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RJB10C Chapter 2


Reincarnation (2)

‘Is it this far?’

Merlin’s face became full of sadness.

But he didn’t give up.

‘I still need to reach the door of truth!’

Wei hey hey-

With the help of the 10th circle, he did his best to release the last amount of magic, he took another step.

There is only one step left.

If he takes that one step and overcomes the obstacles, he will be able to reach the door of truth.



The light of the 10th circle, which had accomplished its mission beyond its limits, slowly faded.

[It’s over.]

The moment the sword stopped moving again, it was about to split Merlin in half.


The sound of the door opening was heard from behind him.

The door of truth has been opened.


This situation was not expected even by him, so he was very embarrassed.

While the startled guy’s sword stopped, a light burst out from the door of truth, enveloped Merlin’s soul and sent him flying.


Merlin thought as his vision turned white.

‘I saw it!’

Although It was a very short time, but for a moment.

He could see beyond the gate of truth.

In addition, a distant intellectual pleasure spreads through Merlin’s mind.

Excitement surged in his chest.

Meanwhile, he was able to realise that the door of truth is giving him another chance.

‘So it means he can take the last step next time?’

With that thought, he read the expression of the prosecutor who seemed still bewildered.

Merlin’s lips twisted.

‘I’m backing down like this now, but the next time will be different.’

A wizard is one who prepares.

A wizard’s skills vary greatly depending on whether he prepares or not.

Now, in an unexpected situation, he backs away as it is, but as long as he knows that he is in front of the door of truth, if he prepares thoroughly….


The door of truth closed and Merlin’s vision was completely white, he exclaimed.

“Clean your neck and wait, you swordsman!”


A boy raised his upper body and shouted.

“Clean your neck and wait, you swordsman!”

A voice echoing through the training ground.

Over 20 boys and girls who were in the midst of training turned their attention to this.

What was unusual was that each boy and girl had a sword in each hand.

– You bastard with a sword!

The sound of the boy’s shout echoed through the walls of the training ground engulfed in silence.

In addition, cold anticipation soared from all directions.


Dozens of swords that give off supreme anticipation.

There were dozens of pairs of eyes staring at him coldly.

The boy who was drenched in cold sweat behind his back.



He fainted again with a small moan.


Merlin awoke and blinked his eyes blankly.

The white ceiling of the infirmary was clean, but his mind was terribly complicated.

‘What the hell is…’

Unfamiliar but also familiar memories mixed in.

‘Is this someone else’s memory… or is this my memory…?’

Everything was confusing.

His current name was Merlin and his former name was also Merlin.

But the two Merlins were very different.

He grabbed his head for a long time and was confused, then he came to a conclusion.

“Is it my second…”

Just before the 10th circle, he was interrupted with the door of truth in front of him.

Then, Merlin’s soul was thrown out of the space of the door of truth.

And when he opened his eyes again, he was living a new life.

“It’s not even funny……”

Merlin looked down at his immaculate hands.

He was a human body that had given up to dig into the magical truth.


Merlin, who had lived there for thousands of years, has now become a 16-year-old fledgling.

“Heh heh heh.”

The laughter of a prolific old man escaped from Merlin’s mouth.

The nine rings that encircled his heart were gone, but instead he gained a young, youthful body.

Everything he had built fell apart, but he got a chance to start over.

He doesn’t know if he should like this or be sad about it.

There was something else that made  Merlin feel even more ridiculous.

“This Merlin has…..a mana heart?”

A chunk of mana the size of a walnut that sits on the dantian instead of the heart’s mana circle.

It was the mana heart that the knights learned.

For Merlin, who had trained his circle on his heart all his life, Mana Heart on the dantian was too awkward.

“When I think of that swordsman bastard, my blood swells up… mana circle on the dantian….. a knight!”

The back of his head hurt as he thought of the gatekeeper of the gate of truth that had interrupted him.

Because of that, he was angry with his current self, who was learning swordsmanship rather than magic.

“Whoa… let’s think about what happened…”

Merlin calmly controlled his anger.

He was not born with mixed memories of his present and previous lives.

He thought he might need some time.

“Oh man…..”

Merlin let out a groan at his throbbing headache.

He felt as if he was in so much pain that it came up to the back of his head.

Something bulge touched Merlin’s fingertips as he rubbed the back of his head.

“Is this… a lump?”

He thought that his headache was not the only cause of his mixed memories.

It looked like he had been struck so hard that a lump the size of a fist appeared on the back of his head.

‘Did he remember his past life because of this?’


While Merlin was bewildered, the door of the infirmary opened.

“Are you awake?”

A middle-aged woman in a white gown came in.

As she strode over to the bed, she grabbed Merlin’s chin and turned him around.

She opened his eyes, opened his mouth, and even touched the lump on the back of his head.

“It’s a mild concussion. I’ve told the instructor, so you can take a break until tomorrow and return to training. But don’t miss the theory class.”



The good teacher patted Merlin on the back.

At her urging, Merlin left the infirmary tumbled.

As he stepped out of the room, a neat hallway greeted him.

All kinds of armour and weapons were on display in the hallway.

Merlin’s figure was reflected in the polished silver armour.

He has light blonde hair and emerald eyes.

A noble, handsome boy stood there.

His appearance was very different from that of the ordinary wizard Merlin, who had brown eyes and brown eyes in the past.

 Merlin, who stood there for a while, watching his change of appearance and trudged his steps.

An unfamiliar yet familiar place made him have a strange feeling.

He looked around and Merlin, who had moved around buildings, entered a room.

‘Is this my dorm?’

It’s a double room.

It was the dormitory used by Merlin and his roommate.

He flopped down on his bed and sighed.

“I don’t even have enough mana hearts… an academy at this age. haha.”

In the past, he had hundreds or thousands of wizards flocking to him to teach them about magic.

But now, as a student, he is attending the academy.

That too was the swordsmanship academy.

‘It’s not even a magic academy….’

The moment he thought that, Merlin’s eyes widened.

Merlin blinked his eyes for a long time.


He felt strange, but too strange.


This is because, no matter how hard he tried, nothing related to magic could come to his mind “in the memory of his current life.”

Merlin’s memories are divided into present and past lives.

The magical memories of Merlin in his previous life flashed brilliantly.

However, among the memories of the present life and recent times, he could not find any memories related to ‘magic’.


Is it because the memories are not completely mixed yet?

The current Merlin felt very unfamiliar with the word magic.

It was as if he had encountered the word magic for the first time, or as if he had no memory of it.


Then the door swung open and a boy walked in.

“Hey, Merlin!”

He was a boy with dark brown hair and black eyes.

‘So what’s this guy’s name…?’

Merlin recalled the boy’s name from his memory.


“You, are you okay?”

Kay leaned over to Merlin, who was sitting on the bed.

‘Stuttering Kay.’

That was Kay’s nickname Merlin remembered.

With him, he recalled information about his own and Kay.

A self-sacrificing smile appeared on Merlin’s lips.

‘Orphan of the commoner family and illegitimate child of the noble family..…’

Here, the commoner orphan was himself and the illegitimate aristocrat was Kay in front of him.

Because of their origins, Merlin and Kay were grouped together and were being bullied by some of their classmates.

The lump on the back of Merlin’s head was also for that reason.

“Merlin, are you okay?”


“You…..ah, isn’t it painful?”

“It hurts as if my head is going to fall apart.”

“Uh… What should I do… Hey, did you go to the infirmary?”

“I have already been there.”

Merlin’s eyes lit up with curiosity as he looked at Kay who was restless.

Kay’s reflection in his eyes didn’t seem like he was simply concerned about his own wounds.

“Why? What do you have to say?”

“That, that….”

“Don’t hesitate, just say what’s on your mind.”

Kay hesitates.

———End of this chapter 

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