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ROTPE Chapter 7


“Fifth brother..” Shen Liang’s hatred was too horrible, no matter how ignorant she was, Shen Qiang could feel it. After a brief shock, Shen Qiang comforted her heart and pretending to be scared, her eyes quickly turned watery.

“Seventh sister looks more delicate; I almost can’t recognize it.” Still wanting to make drama, Shen Liang’s lips twitched, he almost smiled mockingly. He smiled calmly even if they didn’t reach his eyes.

“Fifth brother.” Obviously, she didn’t expect Shen Liang to change so fast. Shen Qiang wanted to add more fire. But Shen Liang turned to Liu Shuhan with a smile.

“Mother,I wonder if father is home?”

“Something happened in Imperial city recently. Your father hasn’t come back home, Liang-liang do you have something to ask him? Should I send people to bring him back?” Because Shen Qiang suddenly talked to Shen Liang. Liu Shuhan already turned her mood into calm again. Now, she still looks sweet and caring as if nothing happened before.

“No, it doesn’t matter if the child won’t disturb the father. It’s just mother, I still have some questions. I wonder if my mother can help me answer them?” Shen Liang kept calling her mother and he seemed to increase his tone. Liu Shuhan couldn’t help but have to cooperate with him.

“Oh? What is there to ask? Why don’t we go inside and talk?” A pile of corpses made Liu Shuhan feel nauseous no matter how powerful she was. She hadn’t seen him for five years, not only Shen Liang remains safe and okay. He also had an amazing aura on his body. She had to think about how to deal with him later.

“No, mother must be curious. Why did I bring so many corpses back?” Shen Liang pretended he didn’t hear her, Step by step, he walked toward the corpses laying sideways on the ground. He stretched out his feet to touch one of them, pushed the head to Liu Shuhan and his daughter.


The head was covered with blood, the face was twisted and stiff, The wide-open eyes still had shock and fear in them. The mother and daughter as well as the servants who came out with them, all screamed in fright. Shen Liang smiled coldly and mocked them in his heart.

“Don’t be afraid, mother, take a closer look. She is an old acquaintance of my mother.” As he said that, Shen Liang squatted down and held up his head toward Liu Shuhan. He also put a smile on them, this scene couldn’t help but make people’s backs chilled. Looking at Shen Liang’s eyes was like looking into a monster’s eyes, especially because Liu Shuhan and Shen Qiang felt so scared in their hearts.

“Grandma Wei?”

“What? The corpse brought back by the fifth young master was actually from Dongling Mansion?” Someone in the crowd exclaimed that everyone’s eyes changed when they saw it. They weren’t fools, some of those mutilated corpses were not good people. But the corpses of Dongling Mansion’s servants were mixed with them. Can there be nothing wrong with them? The crowd suddenly forgot their fear, they all looked forward to the good show.

“Well,little five, how could grandma Wei die? Could it be that you… killed her?” Seeing something bad happen, Liu Shuhan pointed at the head with a trembling hand and cold expression on her face. She didn’t forget to take her daughter backwards to show that she was really afraid of him.

“No, madam, it’s Grandma Wei.”

“Xuan-ge!” Shen Liang raised his hand to stop Qi Xuan from explaining, he looked at everyone. He stood up slowly and walked toward Liu Shuhan and Shen Qiang. He walked calmly and his figure also stood very straight just like how nobles used to walk, calm and with an overbearing aura in their body. The nobles are generally very well- educated and have an extraordinary temperament.

“Although I was not born from mother, I am also the righteous son of Dongling Mansion. Mother is so suspicious of the child; won’t the child be scared?” Standing in  front of Liu Shuhan, Shen Liang’s voice was steady. Without waiting for her reply, he continued to say;

         “Today, I was passing through the outskirts of Longyang County. Mother sent some people to pick me up; grandma Wei, Jin Zhi and the driver colluded with the bandits. They tried to take my life, the child just escaped a near death situation and the mother questioned the child to be a killer. I would like to ask my mother, why did you send people in collusion with the bandits? Where some people dare to murder me?” 

Every word that Shen Liang said was chilling and powerful. They deceived him in the previous life, but in this life, he would make them pay back a hundred times.

“What? Grandma Wei..” Liu Shuhan covered her mouth in shock, her eyes wide open filled with disbelief, her acting skills were quite good.

“Fifth brother, do you suspect mother incited grandma Wei to harm you? How could it be possible? Mother knew that you were coming back so she prepared the courtyard you used to live in and gave you some servants. How could you be so unfilial to suspect your mother?” Shen Qiang stepped forward and took Liu Shuhan’s arm, with red eyes pretending to be sad and angry.

The crowd originally had some doubts because of Shen Liang’s words. After all, the servants were indeed sent by Liu Shuhan. It was impossible for subordinates to have courage to make serious moves without their master’s knowledge. But because of the acting and tacit cooperation between the mother and daughter, people also felt there was something hidden in it and suspected someone deliberately provoked the relationship. At the same time, the identity of Shen Liang shocked many people.

“Seventh sister is really filial daughter. It is a pity; it seems that the seventh sister doesn’t like this brother” Shen Liang smiled and turned his eyes to her. Two times in a row, she cooperated to divert everyone’s attention. With such scheming heart at the age of fourteen, he really underestimated Shen Qiang.

“How can the fifth brother say this? You are the elder brother, how can your younger sister dislike you?” The moist eyes were still reddish and watery. It seems that it could cry at any time. Seeing this, many people felt distressed. On the other hand, looking at Shen Liang to blame him for making such a beautiful woman cry.

“Oh yes, grandma Wei is the mother’s dowry maid, Jin Zhi is the servant in mother’s courtyard and the rest are all arranged by mother. They colluded with the bandits and tried to kill me. Should I not suspect someone behind them? After all, I am different from my seventh sister. I am not the mother’s biological son but the son of the father’s original wife. It was reasonable to have suspicion. Seventh sister immediately jumped out and accused me of unfilial piety, previously mother accused me of murdering grandma Wei and seventh sister didn’t say anything. It is no wonder that I think my seventh sister didn’t like me.”

Both remarks clarify his position, Shen Liang also pointed out Shen Qiang’s scheming. He always smiled and looked at her like a joke.”, I was a little scared at first. This sister has never seen a dead person yet.” Sensing a fierce gaze around her, Shen Qiang blushed and stomped her feet pretending to be spoiled. Once again, she escaped Shen Liang’s accusation.

“Dead people are much cuter than some living people.” He glanced meaningfully at them;

    “Mother doesn’t seem to know that grandma Wei colluded with the bandits and tried to kill me?”

“Heaven, of course not. I see, the damn slave nearly killed little five. You can rest assured, mother will seek justice for you.” Liu Shuhan seemed angry and looked at Shen Liang with pity. People who didn’t know will think how sad she was.

“Then, I will bother my mother.” He lowered his eyes, Shen Liang clenched his fists and decided to give up.

“The Ministry of Justice’s people will be coming soon. The child is unwell so l will leave it to my mother. Please tell grandmother, I will go and see her tomorrow.” After holding on for so long, his feverish body couldn’t stand it. There was still time, he would play with them slowly.

“Alright, you are injured. I will ask the doctor to see you later. If there’s anything missing in the courtyard, don’t forget to tell mother” Liu Shuhan who had long wanted to end it, took advantage and wanted his hands affectionately. Thinking that Shen Liang had touched the corpse, she took her hands back.

“Ming Yue, show the way for the fifth young master.”

“Yes.” A seventeen years old maid stood up.

“Fifth young master, please.”

He looked up at the plaque of Dongling Mansion, Shen Liang folded his hands and walked in with his head raised. Qi Yue and Qi Xuan turned around, after removing a large wooden box from the carriage they followed him inside. The farce at the entrance of Dongling Mansion could be said to have ended. However, the fanfare of Shen Liang’s return must spread very fast. A lot of rumours would happen in Longyang County.

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