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ROTPE Chapter 11


Before he reached ten years old. Shen Da, his elder brother, would personally teach Shen Liang how to read and write. Later, he went to the countryside, under servants’ bullying, he had no time to practice calligraphy. When he was fifteen years old in his previous life, his writing was so ugly, when he went to Tianmen Academy people often laughed at him. Of course, some secretly use their power. Every time he was bullied, Liu Shuhan would comfort him heartily and tell him that he was the young master of Dongling Mansion, even if his writing was not good it didn’t matter. Whoever dared to laugh at him, he would call the party back. 

Also, Madam Shen often went to Tianmen Academy to beg for justice for him. He was truly moved back then. He felt that Liu Shuhan was better to him than to Shen Xiao and Shen Qiang.

Students of Tianmen Academy were children of imperial and noble clans. All of them were teenagers, frivolous and rebellious. How can they tolerate him asking the elders to come forward? Every time Liu Shuhan went to the academy, the bullying intensified. Over time, he had become the public enemy. No matter whether he provokes others or not, he would get bullied.

At that time, where were Shen Qiang and other Shen children? Seemed to be watching and laughing secretly, right? It was also at that time, Qin Yunshen’s act of protecting him made him moved, he fell so deep for him then loved him for ten years, then became his princess.

He used to be a fool!

Shen Liang couldn’t bear to look at his past stupidity, he sneered and said;

“The calligraphy is born as you wish, as long as you let go and it will be good-looking.”


Were they three years old children?

Qi Yue said angrily;

“Liang-liang, please be careful when you lie to us. Can you not treat us like a stupid child?”

“Yes, Liang-liang, you can’t teach us like that.”

“Is it obvious to you? Let me just say, how can this reason be deceiving?” Shen Liang smiled at them.


Do you want something to cover your face?

Qi Yue and Qi Xuan lost the battle. Was their family’s Shen Liang face too thick? If they continue like this, when the eldest young master comes back they will not be able to look at him in the fast?

“Liang-liang writing is better than others. Eldest young master will be very happy to see it in the future.” Thinking of the eldest young master, Qi Yue’s expression changed, the sword on the battlefield had no eye, the eldest young master’s life we never know. He had made outstanding achievements in the first year, he must have worked harder than them, right?

No one knows better than them, the eldest young master did all this for Liang-liang and he would be the backer of Liang-liang!

“Elder brother…”

The smile on his face became stiff, Shen Liang unconsciously stroked his chest. Every time he talked about Shen Da, his heart would ache severely, his brother and Wei clan had become his heart disease.

“Xuan-ge, you don’t have to go to Hexiang Courtyard with me. Take this outside and make a door plaque, hang it outside the courtyard. By the way, go to Yin Alley and ask for someone called Fu Yunxi, ask him and find out his condition clearly.” Trying to suppress his intense heartache, Shen Liang picked up the paper and handed it to Qi Xuan. Fu Yunxi, he must get this person soon.

“Fu Yunxi?” Qi Xuan blinked after receiving the paper, as if to ask who Fu Yunxi was.

“A very important person, I’ll talk to you later.” Seeing him doubtful, Shen Liang comforted him.

“Yue-ge, Xuan-ge, you grew up with me since I was a child. I was fine when my elder brother was here. In the past few years, you were also with me in the countryside. I don’t know how much trouble you have because of me. I know that you don’t treat me as the master, I also treat you as my brothers to protect and love. In my mind, you have always been my older brothers.” After thinking twice, Shen Liang decided to clarify something with them. Although Qi Yue and Qi Xuan were not stupid. Some things were still very blurry and they were too kind. There was nothing wrong with kindness but some people didn’t deserve it. And being kind is also dangerous to oneself, it can hurt yourself and other people around you if being used.

There was a saying in the art of war. You must first settle the inside when you fight outsiders. Before dealing with outsiders, it was important to arrange your own people. All unfavourable factors must be suppressed before they grow.

“Why are you talking about this? Eldest young master trusts you to us, of course we will always protect you.” Their feelings were like brothers. This was a fact they all knew but no one said it. Let Shen Liang be the one who said it, they were a bit embarrassed. Shen Liang was the master; how lucky they were to meet him and have a brother who never disliked them for being a servant.

“In this mansion, apart from each other, we are all enemies. When I come back this time, I will no longer think about how to please them. It is also impossible for them to treat me like a relative. Conspiracy and tricks will emerge endlessly. You are the people I care about. I hope you can stand on the same side with me. Don’t believe what others say or do. You must keep in mind that they are the enemy!” His expression was cold and his tone also solemn. 

Those beautiful eyes were sharp like a blade, his whole body was chilled. Qi Yue and Qi Xuan were shocked, after a while Qi Yue frowned and said;

“Marquis Dongling is also an enemy? He is your father after all. Even tigers don’t eat their children. He…” Halfway through, Qi Yue couldn’t say anything. He remembered when Liang-liang had just been born, other servants said he was almost thrown to death by Marquis Dongling. They had taken care of Shen Liang for ten years; they only met Marquis Dongling when they drove Liang-liang to the countryside. He had never been to this courtyard, let alone caring for Liang-liang. If there was a little bit of Liang-liang as a son in his heart, it was impossible to ignore him like this. Was it possible Marquis Dongling didn’t know the difficulties they had in the countryside all these years? Had he done something? And the bandits, as the head of the clan, did he really not know at all?

The more he thought about it, the more Qi Yue felt cold and distressed. It was clear that Shen Liang was the young master of Dongling Mansion and biological son of Marquis Dongling. But he treated him like an enemy, maybe even worse than an enemy.

When the biological son was like this, how about other people? It was no wonder that Liang-liang could say these things. It was so chilling.

“If you can’t do it then leave. I don’t want to see you die in front of me one day.” Looking at them deeply, Shen Liang added another fire. Closed his eyes and something came into his mind. It was all the scenes of Qi Xuan framed and beaten to death with a stick. At that time, he could do nothing but cry. Now, he will protect them but he also needs their cooperation. 

Otherwise, it would be good to expel them, at least they would live a good life.

“No, Liang-liang. I’ll listen to you, don’t drive us away.” Qi Xuan couldn’t help it after hearing this. They were orphans. After leaving Shen Liang, they didn’t know where else to go. It was hard to survive, not to mention Shen Liang was in a dangerous situation, how could they leave him?

“Liang-liang, let’s do what you want. We will support you, don’t say anything about letting us leave. Even if it’s for our own good, we will get sad. The people in the Shen clan, we only recognized you and the eldest young master.” Qi Yue had thought thoroughly. After experiencing the bandits, Liang-liang obviously had a lot in his mind. From now on, they just listen to his instruction. Even if they couldn’t help, at least they didn’t hold him back.

“Oh…” If he could, Shen Liang actually wanted them to leave, he didn’t want them to see those disgusting and dirty faces.

“Since you are unwilling to leave, please remember what I just said. Dongling Mansion is not my home. There are no family members here. Everyone wants me to disappear. If you don’t pay attention, we may have no bones left. No matter what you do in the future, be mindful. 

Don’t always think people are good, the more they are smiling at you, the more they are likely to stab you in the back.” His tone was very light, but his words were very heavy. They didn’t want to leave, so they had to learn a lot.

“Yeah.” Qi Yue and Qi Xuan nodded their heads. They would work hard for Shen Liang.

At this moment nobody knows, but from this on they would become the nightmare of Shen clan and many other people in the future.

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