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We are recruiting translators (KR/CN/JP) and TLC! You can either fill out the form below or reach out to novelnovelty#2153 if you’re interested. More details on positions below. The editor position is open right now. 


  1. Translators should post once every two weeks
  2. MTL is permitted as long as it’s readable
  3. Split chapters are allowed as long as original chapter is over 2,000 words


  1. Editors must have strong English language skills
  2. TLC should be able to understand English and the original language
Payments (for Translators):
  1. Payments will be made at the end of each month/beginning of next month
  2. Patreons and Ko-fi belong to solely the translators
  3. (Without editors/tlc) Payments will be calculated as [your total views]/[site total views] * 80% of ad revenue
  4. (With editors/tlc) Payments for editors will be calculated from the series they are on and around 10-30% of the series revenue will go to the editor(s). Percentage is negotiable with editors and site as an intermediary. 
Payments (for Editors/TLC):
  1. Editors will be paid based on the amount of work they did in total chapters per month (editors and translators should keep track)
  2. If editors edit every chapter of Series A, then they will receive 10-30% of the Series revenue as calculated by [Series A views]/[site total views] * 80% of ad revenue. Percentage is negotiable with editors and site as an intermediary. 
  3. If editors edit a few chapters of a series or edit some chapters of multiple series, they will need to submit a list of work they did and payments will be calculated as above multiplied by [number of chapters edited]/[total chapters of series]
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