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ROTPE Chapter 21


“Tsk, tsk…” This brother of Shen Da wasn’t easy, he quietly made a million and even caught up with the Murong clan, the wealthiest clan in Imperial city.

After Shen Liang left, the three young men returned to the third floor of Luo Feng Pavilion. Xiao Muchen, who saw everything, shook his fan and was amazed.

“No.” Chu Li sat down and said depressedly;

“You didn’t confront him personally, don’t look at him come and go, didn’t even say a few words. Every sentence pokes people’s heart with a lot of intention.”

“Are you dissatisfied with him teasing you?”

“Fuck you!” Xiao Muchen’s ridicule caused Chu Li to roar, even Pei Yuanxun couldn’t help but laugh.


“Third brother!” Turning his head, Chu Li shouted in a low voice like a pufferfish. Not only did Pei Yuanxun control himself, he only laughed loudly.

“However, Shen Liang is truly interesting.” After laughing, Pei Yuanxun smiled with traces of evil and his eyes flashed. He really wanted to know what Shen Liang would do next.


“Um… brother, your smile is… uh, what…”

The last time he showed this smile?

Chu Li couldn’t help shrinking his neck, as if that time he destroyed a minister’s clan who provoked him.

“Third brother, Shen Liang is Shen Da’s younger brother.” Obviously, Xiao Muchen thought the same thing, as if he was afraid Pei Yuanxun would ‘destruct the lowers’, he added clearly to make his point;

“The only younger brother of Shen Da.”

The deep charming phoenix eyes slowly swept across the two of them. Pei Yuanxun looked at them like idiots. If he really wants to move Shen Liang, let alone Shen Da’s younger brother, he himself belongs to the Emperor’s brother. But he still didn’t tell them about his interest in Shen Liang, so they didn’t bother him.

“The Imperial examination…”

“Master!” Just as Pei Yuanxun was about to start another conversation, Tian Quan in black clothes suddenly appeared. He bowed his head and said;

“There is news from the palace, the bandits who kidnapped the grandson all committed suicide in fear of torture.”


Committed suicide? Hahaha… not a small skill!

Raising his eyebrows, Pei Yuanxun sneered mockingly. After passing the news to the eldest princess that day, he didn’t participate anymore. He just lets people monitor the progress. I didn’t expect those people were capable enough to kill all of them.

“This matter has nothing to do with us, so don’t pay attention.”

“Yes.” Tian Quan replied and was about to retreat. Pei Yuanxun thought and said;

“Find a way to reveal the news to Shen Liang, he should be very interested.”

“Yes.” Although he had doubts, Tian Quan still didn’t ask. In a flash, he disappeared without a trace. At the same time, Shen Liang, who didn’t know the Liu clan had escaped, was sitting in a carriage and looked at Qi Yue.

“Liang-liang, is this money really all yours?” After leaving Luo Feng Pavilion, Shen Liang took some banknotes and handed them to Qi Yue who was dumbfounded while holding the papers. He asked Shen Liang in a trembling voice, all their life they had been struggling in poverty, let alone this much money, even hundred silvers they never saw. He was also shocked, Shen Liang could make money so easily.

“There are banknotes in your hand, can it be fake?” Shen Liang smiled and shook his head; he took out three nine-dragon bracelets with different materials and colours but the same shape. He pulled Qi Yue’s hand to wear one of them on his wrist;

“There is a small bump in here. Be careful not to press it, a poisonous needle can be shot out so you can defend yourself in case of danger.”

Following what he said, Qi Yue looked at the dragon-shaped bracelet on his wrist. The bracelet was beautifully crafted, there was a small bump if you could look carefully.

“This one is for Qi Xuan; we didn’t know martial arts and it’s inconvenient if we can’t protect ourselves. I’ll go to the drugstore later and buy some medicine materials.” Shen Liang also put on his nine-dragon bracelet.

“Liang-liang, don’t worry. We will do our best to protect you.” Hearing his words, Qi Yue couldn’t care about money anymore, he held his own hand with a little excitement.

“No need, we will live a good life. Today we received a good harvest, a little later this money will be spent and we can take home some. But making money like this is not a permanent solution.” He didn’t know how to tell them about it, he could only reassure them;

“Don’t worry about it. Just buy what you want.”

“Yes, I know.” Qi Yue had settled down more carefully. These banknotes, Shen Liang trusted him with so much money. There was not much he could do for Shen Liang; he must really take care of it.

“Fifth young master, Fei Yu Pavilion is here.”

Luo Feng Pavilion was not far away from Fei Yu Pavilion, the carriage soon stopped. Qi Xuan opened the door, Shen Liang and Qi Yue jumped off one after another. They looked up at the magnificent building of Fei Yu Pavilion.

Fei Yu Pavilion occupied a huge area and was luxuriously decorated. There were three floors in total. The ground floor was equipped with various high-end fabrics, the second floor was filled with different accessories mainly for men’s needs while the third floor was a woman’s paradise with all kinds of jewellery. From clothes to accessories to jewellery, Fei Yu Pavilion was like a rainbow, all products were the best and finest.

Compared with Luo Feng Pavilion’s cold lonely feeling, Fei Yu Pavilion was a crowded place. The people who came in and out were either high-ranking officials or wealthy clans. Although, the three masters and servants carried huge sums of money; they dressed plainly and looked poor. As soon as they walked in, some people watched them with a frown, some pointed at them while others looked at them mockingly. To put it bluntly, Shen Liang and Qi brothers look like a beggar in a luxurious room, so out of place.

“Shen Liang? Why did he come here?” In the crowd, a very beautiful woman looked at Shen Liang weirdly across the room, several men and women with her curiously asked;

“Who is that? Shen Qiao, do you know him?”


Realising that she had said what was in her heart, Shen Qiao reflexively wanted to separate their relationship. But after a little thought, she smiled sweetly;

“Well, he is my uncle’s third son Shen Liang, who just came back from the countryside. A few days ago, my uncle called Fei Yu Pavilion and gave us clothes he must come to take.”

“Is he Shen Liang?” The young girl who was only fourteen years old couldn’t control herself and yell. In an instant, many people’s attention turned around, including Shen Liang who was with the shopkeeper.

When he saw Shen Qiao, Shen Liang smiled slightly but a cold glint slipped into his eyes. The eldest daughter of Shen Ruiqing was beautiful and excellent in painting. She was a well-known talented girl in Imperial city. She was gentle and kind but she was selfish and sinister. The heart was higher than the sky, in the past life, there were many people who insulted him under Shen Qiao’s instruction and Qi Yue’s death was caused by her.

“It turns out that he is Shen Liang. It seems Madam Shen is really mean to him. Otherwise, how can the majestic noble son dress like a beggar?”

“No, you can see he is so skinny. I guess a gust of wind can blow him away, Madam Shen is too vicious.”

“Is this vicious? You haven’t heard. Shen Liang almost couldn’t come back. He was blocked by bandits halfway. If it weren’t for his luck, his reputation would be ruined.”

“If there is a stepmother, there will be a stepfather. Marquis Dongling also failed as a father, right? Dongling the backyard is not simple.”

“Is that, take a look at that young lady of Dongling Mansion, look at Shen Liang, really suffer ah…”

Looking at each Imperial family, which one has nothing to do with it? But if everyone covered it well, outsiders had no way to see it. Now, the scandals of Dongling Mansion were spreading and everyone was happy to stand in the high point of morality. They criticised, discussed and continued to add fuel to the rumours as if scared it wouldn’t become big enough.

The smile on Shen Qiao’s face couldn’t hold on anymore, at first, she wanted to take this opportunity to smear the main family. But she suddenly found the look of everyone around her seemed unfriendly.

“Fifth brother, why did you come here in person? Are your injuries better?” No way, Shen Qiao had to raise a bright smile and walked toward Shen Liang with concern in her words.

“You are?”

Everyone was waiting for Shen Liang’s response, but when he opened his mouth, His face was full of doubts. Shen Qiao couldn’t keep her smile, her face became unbearable. People around her were also shocked. It is too much, right? Don’t even know my family?

“What did you mean…”

“No, don’t.”

A tall young man stepped forward when he saw Shen Qiao being wronged. Shen Qiao immediately grabbed him and stopped him but her face was covered with grievances. As if she got bullied by Shen Liang.

“Fifth young master, she is young lady Shen Qiao, the eldest daughter of the second master.” Qi Yue stepped forward at the right time, Shen Liang suddenly turned his head and smiled brilliantly;

“It turns out to be my eighth sister, I’m sorry. You also know I was sent to the countryside when I was ten years old. I was frightened when I came back a few days ago. Grandmother loves me dearly and gives me time to rest. I haven’t had time to see my family again.” As soon as Shen Liang said this, everyone nodded. Yes, he was driven to the countryside at a young age, when he came back how could he remember everyone. It was no wonder he didn’t remember the second family.

“No, it’s okay. I should visit my fifth brother, but you know uncle. He won’t let us disturb your rest. Fifth brother, are you still hurt?” He said so, Shen Qiao also had to put away her grievances. She stood up in front of him with a gentle smile.

“Well, it’s almost better. It’s okay, my eighth sister didn’t come to see me. Everyone in Dongling Mansion knew that when I was born, someone invited a Taoist priest and said I was an evil star. Father and mother were kind and couldn’t bear to abandon me. But when I grew up until ten years old, my aunts kept miscarrying. It was my evil star’s body that was causing trouble. Eighth sister, don’t get too close to me. I have given you a lot of trouble, I’m afraid you also will get it.” Shen Liang’s remarks were not good, but his thoughtfulness made Shen Qiao’s face pale and her body trembled. The sight of other young ladies around seemed to change.

Unfilial piety had the greatest consequences. Who dares to marry an infertile daughter-in-law? No matter how good Shen Qiao looks, no matter how talented she was, if she was infertile no one would want her.

“Fifth brother…” Shen Qiao was itchy in her heart, but she could only put on an aggrieved expression, her tears filled up her eyes, and looks so distressed. With Shen Liang’s words, let alone people around her, even a few teenagers were afraid to approach her. The descendants of these powerful clans were still young, a little nonsense will also be believed. But who didn’t know? In the backyard, there would be all kinds of tricks and conspiracies that could be played if not careful.

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