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ROPE Chapter 22


“Fifth young master, this is your clothes. Would you like to try them?” The scene was embarrassing. Fei Yu Pavilion’s shopkeeper bought Shen Liang’s clothes and quickly said with a smile. He had to remind himself, Dongling Mansion had nothing to do with them, they were business and businessmen only pay attention to make money. No one wanted their shop filled with messy things.

“Alright.” The goal had been achieved. Shen Liang didn’t bother to talk at Shen Qiao and he said;

“Eighth sister, if it’s okay. I’ll try on my clothes first.”

“Well, okay.” Her hands holding the handkerchief tightened. Shen Qiao nodded.

Shen Liang and Qi brothers followed the shopkeeper to the fitting room. The clothes made by Fei Yu Pavilion didn’t need to be said, Shen Liang didn’t try himself, only asked Qi Yue and Qi Xuan to try them. He also ordered more clothes for them and picked some accessories like head crowns.

“Fifth young master, it may take some time for your other clothes, I will send them to Dongling Mansion when it’s all done.” Only two clothes were made for Shen Liang in three days. A whole piece of cloth could be made into a few sets. The shopkeeper said with a smile while receiving the money, Shen Liang nodded;

“Okay, send it directly to my courtyard without passing the people of Dongling Mansion.”

After Shen Liang stood up, the Qi brothers who had already tried on their clothes picked up their purchased items. The shopkeeper enthusiastically sent them out. Shen Qiao was no longer there. She shouldn’t have had no face to stay and went home crying.

“Liang-liang, it’s getting late. Let’s go back.” The three masters and servants drove their carriage to the largest medicine shop in Imperial city to grab some medicine materials. During this period, Shen Liang accidentally heard the news of the bandits committing suicide. For a moment, he was surprised not because Liu clan could escape but Pei Yuanxun let them commit suicide. Of course, this was because he didn’t know that Pei Yuanxun wasn’t involved in the bandit’s investigation.

“No, go to Tison House, we will eat outside.”

Shaking his head, Shen Liang closed his eyes and leaned against the carriage. Liu Wenjin was an Imperial official, fourth-rank position. Even so, he couldn’t kill people easily. Could it be, he already works together with Qin Yunshen? In his past life, he knew that the Liu clan was Qin Yunshen’s people after he married him. But he didn’t know exactly when they started working together.


Seeing that Shen Liang was a little tired, Qi Yue didn’t say anything. He lifted the curtain and said to Qi Xuan before sitting back, looking at Shen Liang quietly. After several days, they knew that Shen Liang had changed and hidden a lot of things from them. In the beginning, they would ask questions, and sometimes Shen Liang answered or went around in a circle. After some unanswered questions, they stopped asking, as long as it was Shen Liang, they would follow him.

Tison House was a large restaurant in Imperial city. It had a lot of branches in other cities. Their clothes were too simple and again, called some attention when they came in. But they didn’t care, only asked for a box and went to the second floor with the worker. They waited until the food was served but Shen Liang didn’t move his chopsticks. Instead, he loosened the bag he had brought from the carriage.

“What are you doing, Liang-liang?” Qi Yue and Qi Xuan looked at him strangely when they saw he took out grey clothes from his bag.

“I have to go out for a while, you just have dinner here. Remember, don’t let anyone in.” Changing his clothes, Shen Liang styled his hair to cover his face a bit.

“Go out? Let us come with you.” Qi Yue stood up when he heard it.

“Yue-ge, Xuan-ge, you can’t go. I don’t know if someone is watching us, we have to be careful. You must stay to cover me. Don’t worry, I won’t go far from here and I’ll be back soon.” Shen Liang quickly stopped them.

“But…” They were still not sure. After all, Shen Liang was really weak and looked easy to bully. Although he was no longer a soft persimmon, they still worried.

“No, this is an order.” Shen Liang said sharply.

“Liang-liang…” They were both startled. Qi Xuan wanted to say something but was stopped by Qi Yue. He shook his head at him, Qi Yue turned to Shen Liang;

“Liang-liang, you have to be careful.” Shen Liang was different than before and they should trust him more,

“Yeah.” Without saying anything, Shen Liang nodded, turned around, and listened to the sound outside. He stepped out and walked out while making sure no one saw his movement. Qi Xuan wanted to follow him but Qi Yue stopped him.

“Yue-ge, Liang-liang is still a child. Just in case…”

“No, Xuan’er. Excessive protection will only harm Liang-liang, even if we follow along, we can’t help him. It’s better to stay here, let’s help with what we can do.” It’s impossible to say they weren’t frustrated. The master they had been protecting was growing up and they became more useless. But they had to admit since Shen Liang had grown up, they also had to.


Qi Xuan was still pure and impulsive but he wasn’t stupid. He sat weakly after hearing Qi Yue. After a long time, he raised his head and said;

“Yue-ge, I want to learn martial arts.”


Qi Yue raised his eyebrows, then quickly said;

“Alright, learn a little bit first and footwork is good. At least, you can defend yourself. When we go back, I will tell Liang-liang, I should learn something too. Can’t be left behind.”

They weren’t afraid of being tired or hardship. They were afraid of being abandoned by Shen Liang. The three of them had been dependent on each other since childhood, and had long regarded each other as important relatives.

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