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ROPE Chapter 37


Liu Shuhan’s reputation was already tarnished. But if you didn’t pour more dirt on it, she could wash it clean again. If some things are remembered by someone, there will be no chance to clean and you may even lose your life. For example, the Liu clan’s connection with the bandits. It seemed like nothing, just little things in the backyard of Dongling Mansion but if someone was not careful, it could be the knife that cut someone’s life.

“This minister is wrong, not only has the fifth young master changed. His speech also becomes quite clever. The bandits have nothing to do with this minister and his sister. Fifth young master has no evidence, the reputation of us, brother and sister, has been tainted because of it.” Almost exhausted, Liu Wenjin used all his self-control not to rush over and kill him. His words were forced through his gritted teeth.

“They are all dead, of course, there is no evidence. It was only the words of Master Liu and Madam Shen.” Shen Liang wasn’t naïve to think he would confess his sin, he immediately changed the subject;

“Unexplainable things don’t make sense to talk about anymore. Do you still have to check my carriage?” With those words, even if he had the official decree, he wouldn’t dare check his carriage. Unless he was truly desperate.


Liu Wenjin hated him, his eyes staring at him fiercely then he raised his hand;

“Let them leave.”

“Yes.” After all, the other party was a young master of Dongling Mansion and his aura was quite suppressing. The soldiers didn’t hesitate any longer and finally gave them away.

“Hehehe… It seems that Master Liu doesn’t have an official decree so he dares not to follow me to the Ministry of Justice.” Shen Liang smiled so brightly then turned around and got into his carriage.

 Until Shen Liang’s carriage disappeared in the rain, Liu Wenjin didn’t respond. His face was black and his eyes gloomy. The soldiers were shrinking a little. They heard Shen Liang’s words, maybe tomorrow morning there will be a decree to impeach him from the emperor because of the bandit’s case, especially Princess Yuehua and Prince Duan never gave up looking for the real culprit.

“Go back.” With a big wave, Liu Wenjin turned his horse and led the soldiers quickly.

“The Liu clan is still so shameless. Even if he dared to claim to be your uncle, he clearly wanted to tarnish your reputation. He is so deceitful. Liang-liang, why did you let him go? You should take him directly to the Ministry of Justice. Let’s see how he explains it to them.” Qi Yue’s eyes were red with anger. He obviously didn’t do anything, why are those people always coming to trouble them?

“Since you know they are shameless, why should you talk with them?” Shen Liang shook his head amused and handed him a handkerchief to wipe his face, Qi Yue was still angry;

“Can’t I be angry? It’s so shameless of them.”

“Okay, stop getting angry. There will be a lot of these kinds of things in the future. How can you cry every time in anger? Be careful you will hurt your eyes.” Of course, he was also angry but he didn’t take it to heart. There was nothing he could do about this anger, so it was better to get over it and think of another way to pay them back.

“Liang-liang, why didn’t you take him to the Ministry of Justice?” There was another person who was angrier than the two of them. Qi Xuan’s voice suddenly came from outside the carriage. Shen Liang only laughed and said;

“Do you really think he has no official decree? The Taishi Mansion’s treasure was stolen and the emperor ordered the entire city to be searched. He insisted that he didn’t know who we were. What can we do about him? Don’t forget when I came back, it’s been ten days, what would others say if I got to the Ministry of Justice again? Besides, I am still a ger. Once my reputation is ruined, how can I discuss marriage in the future? The people in Dongling Mansion probably jumped in happiness.”

Most importantly, Shen Ruiting’s hatred to him if his reputation was ruined, in order to save his elder brother and Dongling Mansion’s reputation, Shen Ruiting probably married him off to a trafficker or poor family and severed their relationship.

Thinking of this, Shen Liang felt cold and painful.

“Sorry, we thought it was too simple.” Qi Yue finally realised that he was too impulsive and felt guilty. Fortunately, Shen Liang had been teaching him recently, expanding his knowledge. When it came to this matter, he was still stupid and almost ruined Shen Liang’s future and the eldest young master’s reputation.

“No, Liang-liang. If it was like what you said, why didn’t Liu Wenjin follow us to the Ministry of Justice?” Qi Xuan reacted quickly, Shen Liang leaned back and smiled;

“Who knows? Maybe he was confused. After all, Princess Yuehua Mansion has refused to let the bandit’s affair go.” Shen Liang didn’t tell them the truth. He knew why Liu Wenjin didn’t dare to go but now, there was no need to tell them.

“He deserves it, it’s better to piss him off.” This was a bit childish, but it didn’t seem strange when Qi Xuan said it.

“Liang-liang, what if your words reach Marquis Dongling’s ears…” Qi Yue looked at him anxiously. Dongling Mansion had sent Liang-liang to the countryside claiming he had been ill since little, after all, Marquis Dongling was a senior minister of the Imperial court. If people knew that he believes in ghosts and curses so much, the decree of impeachment may fly from the Royal Study Room to their mansion. Although there were all kinds of rumours about Shen Liang’s reasons for living in the countryside, there was no truth in them and everyone didn’t care about it much. But today, Shen Liang personally said that he was named as an evil star, Marquis Dongling and Dongling Mansion’s reputation could fall apart and Marquis Dongling would get angry with Shen Liang.

“What’s the matter then?” Everyone in Dongling Mansion scolded him and hated him, he had been used to it. Anyway, he already chooses his elder brother. What does Dongling Mansion and Shen Ruiting have to do with him?

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