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ROTPE Chapter 16


When the two returned to the courtyard, Qi Xuan, who had gone out, hadn’t returned yet. Under Qi Yue’s repeated questions, Shen Liang briefly told him about Iron Guards and the bandits. It didn’t take long for Fei Yu Pavilion’s people to come in.

“Fifth young master, it is not suitable for you to wear red at your age. Why don’t you change the colour to a plain one?” After measuring his size, seeing that he actually took the red cloth. The tailor suggested it for him. She had always been in this business for the noble and powerful clan. She was also well-informed and well-spoken in the matter of the backyard of the mansion. It was not very satisfactory.

“No, it’s okay.” Shen Liang smiled and declined her kindness, he glanced at the cloth she brought, picked up simple and elegant cloth;

“How much silver is this material for two clothes?”

“Huh? This is cloud satin. According to the fifth young master’s size, the two clothes are about thirty silvers.” Thinking that he was going to make clothes, the tailor said with a smile.

“It’s not my size, it’s his size.”

“What!” Looking at his pointed finger, the sailor couldn’t help but exclaim. Qi Yue himself was shocked. He was going to wear fifteen silvers clothes; how dare he wear it on his body?

“No way, Liang-liang… fifth young master, I’m just a servant, how can I wear such expensive clothes?”

“Well? It’s okay.” Ignoring his anxiety, Shen Liang smiled to himself;

“Trouble the lady to help measure his size.”

“Oh, okay.” The tailor was a little overwhelmed. Although she was very knowledgeable, she had never seen the master being so good to their servant. Fifteen silvers were not cheap.

“Fifth young master, how can I work in this kind of clothes?”

“Why can’t you work? If it gets dirty, just make a new one.” It was only cloud satin, if possible, he even wants them all to wear the best materials. But they were not suitable at the moment.

“But…” Qi Yue still didn’t want to. After thinking about it, he approached him and said in a low voice;

“Fifth young master, how can we have so much silver?” The monthly allowance from Dongling Mansion was twenty silver. He and Qi Xuan according to the monthly rule of payment, as second-class servants, were only two silver. The three of them didn’t even reach thirty silvers. Qi Xuan took away three silvers when he went out. Now they only had twenty-one silvers which were impossible to pay for clothes.

“You don’t have to worry about money. Just wait to wear new clothes.” After that Shen Liang sent him a wink and Qi Yue had no choice but to let the other party measure him.

“Fifth young master, I don’t know what colours you like?”

“Just make it grey with a bamboo pattern and an apricot tree. Make two suits for each colour. By the way, make trousers and a jade belt as decorations.”

“The total, four clothes?”

“Fifth young master!”

The tailor and Qi Yue couldn’t help but be surprised. The four clothes were exactly sixty silvers. Plus, other things, one hundred silvers probably not enough.

“By the way, these sets of clothes are made for me personally, I will pay the bills directly. You don’t need to go to Madam Shen. I also ask you not to say anything.”

Shen Liang said also said to himself after that;

“There are also my clothes. This cloth can be made as many as I want, all with the corresponding jade belt.”

“… okay!”

The tailor was stunned before nodding her head. Shen Liang’s spending was too much for her.

“How many days until the clothes are done?”

“It can be done in three days. Fifth young master, you make a whole piece of cloth, it will take longer.”

“No problem, I will go to Fei Yu Pavilion in three days. Do I need to pay a deposit?”

Three days later, his injury should be healed.

“No need for a deposit. If the fifth young master allows it, I will go back first.”

“Well yes, you have to work. Qi Yue sent her out.” Shen Liang smiled and nodded. Qi Yue stepped forward, handed the tailor the red cloth and rewarded her with silver. He then led her out of the courtyard.

“You are too much Liang-liang. We don’t need any new clothes, so much money, where can we get it?” After returning, Qi Yue nagged him but Shen Liang didn’t take it seriously. It came into his right ear and went out through his left ear. He handed him a cup of tea and told him to moisturise his throat and continue.


Qi Yue’s forehead was black like the tea. He didn’t know if he should continue, Xuan Er was right, Liang-liang was already broken!

“Qi Yue, you just follow me. How could I make you feel wronged? Don’t worry, the money is on me.” Upon seeing this, Shen Liang chuckled helplessly. He sat down with Qi Yue. Money was not everything but without it was even impossible. As early as he got back, he thought of a way of making money. He didn’t take a hundred or two silvers into his heart. He already lost his life before. They treated him well, he would also repay them back.


“Don’t say it, our guests are here.”

Qi Yue was a little embarrassed, Shen Liang turned his head to look outside. He saw Liu Shuhan and Shen Qiang with a large group of maids rushing forward with an uncomfortable face. Qi Yue quickly stood up in fright, Shen Liang leisurely picked up his teacup and lifted the lid. He gently swayed the teacup with his pale hand and saw the floating leaves dance in his teacup.

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