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ROTPE Chapter 13


There was lying on the table; dull cyan, black, bright yellow, verdant greens and dark blood red, the rest of the cloth looks like this. For an adult these colours are indeed gorgeous and bright, but for a fifteen years old these colours indeed were daring and couldn’t be sure if he could wear them well. If these clothes are made with beautiful needlework, it will easily give people the feeling of wearing a dragon robe, unlike a nobleman. This was why they chose the colours first. Anyway, the materials were excellent. If he really dresses like a jumping clown in the future, they can say he chose it himself. Shen Liang couldn’t help but sneer, but he remained silent.

Seeing that he hadn’t decided which colour to pick, everyone showed a gleeful look. As long as they were from the main family, the second and third family were hateful to them. They didn’t see any difference in Shen Liang. It would be best if he saw through Liu Shuhan and Shen Qiang’s intentions and tore them apart. The chaotic the main family could be, the happier they were.

Liu Shuhan and Shen Qiang, it was indeed their tricks. Can he be surprised? The name of an evil star was planted in his head, but they didn’t want people to know they believed those imaginary things. Both of them thought about it and chose this trick.


People have accepted their fate, what else can she say? Liu Shuhan suddenly was so speechless that she was blocked by Shen Liang. If this continues, she would really have to sit down and allude to his unfilial stepmother. If this was passed on, with the fact that she was rumoured as a murderer outside, then her reputation would totally in ruin.

“Okay, don’t speak anymore. Little five is back, why are you still mentioning those things?”

“Just red. Didn’t the Taoist priest invited by my mother say that I am an evil star? Red can suppress the evil spirit in my body so that I won’t be able to harm anyone here.” Picking up the red cloth, Shen Liang not only talked openly about evil stars but also said very meaningfully.

Everyone in the Nuan Pavillion couldn’t help but change their expressions slightly. Although most people knew the evil star was only planted to him by Liu Shuhan, what if it happened to be serious? A group of people felt a shiver on their bodies, especially Liu Shuhan and old madam. What happened back then, couldn’t be so perfect by the hand of Liu Shuhan alone.


“Look at what you said, do you intend to make your mother feel guilty? If it weren’t for Marquis’ childlessness and old madam’s concern, how could we invite Master Bai Yunguan?” Liu Shuhan said gently with a smile.

Handing the cloth to Qi Yue, Shen Liang turned around and casually found a chair to sit down;

“I didn’t blame anyone, just confessed my fate. Why should mothers think too much? People who don’t know may think I’m not filial to my mother.”

“Did mother misunderstand something?”

Old madam gave Liu Shuhan a look to shut her up, she said to Shen Liang kindly;

“Little five, now your eldest brother is third grade General, he is only one level behind your father. Don’t shame him, you can go to Tianmen Academy with Yang’er and others.” She never took this grandson seriously before, today he had repeatedly made her look at him with admiration. Presumably, it must be an accumulation of his grievances in the past five years. Fortunately, after messing around with the main family, she was relieved.

“Mother, little five just came back and no master has taught him seriously in the past five years. Now, let him go to Tianmen Academy. I am afraid he will not be able to keep up and he still has injuries. It is better to let him recuperate at home first. Ask a master to come and teach him, then let him go next year.” Shen Liang hadn’t expressed his opinion yet, Liu Shuhan first objected. Shen Liang was like a thin bamboo pole, if the wind was stronger, he would be blown away. This situation really made her not let him go out to meet people. If he really did, people would think she truly abused him and the original wife. At least, she had to make him fatter.

                    “Mother is worried. I haven’t learned anything in the countryside. Daddy left a lot of books back then, I read them all. It shouldn’t be difficult to deal with the schoolwork of Tianmen Academy. As for my injuries, it just looks scary. It isn’t serious.” Turning his head Shen Liang said with a smile, his eyes flashed with excitement. Want to use him to wash clean? Keep dreaming!

“How can self-learning be the same as teaching in the academy? Mother is also for your own good, could it be the fifth brother still hating mother and deliberately using this method to discredit mother?” Shen Qiang, who hates him so much, said with a smile. What she said wasn’t polite at all, everyone could smell the gunpowder. People in the second and third family were happy to watch the show.

“Students of Tianmen Academy also taught in different stages. Seventh sister likes to save others by herself and I have nothing to say. But isn’t the seventh sister afraid that I will not show up and people outside say you intentionally detain me? Now, my elder brother is well-known, there should be a lot of people who cared about the movement of his little brother.” A remark not only satirised Shen Qiang’s mind but also used Shen Da to threaten and intimidate them. The smiles on Liu Shuhan and Shen Qiang were already gone, Shen Qiang’s beautiful little face was even more hideous.

“Little five make sense. You can report to Tianmen Academy tomorrow. By the way, you are also fifteen years old. It is time to get married, if you like someone, remember to tell grandmother. I will help you investigate the background.” The old madam helped Shen Liang and mentioned his marriage, but she was obviously beating him. Once she was beaten by a snake for ten years, she was afraid of losing ropes. Just like Liu Shuhan in front of her.

Want to pinch him with marriage?

Hmph, even if he really wants to marry. She won’t have her turn to investigate. Who knows if she will investigate her granddaughter?

However, she reminded him that the marriage matter was the parents’ order and the matchmaker’s words. His marriage was temporarily out of his hand and he had to think of a way, otherwise, he would be too passive. Thinking about this, Shen Liang’s eyes were dark. He calmly said;

“Yes, there is grandmother.”

“Since mother said so, I can’t say anymore.” Liu Shuhan, who had returned to normal, saw that Shen Liang seemed to want to leave. She quickly said to old madam with a smile;

“Mother, little five has suffered in the countryside these years. I feel very distressed. Yesterday, as soon as he came back, I asked the housekeeper to select a few servants and give them to little five. Do you think he should take them back now?” On the surface, she was asking the old madam’s opinion but for Shen Liang once the old madam speaks, he just couldn’t want it.

“There should be more people to serve.” Old madam nodded in agreement, but…

“Hahaha…” Shen Liang laughed out loud at this moment, old madam and Liu Shuhan looked at him displeased.

“What? You didn’t want it?”

Little beast, really thought his wings would become greater once he grows up?

Faced with their anger, Shen Liang didn’t rush;

“Grandmother misunderstood. But grandmother and mother, you must have forgotten how small the courtyard I live in? Only with Qi Yue and Qi Xuan, it was a bit crowded, not to mention adding a few people. However, if grandmother and mother can convince father to move me to another courtyard, I’d be happy to have more people.”


The voice fell and the room was so quiet, only the sound of breathing could be heard. Old madam and Liu Shuhan’s face turned ugly. They just wanted to send someone and monitor Shen Liang but they forgot. Shen Liang’s residence was designed by Shen Ruiting, without his consent who would dare to change his courtyard? Shen Ruiting was also very adamant about it, otherwise Shen Da would have gotten a better courtyard for his brother. The most important thing was, they wanted to monitor him, not let him have a good life. Watching him sway in front of them all day long, it would make some people itched.

“Mother will talk about it later; I will tell your father about changing your courtyard tomorrow.”

Liu Shuhan gave the proposal and old madam waved her hand, pretending to be tired and yawned, she said;

“Okay, just go back if there’s nothing to do. This old woman is getting older and wants to rest. Little five, you have injuries on your body. Don’t do too much these days and take care of your body.” Although she intended to suppress her eldest son’s family, it is impossible to watch the reputation of Dongling Mansion suffer. There were still a few days left before spring break at Tianmen Academy. If you raise it better, you can grow some meat.

“Thank you, grandmother. The grandson will go back.” After that, Shen Liang stood up and turned around to take Qi Yue out. Liu Shuhan and Shen Qiang quickly followed him and left the courtyard. She stopped him and said;

“Little five, the people from Fei Yu Pavilion will come to measure your size later. Why don’t you go sit in mother’s courtyard?” There was no one around, Shen Liang didn’t bother to pretend, immediately said with a mocking smile. Obviously, they didn’t expect him to turn his face, Liu Shuhan stared, and the pretence on Shen Qiang’s face disappeared.

“Madam Shen, instead of playing a good mother in front of me so hard. It is better to be a good sister and send someone to her natal clan to find out. There should be something very interesting happening.” After that Shen Liang walked away.

Liu Shuhan was unable to recover for a while and finally realised that she seemed to underestimate him. After thinking about it carefully, in the Hexiang Courtyard whether it was going to the academy or cloth affairs, Shen Liang was very relaxed. They didn’t get any advantage but only repeatedly got internal injuries.

“Mother…” Holding her arm, Shen Qiang stomped her feet with anger.

“Damn, little beast!” After regaining her senses, Liu Shuhan gritted her teeth with bitterness. She looked away and was stunned by the little beast. As everyone knows, the more she hates the more she makes mistakes. If not, how could Shen Liang tear her layer of skin right now?

“Liang-liang, how do you know something is wrong with Madam Shen’s natal clan?” After the two walked away, they looked around and found no one. Qi Yue, who was holding the cloth, asked with a low voice.

“Why don’t you…”

“Shh… the wall has ears, I’ll talk later.”

Shen Liang smiled lightly, how could it be, okay? The abilities of Iron Guards weren’t blown out. Qin Yushen had some ideas back then. Unfortunately, Iron Guards were only loyal to Prince Qingping for generations and only Prince Qingping could command them. Otherwise, how could the old Emperor be willing to destroy them together with Pei Yuanxun? With their abilities, it shouldn’t take an hour to prove that Princess Yuehua’s grandson was indeed in the bandit’s den. It was inevitable to rescue him and some of the bandits would be left alive to be tortured for information, the rest was needless to say. Did Liu Wenjin not get any news this time?

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