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ROTPE Chapter 9


At night, everything was silent!

Qingping Palace was the largest area in the east side of Imperial city, all the courtyard was silent except the howling of wolves and tigers, nothing can be heard. As for the roar of beasts in Qingping Palace, it was very simple. Because only at ten years old, the eighth Prince Qingping was a famous man in Imperial city. He hadn’t been in an official position for long, other gentlemen were having fun in eating and drinking, Prince Qingping likes collecting beasts. The more dangerous they were, the more he liked it. Even the Emperor had to stay away when He saw him, other people too.

Qingping’s residence, the courtyard where Pei Yuanxun lived.

Pei Yuanxun with his shirtless body, leaned lazily, his bronze skin was firm with toned muscle. Unfortunately, this beautiful body was injured, the stomach still bleeding. The doctor was changing his bandage when a middle-aged man was chattering on his side.

“Master, the princess has ordered her soldiers out of the city.” A moment later, a thin and tall figure suddenly appeared. Pei Yuanxun who was leaning on the couch narrowed his eyes, his hands stroking a red fox on his shoulder.

“What did you find out about Shen Liang?” The eldest son of the Princess went out in person. There should be no problem, he only felt Shen Liang who provided him the news, a very interesting person.

“No, Shen Liang’s background is so simple. The only exception is his confrontation with Madam Shen at the gate of Dongling Mansion during the day time. It is likely, the bandits were sent by Madam Shen.” The man lowered his head slightly. He felt guilty and blamed himself. They’re Iron Guards but can’t find anything.

“Continue to investigate, this prince heard that the Ministry of Justice is investigating corruption and fraud cases recently?” Pei Yuanxun didn’t question their abilities, but he continued to ask about other things. The man looked up and said;

“Yes, it is said that some evidence has been obtained. The facts of the cases are still secret. The information we can find is still very limited.”

“It seems that some people’s power is shifting. We need to check Madam Shen’s clan.” His closed eyes opened and Pei Yuanxun whispered slowly;

“Shen Liang is also Wei Zeqian’s son, maybe that thing is in Shen Liang’s hands.”

“It’s… unlikely, Shen Liang just came back. Wei Zeqiaan already passed away, how did he pass things to him and he is a ger. Sooner or later, he will be married to someone. Such an important thing, even if Wei Zeqian was willing. General Wei wouldn’t let it fall into the hands of another clan.”

“Is it important? Maybe it doesn’t matter at all to them?”

“The prince means…” The man didn’t understand, Pei Yuanxun smiled and turned his head;

“This prince suddenly thought that the Wei clan has never played their cards, maybe it is because they don’t care. We can’t find the whereabouts of the thing, this prince wondering if I should come to Wei Mansion and ask to take a look. Will General Wei take it out without saying anything?”

“…” The man suddenly felt lightheaded, their prince was so cheeky!

“The ancestral heirloom, allowing you to look casually? Master, you have a big face.” Housekeeper Lin, who helped the doctor deal with his wound, couldn’t bear it. He glances at him with extreme contempt, the man couldn’t wait to nod his head vigorously. As expected from old Lin, this was the truth.

“This is the case.” Who didn’t know that Prince Qingping was a lawless person? wasn’t it a matter of sentence to come and see someone else’s ancestral heirloom? Pei Yuanxun didn’t care, his dark eyes narrowed slightly.

“You need to keep an eye on Shen Liang, just pay attention to his movements.”

“Yes.” The man bowed and disappeared in the blink of an eye. In the room, the doctor had done bandaging him;

“Master, the medicine is running out. We still have to find the antidote as soon as possible.”

“Well, this prince knows it, go out.” Waved his hand, Pei Yuanxun obviously didn’t want to say more, the doctor sighed lightly and resigned helplessly.

“Do you know how to count? Do you know how many times you make yourself like this? Knowing you can’t get hurt, you get hurt all the time. The prince is still young, so hurry up and get a princess. God, if you have an accident and you don’t even have an heir. What face do you have to meet the first prince and princess? Poor first prince, why did he give birth to such an unfilial son.” The housekeeper on his side murmured. Now, in his palace no one dare to talk to him like that. Only housekeeper Lin.

“Old Lin, this prince is going to rest.” While he was not paying attention, Pei Yuanxun rolled his eyes. From the time he was able to marry a wife, he had been nagged again and again with these words. His ears felt like burning.

“Master, you can tell me honestly. You haven’t used that stuff for eighteen years, is it dysfunctional?” Not only did housekeeper Lin not step back, but he also looked at his crotch and commented. He naturally couldn’t help but close his legs.

“This prince warns you, don’t even think about it.” Working or not? He hadn’t met someone to use them for? What are you thinking about?

“Master, don’t be embarrassed. If this disease can be treated early, it will be healed. If it’s late, it will delay your life. Don’t worry, the old servant will not tell others. You just need to tell me quietly; I will make the arrangement. Be sure to tell me the truth.”

Pei Yuanxun who was forced to have certain dysfunctional, twitched his lips and shouted in anger;

“Tian Shu, get old Lin out of here.”


“Eh… eh, you boy, dare to touch this old man. Huh? Let me go…” Suddenly a man emerged and picked up housekeeper Lin’s collar and walked away. Housekeeper Lin was angry, kicking with both hands and feet. Before leaving the room, he yelled loudly;

“Master, you must be treated as soon as possible. If you’re sick, you will suffer endlessly.”

“It is you who are sick!” Pei Yunaxun responded with a loud voice. He laid down weakly, the only thought in his mind before going to bed; should he give old Lin a pill? The old man was getting crazier.

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