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ROTPE Chapter 15


“Madam, you are…”

“Go away!”

A group of people came in fiercely, Qi Yue realised something was wrong and tried to stop her. But before he speaks, he was rudely pushed away by Liu Shuhan.

“Shen Liang!” Standing in front of him across the table, Liu Shuhan gritted her teeth and glared at him.

“You did it, right?”

Hearing what he said earlier, she immediately sent someone to her clan. Who knows, the news that came back was that Princess Yuehua’s grandson was rescued by the prince himself last night and the bandit’s den was also destroyed. The most important thing is that the prince also arrested the bandit leader. Once they ask him for information, they will know everything. It was all done by the Liu clan, not only her clan failed to protect her, she would be troubled by them.

After hearing the news, the first thing she thought was Shen Liang. Otherwise, how could a person who had just returned to Dongling Mansion know that something was wrong in the Liu clan? Also, the bandit’s matter was related to him. Now, when you think carefully, it was absolutely abnormal when he brought back the corpses in a safe and sound state. How could they be able to kill them? Because the three masters and servants were thinner than others? With that many bandits?

After she figured it all out. She didn’t care even if she was exposed. She led people to rush over, at this moment, her heart was like a river of anger. She just wanted someone to vented out and that someone only Shen Liang was the most suitable.

“What is Madam Shen talking about? Why can’t I understand?” Putting down his teacup slowly, Shen Liang smiled and raised his head. He had guessed that she would come because from beginning to end, she didn’t put him in her eyes. She still saw him as a child hiding in Shen Da’s back. He could be squeezed and squashed at will. He was sure she would totally harm him.

“Bitch! Don’t pretend to be innocent. You must do something for the Liu clan.” Before Liu Shuhan said something, Shen Qiang yelled at him. Except for Shen Liang and Qi Yue, they were all their servants. Her hatred and jealousy could no longer be hidden. After all, she was only fourteen years old, she hadn’t yet reached the level of patience and tolerance.

“Oh? Did something happen to the Liu clan? That’s really pleasing.” He gave them a brilliant smile for a while, his mood was very good. No matter whether the Liu clan could be destroyed or not this time, at least he would block them. Moreover, he didn’t think that Pei Yuanxun would be so useless as to let the duck fly away.


He was gloating!

Shen Qiang was furious before she could attack him, Liu Shuhan stopped her and gave her a stern look. Liu Shuhan turned to Shen Liang and spoke;

“It seems that this matter is really related to you, how did you do it?”

In the past few years, he had been in the countryside. The maid in the countryside always reported to her on their condition. In the past five years, they never left the countryside and Shen Da had been on the border. He couldn’t help Shen Liang. Where did he have the ability to do so much? Most importantly, how did he know that Princess Yuehua’s grandson was in the bandit’s den? Her elder brother said that His Royal Highness rushed directly to the bandit’s den last night. He had a clear purpose without any hesitation. He made it clear that the grandson must be in their hands. Could Shen Liang have been taken to the bandit’s den? Only managed to escape after seeing the grandson?

Was it… Wei clan who made a move?

Thinking of this, Liu Shuhan was horrified, not impossible. After the death of Wei Zeqian, General Wei asked the whole clan to guard the southwest border. If they really wanted to take action, how could they let the two little beasts suffer for so many years?

“Do you think I will tell you?” He stood up and walked in front of her and said in a cold voice.

“You, little beast!”

“Fifth young master!”

Liu Shuhan was very angry and slapped him. Qi Yue glared at her and wanted to rush over but two maids suddenly stopped him.


The slap sounded clear and everyone held their breath, opened their mouths in shock. It was Liu Shuhan who was beaten. Her face was slapped so hard, a red mark quickly appeared on her cheek. And the assailant still maintained his hand out.

“You think I’ll just stand and let you play.”

“Shen Liang!”


Shen Liang said and before he could retract his hand, a navy-blue figure suddenly swept over and a slap sounded again. But it was Shen Liang who got slapped, his thin body staggered several times. He almost fell to the ground, which shows how much power was used for the slap.

“Even if a mother dares to fight, who gives such courage?” The visitor was in his thirties and looked very brave. At this time, he was standing in front of Liu Shuhan and others, staring at Shen Liang with an angry face.

“Fifth young master!” Qi Yue rushed forward after regaining his senses, but Shen Liang pushed him away, raising his hand to touch his swollen cheek. He spits out the blood in his mouth, raising his head with his red eyes. He looked at the man;

“Which kind of mother is she? It’s just a successor. Only my daddy was the original Madam of Dongling Mansion, and he is the wife of yours.” The man in front of him is not someone else but his hatred. His bone-ridden father, Shen Ruiting, although the sad past life was over. All that remained in this life was hatred and vengeance. But when he saw him again, he rushed in and slapped him. Shen Liang found out that his heart was still uncomfortable. He was his biological father, what did he do to make his father hate him so much?

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