she stepped into the spot of light, a strange, emotionless female voice came from her ear: “Welcome to the horror game escape trial.”

Horror game escape trial?

It is worthy of the inheritance of the ancient power, even the name of the trial is so strange. Bai Lian’er thought happily in her heart.

                (End of this chapter)

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