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ROTPE Chapter 10


“Hm…” As the sky was brightening, Shen Liang frowned on the bed and let out a groan. The moment he turned over, a sharp pain came from his arm, his closed eyes opened slowly. His eyes were filled with confusion and impatience. Obviously, he just woke up, he still couldn’t remember. It took a while before he realised that he had been reborn and returned to ten years ago.


Turned over and sat up on the bed, his quilt slipped down to his waist. Shen Liang looked down at the white clothes on his body and his injured arm. The wound was clean, there was some pain but someone already helped him to dress his wound. At least, no blood was seen outside the bandage. Yesterday’s rain and wind, he was feverish and injured, he slept till the next day. At fifteen years old, he was physically better than Shen Liang expected, he couldn’t help but wonder how he could survive under Shen clan’s pressure.

“Liang-liang, are you awake? Why don’t you call us?” Qi Yue, who heard the movement inside, walked in with a tray. Qi Xuan also followed by carrying a tub of hot water.

“Just awake, what time is it?” His uninjured hand opened the quilt. Shen Liang looked outside the window; it was still grey. It should be around mao shi.

“At the moment, the fever is already gone and the wound has stopped bleeding.” Qi Yue stretched out his hand to touch his forehead, quietly sighing in relief.

“Liang-liang, come here, wash your face and rinse your mouth.”


Shen Liang got up obediently. After Qi Yue and Qi Xuan were killed in his previous life, no one really cared about him anymore. Now, he was being treated like this again, Shen Liang felt sour in his heart. How he used to say he was the Empress. In this time, no one would believe him, after all he was still nothing right now. It was a pity that he didn’t have a choice to stay low in this life. Heaven has eyes and gives him a chance to come back. He wanted to avenge the bloody hatred of previous life, even if he had to bring down this Great Qin Dynasty!

“Liang-liang, you… are there any discomfort?” Qi Yue, who had been packed up, looked at him worriedly. They always felt that Shen Liang had become a little different since yesterday. What was the specific difference, they couldn’t tell?

“Huh?” Shen Liang raised his head to look at them and beckoned them to sit down.

“No one was bothering you yesterday, right?”

Yesterday, he targeted Liu Shuhan and Shen Qiang at the entrance of Dongling Mansion; they would never let him go. Perhaps his approach was a bit aggressive, after all he was still nothing. Liu Shuhan could kill him as easily as an ant, but he had endured enough in his previous life. Right now, he didn’t want to endure it anymore, from the beginning he didn’t think of living in peace with them.

“No, it was when I went to collect the monthly allowance and daily necessities, the housekeeper said he would ask Madam Shen first then he would give it all to me.” The two looked at each other and Qi Xuan shook his head.

“It’s strange, yesterday you didn’t wake up all night. So, we went to see the housekeeper, asking him to open a small kitchen temporarily. We thought he wouldn’t agree but he also took the initiative to take care of all the things needed for the kitchen.”

Not only that, the housekeeper even said if the furniture in the house couldn’t be used, they could tell him and he will replace them with new one. The housekeeper was Madam’s person, he shouldn’t treat them this good. Qi Yue and QI Xuan discussed for a long-time last night but couldn’t guess the purpose.

“Hahaha… not surprising, Liu Shuhan cares about fame the most. Since I’m back, sooner or later I will go out and meet people. Now my elder brother has outstanding military merits, everyone praises him. People must be very curious about me, if the people that I live with here in Dongling Mansion are not as good as the servants. What will everyone think of Liu Shuhan as Madam Shen? Not only that, she will do anything possible to keep me healthy in the shortest time. Don’t be polite, just ask them if you want something.”

Shen Liang explained Liu Shuhan’s intentions. He had seen this trick too much in his previous life. After marrying Qin Yunshen, he did know many tricks of the backyard house of the fourth prince. Later, he became an Empress and had his own palace. The struggle between concubines had intensified and tricks became crueller. He didn’t understand and didn’t care about them. If he guessed correctly, Liu Shuhan would try her best to kill him again. Would she succeed this time, he didn’t know?

Thinking of this, a sneer appeared on Shen Liang’s lips. This time he wouldn’t cooperate stupidly, it was unknown who would be send to kill him!

“Then, we don’t have to live a hard life anymore?” Qi Xuan was still innocent, even Qi Yue shook his head at his comment.

“Don’t just look at the surface, Madam wants to kill Liang-liang. Dongling Mansion is no better than the countryside, you have to use more brains in the future.”

“Well, you are right Qi Yue, I will try to talk as little as possible. The people in the countryside are easy to read, Dongling Mansion’s people are different. They’re deeper and we don’t know how many tricks they have.” Shen Liang nodded in agreement. Originally, he was worried that Qi Yue was too kind. Now, it seems that his kindness depends on virtue. He saw clearly the mind of the Dongling Mansion’s people. But…

“I know, they are Madam and Shen Qiang’s people, right?” Qi Xuan who was continuously educated by her brother and Shen Liang was not upset. On the contrary, he smiled carelessly, and both Shen Liang and Qi Yue laughed. If they can, they really hope Qi Xuan can keep his innocence.

“Liang-liang, the bandits, do you really plan to let Madam Shen go? Even if you don’t go to the Ministry of Justice and expose her, at least you can tell Marquis Dongling? This time she did too much, they want your life ah.” Qi Yue frowned and talked about yesterday’s topic. Shen Liang shook his head;

“They don’t want my life; they just want the bandits to kidnap me and ruin my reputation. With that brother’s reputation will also get ruined because of me.” As for Liu Shuhan and her kidnapping Princess Yuehua’s grandson. Shen Liang didn’t tell them.

“Bang!” Even so, Qi Yue and Qi Xuan couldn’t help being angry. They were also a ger, ger’s reputation was like a woman’s fame, more important than life. They want to make Shen Liang lose his life, even the eldest young master didn’t let go. The eldest young master was giving a lot of fame to Dongling Mansion, Liu Shuhan. She really deceived people.

“Liang-liang, let’s go see Marquis Dongling.” After a while, Qi Yue grabbed Shen Liang’s hand and got up. But Shen Liang pulled back.

“What about telling Marquis Dongling? Will he do things without evidence? Even if he believes us, can he punish Liu Shuhan for me? Qi Yue, have you forgotten who Marquis Dongling hates the most?” Liu Shuhan and others hate him, he can understand. But his father hate so much, Shen Liang couldn’t understand. It was a lie if he said he didn’t feel sad. Only, he had been broken in previous life, since he didn’t regard him as a son, he didn’t think of him as his father. In this life, Shen Ruiting was also someone he wanted to ruin.

“Then, let them go just like this?” Qi Yue and Qi Xuan’s eyes were red, they didn’t want to forgive it at all. Their teeth clenched strongly, how could they treat Liang-liang like that?

“It’s impossible to let them go. Don’t worry, they owe me and I will get it back slowly.” After that, Shen Liang got up and patted them on their shoulders, he walked to a simple desk and took out paper. Picking up the pen, he wrote down: ‘Reappear after poisoning, the nightmare strikes and all the wicked people will be drowned in this nightmare.’

“Liang-liang, why are you writing…”

Became so good-looking

Looking at the paper, Qi Yue and Qi Xuan both showed surprised expressions. The words were stroked with calm and softness, but there was a hint of broadness and magnificence, they look so beautiful like a floating clouds and dragons.

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