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RJB10C Chapter 1


Reincarnation (1)

Wizards and magic.

It refers to the mana-created miracles and those who perform them in the world.

Wizard, Sage, Druid, Warlock, and so on…

There are various names available depending on the type and level of magic learned.

They all, however, share the same goal.

It is to reach the Demi-god realm, also known as the 9th circle in the Demi-god stage.

The demi-god stage is the highest realm that a human being can attain.

Every few hundred years, one genius among geniuses reaches the 8th circle.

And only one of those geniuses makes it through to the 9th circle.

So far, only five 9th Circle wizards have made a name for themselves in human history over thousands of years.

Merlin was the first of them to be dubbed the “9th Circle Wizard,” as well as the pioneer of Magic.

An existence that disappeared thousands of years ago and was only passed down as a legend.

He existed even after thousands of years and he was about to cross the ninth circle and venture into uncharted territory that no one had ever crossed.


A raggedy robe with a pure white skeleton visible through it.

Blue light lit up the area where the eyeballs should be in a slightly inconvenienced skull.


Merlin was delighted.

After giving up on being human and striving for thousands of years, a path appeared in front of him.

He had discovered the truth, which was always like a mirage.


Merlin’s Life Force Vessel, a red gem, vibrated slightly.

“Ahhh! Yes, that’s correct… it was!”

The realisation of Merlin reached the Life Force Vessel, the source of his strength and soul.



His Demi God’s soul trembled, shaking the Life Force Vessel that had stood for thousands of years.

Merlin didn’t care that the Life Force Vessel was about to break.


The Life Force Vessel is incontinent.


His Life Force Vessel finally broke.

Merlin was covered in red powder.

The red powder that had been circling him like a thread began to gather around him.


The red powder quickly clumped together and hardened.

It became harder and more beautiful than before.

It was both evolution and a promotion in rank.

At that moment, Merlin was experiencing a new world.


The life vessel ruptured, allowing Merlin’s soul to escape and be absorbed somewhere.

Soon after, a massive, pure white door appeared in front of him.

The door and Merlin are about ten steps away.

He noticed it instinctively.

‘The truth!’

The truth Merlin sought after thousands of years of research into mana is beyond that door.


He moved one step closer to the truth, as if possessed.

It was then.

[Go back.]

Merlin’s soul was shaken by voices from all directions.

Merlin was perplexed, unaware that anyone else was present there besides himself.

‘Has anyone else reached the door of truth besides me?!’

The first nine circles.

He boasted there that he worked harder than anyone else.

Is there anyone who has gone through the door of truth before him?!

It was unbelievable for Merlin.

Even more surprising is the fact that-

[It’s not something that you can overcome.]

The voice’s master was speaking the truth as if it were his own.

That enraged Merlin even more.

“What is your name?”

Did he recognise Merlin’s voice?

A swarm of light appeared in front of the truth door.

The overall shape was blurred, despite its human appearance.

Then, something grew from what he could guess was hand.

Merlin’s brow furrowed.


He was unsure of what it was.

However, he assumed a posture as if he had put a massive sword into the ground and placed his hands on it.

As if he was the gatekeeper who guards the gate of truth.

Merlin made another stride forward.

The distance between the door of truth and Merlin has increased to eight steps.

[I warn you. Do not go any further.]

But Merlin didn’t stop there.

He’s been alive for thousands of years.

But Merlin was not the type of person who would stop at just a few words.

He took another step forward.

The distance between him and the truth door has decreased to seven steps.

[Go back.]

But Merlin took another step forward.

Six steps forward.


The doorkeeper drew his sword from the ground as Merlin stepped forward again and again.

Merlin felt a chill run up his spine as the tip of his sword pointed towards him.

But Merlin smiled at the feeling he had not felt in a long time.

“It’s fun.”

He has never met anyone who has made him nervous since becoming the strongest in the 9th circle.

But thousands of years ago, he was transcended to the 9th circle and now a strong man who makes him nervous just by pointing his sword has appeared.

‘Who in the world are you?’

A transcendent being who had reached before him to the door of truth.

Merlin’s lip corners twisted slightly.

‘It will not be easy.’

This man is powerful.

But he couldn’t just sit there like this.

‘Behind him…

A light began to emanate from Merlin’s soul the moment he made up his mind.

As a soul, he couldn’t use the nine rings he’d accumulated over thousands of years, but Merlin didn’t care.


A golden ring formed over Merlin’s head.

The maximum number of circles that can be captured in a human body is nine.’

Merlin took a very long time to realise this.

He continues by saying that he spent the same amount of time forming the tenth ring and the end result was a golden ring floating above his head.

“Circle of the soul.”

The tenth circle was built on his soul rather than his body.

This golden ring, which contained the lifelong realisation of a wizard named Merlin, was the answer he discovered after reaching the door of truth.

The ring, which shone like the sun, boosted Merlin’s self-esteem.

‘If he has this, he can finally move towards the ultimate goal he has set for himself.”

Merlin took another step forward.

He is now 5 steps away from the door of truth.

But the gatekeeper couldn’t watch him step forward…


Seeing Merlin move despite his warning, he raised his sword upright.

The sword’s tip was pointing up at the sky.

It was the attitude of both parties who agreed to fight.

The sword gradually fell.

Even if it’s too slow to make you yawn.

Merlin’s face hardened as he observed this.

Anyone would think it is simple to avoid such a slow attack, but if he can’t, it means it cannot be avoided and must be faced directly.

That is precisely what his attack was.

A sword attack is unavoidable.

That is why it is an unstoppable attack.

‘Go back!’

Merlin’s will was communicated and his tenth ring lit up a brilliant light.

The power of the 10th circle, which contains the will of the owner, has changed the world.


The falling sword and the intangible space engaged in combat.

It may appear to be a minor battle, but those who can guess will be astounded.

The fact that this seemingly insignificant battle has the potential to split the continent in half.


Merlin’s will to cut became a law and his will to counter the sword became a perfect law to confront the opponent.

Meanwhile, Merlin advanced another step.

There are four more steps to take.


Merlin was certain.

With this power, he would be able to repel any attack that came his way.

But it was his fault.

[Say it again. It’s too early for you!]


With his brief cry, the spiritual space that Merlin had created was shattered.


Merlin is taken aback by the unexpected situation.

After his spiritual space broke, he stared blankly at the sword that fell slowly on him.


Is he willing to stay this way when the goal of his life is so close?


Nonetheless, he took another step forward.

There are only three steps remaining.

With his incomplete 10th circle which was just formed, rotated violently.


Merlin’s magic, which had been broken, was quickly reassembled.

Despite the fact that Merlin’s magic had been completely destroyed in the power struggle, he refused to give up.

‘If it can’t be done once, he’ll fight him twice, if not three times!’


Merlin’s magic clashed with his sword once more and he took another step forward.

Two steps ahead.


Despite Merlin’s desperate will to counterattack, he remained calm.


His sword cut through the magic and slowly descended towards Merlin’s throat.


The unfinished tenth ring squealed.


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