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ROTPE Chapter 12


No matter when gossip was an invisible knife. In the past, Liu Shuhan and others made the best use of rumours. But now, he returned to them coldly. Unsurprisingly, after one night. There had been several versions such as Madam Shen’s murder and abuse of the original wife and they had spread all over Imperial city. Liu Shuhan and others who received the news early in the morning were so shocked they almost had a heart attack.

The old madam of Dongling Mansion was still there and not separated. In addition, Dongling Mansion also had second and third families. Compared with Liu Shuhan’s annoyance, the people in the second and third family were very happy and hoped Shen Liang could do better. Fortunately, Liu Shuhan’s mother and daughter have been torn apart. Since ancient times, it has been difficult for wives and concubines to get along. This situation in Dongling Mansion was particularly serious. The reason was that Shen Ruiting wasn’t an old madam’s son.

This was a long story. The old madam had been infertile since she married into Dongling Mansion, she was very jealous and she didn’t allow any concubines to get pregnant. After many years, the old master took a baby back and said it was born outside the mansion. At that time, an old madam who was in her twenties vomited blood. But she had to put the child in and became their eldest son. When the old master was happy, he directly asked to seal the child as his heir.

Unexpectedly, the old madam became pregnant soon and gave birth to twins at the same time, but by then Shen Ruiting was already the heir of Dongling Mansion. He was quite talented when he grew up. Old madam had no reason to ask to change the heir, she could only watch the position of his own biological son being occupied by him. But Shen Ruiting was very filial to his aunt, except for marrying Wei Zeqian at the beginning, he had never disobeyed her for many years.

Under such circumstances, how can the relationship between two families and the main family be good?

“Grandma, you eat.”

Around Chen Shi, the third family were gathered together in the Nuan Pavilion of Hexiang Courtyard. The second son of the third family, Shen Wang, who was only eight years old, picked up a pastry and brought it to the old madam’s mouth.

“Oh, my dear grandson. You still love grandma the most, unlike some people who always irritate me all day long.” While laughing, she glanced at Liu Shuhan intentionally, alluding to the rumours outside.

The smiles on Liu Shuhan and Shen Qiang’s face froze at the same time, then turned to normal;

“Mother is angry with little five?” Yes, Liu Shuhan was both the old lady’s eldest daughter-in-law and her distant niece. This was also one of the reasons why she was able to marry into Dongling Mansion when Shen Ruiting only liked Wei Zeqian.

“Eldest sister-in-law, little five, is still a child. If you encounter that kind of thing, can you just run home?” Before the old madam could speak, Zhao Lan, wife of Shen Ruiqing, the second family said mockingly. Liu Shuhan obviously wanted to push everything onto Shen Liang, how could she let her pick herself out smoothly?

The wife of third family, Lu Yang, hurriedly agreed;

“That is, although little five is not your biological son, he is also the young master of Dongling Mansion. Strictly speaking, his status is nobler than Xiao’er and Qiang’er. You are not afraid of sinking like this. Shen Da will be rushed from the border and chop your life. With the Emperor’s love to him and the love as an elder border, even if he chops your life, he will chop you gloriously. People care the most about fame, as long as Shen Da and Shen Liang live. They will always crush Xiao’er and Qiang’er.” Shen Qiang was still young and felt uncomfortable. Liu Shuhan quietly hold her hand, raised her head and said uncaringly;

“Third sister-in-law, you can eat anything but can’t talk nonsense. There is no public judgement in the Ministry of Justice. But the third sister-in-law here is saying gibberish, is there any evidence? If it is, don’t just talk here, go to the Ministry of Justice. I also want to know who is trying to murder little five.” Knowing the only thing happened was her maid, grandma Wei and others were all dead. Even the bandits are also dead.

“Look at what the eldest sister-in-law said, the third sister-in-law has always been straightforward. I guess she has taken the rumours outside seriously. I think it is too distressed for little five, why should you care about her?” Zhao Lan said stubbornly and alluded to Liu Shuhan’s stinginess.

“Is it true that some people understand the rumours?” Lu Yang muttered softly but didn’t say anything else. Because they all knew there was no evidence and she could only talk about it.

“Third sister-in-law, your outspoken talk has to be changed. We are family, you hear the rumours and accuse me of harming people. Everyone tells me that it’s okay. But you are not the one who was accidentally accused.” Looking at Zhao Lan, Liu Shuhan turned to Lu Yang while talking. She also glanced at the girl sitting beside Lu Yang, it was Lu Yang’s daughter Shen Jing. The only daughter in the third family.

“Eldest sister-in-law…”

“Old madam, the fifth young master is here.”

Following the maid announcement, Shen Liang walked in with Qi Yue. Everyone in the room looked at him, Shen Liang didn’t blink and was completely unbothered. His back was straight when he walked, his white clothes fell gracefully in his step just like a princess. Everyone was secretly shocked, how could a person who had been raised in the countryside for five years have such a noble aura.

“The grandson visits grandmother.” Ignoring the look of everyone, Shen Liang went straight to the old madam. When he wasn’t far away, he bent over and smiled. Before she could react, he smiled and said;

“I haven’t seen you in five years, is grandmother okay?” Such an attitude, as if the grandparents and grandchildren had a good relationship. All the people here know how timid and cowardly Shen Liang was five years ago, always hiding behind Shen Da’s back. For a while, they couldn’t react. The old madam is still sitting on the couch with her other grandson.

“It is reasonable that the grandson should come to greet grandmother yesterday, but the grandson was covered in blood and filthy, for fear of disturbing the grandmother. He could only come today, please forgive me.”

Even though no one cared, Shen Liang still smiled and acted slightly careless. After a night of rest, his complexion looked much better. The beautiful appearance combined with his natural calm temperament; people were reluctant to look away. It also stung many people’s eyes. Just made them jealous of his beauty.

“Fifth brother, how is your health? It’s almost late coming here.” Shen Qiang who was good at pretending. She usually acts immature and innocent. But now, she tries to be mature. She had discovered yesterday that Shen Liang was not only good-looking but had an extraordinary temperament. Today, he washed away the dirt from yesterday and his face looks much better. Even in coarse clothes he still looks gorgeous and magnificent, making people crazy with envy.

“Seventh sister blames me for being late?” Turning around Shen Liang smiled and glanced at the old madam for an unknown reason.

“Don’t dare, younger sister just worried…”


Shen Qiang was scolded by an old madam before she could finish speaking, her smile froze on her face, she didn’t understand where she provoked the old madam. Her mother, Liu Shuhan sighed helplessly and pulled her hand to hold her back. But she looked thoughtfully at Shen Liang, trying to tell whether what Shen Liang did was intentional or unintentionally.

When no one noticed, Shen Liang’s eyes quickly flashed with ridicule. Mocking old madam, Liu Shuhan and Shen Qiang. The old madam deliberately made a distant niece to marry Shen Ruiting, trying to use her to control Shen Ruiting. It was best to destroy his reputation and future, then regain his status as the eldest son of Dongling Mansion but not the heir. She never dreamed that Liu Shuhan wasn’t so easy to handle. The Liu clan, Liu Shuhan’s backers, also became prosperous because of Liu Wenjin. On the surface, Liu Shuhan indeed was her niece and eldest daughter-in-law but she was also her enemy. It was strange that there was no contradiction between them.

Shen Liang actually didn’t do anything just now; he was reminding old madam that this was her pavilion. Although he was late, he also gave a thoughtful explanation. Before she had spoken, Shen Qiang jumped out first onto him. Didn’t that mean Shen Qiang had no scruples and had no respect for old madam?

Facts had proved that old madam was also a human being and the conflict between them was indeed deep.

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