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ROPE Chapter 19


Luo Feng Pavilion wasn’t an ordinary place and the people who came here were also not ordinary. As soon as the carriage driven by Shen Liang stopped outside, a man dressed in plain clothes rushed over and took their carriage with a respectful attitude. Shen Liang was okay, he had seen everything in his past life, but Qi Yue and Qi Xuan were embarrassed by being treated respectfully for the first time.

“Liang-ah, fifth young master?” Seeing Shen Liang looked up at the top, Qi Yue also looked up curiously but saw nothing.

“Go in.” Shen Liang concealed the strangeness in his heart and led them into Luo Feng Pavilion indifferently.

“I’m Lian Ying, what do the guests need?” Another young man who looked no more than twenty years old greeted them with a smile. Qi Yue and Qi Xuan both looked at Shen Liang, they didn’t know why they were here.

“Sell something.” A glance at the luxurious decoration in the shop, Shen Liang answered.

“Then, guests please.” At first glance, he knew that the other party was an insider. Lian Ying made a gesture and led them to a spacious box before asking;

“What does the guest want to sell? Can you take it out first? Let me identify it?” Luo Feng Pavilion wasn’t a pawnshop, everything they collected must be valuable.

“You can let your shopkeeper come. The value of what I want to sell is too for you to evaluate.” Shen Liang looked at him, not despising but merely stating the fact.

“This…” The man undaunted and said;

“According to the rules of Luo Feng Pavilion, no matter how precious the treasures, they are required to be identified first. To determine the value of your treasure. I hope the guest can understand.” When dealing with people who are knowledgeable and well-informed, naturally we could see their calmness and extraordinary aura, even if the clothes were plain and poor.

“The blood jade, I know its location.”

“Guest, please wait a minute!”

Shen Liang’s voice fell, Lian Ying’s face changed drastically. He turned and left the box. After only three of them, Qi Xuan asked curiously;

“Liang-liang, what is Luo Feng Pavilion? What is blood jade and how do you know its location?”

Qi Yue was also curious like him, the three of them lived together almost inseparable, how could Shen Liang suddenly know a lot of things?

“The wall has ears; I will talk to you later.” A meaningful glance at the screen separating the box from outside. Shen Liang picked up his teacup gracefully, he has no martial arts and he didn’t know if someone was spying on them. But in this kind of place, there must be some special devices. So, it was better to be careful.

“Yeah.” Qi Yue and Qi Xuan weren’t teenagers who just returned from the countryside a few days ago and didn’t know anything. They had been changed, after he said that, they retreated and stood behind him.


The box’s door was opened and a slender handsome young man wearing white clothes walked in. Behind him was Lian Ying.

When they were looking at him, suddenly a whistle sounded and the man rushed in and sat down beside Shen Liang.

“I’m Chu Li, Luo Feng Pavilion’s shopkeeper. I don’t know who the son’s surname is? Is there any marriage match?” Chu Li looked at him fascinatingly, he was so beautiful. Shen Da actually had such a beautiful younger brother.


What’s the matter with this strong style of greeting?

Not only Qi Yue and Qi Xuan, even Shen Liang was stunned, seriously questioning whether this man was an undercover agent sent by a gangster.

“Third brother, I think I’d better throw him to the eldest or second brother.” In the next box, through a special screen, Xiao Muchen was unable to control himself when he saw this scene. It was shameful and too embarrassing.

“Yeah.” Pei Yuanxun said, his eyes were firmly locked at Shen Liang. First the grandson, now the blood jade, even his Iron Guards couldn’t find this information. How did he know?

“Shen Liang, fifteen never married.” After being dazed, Shen Liang smiled and answered him.

“Huh?” Obviously, Chu Li didn’t expect his reaction. His eyes flashed before he said with a smile;

“Good age, fifteen is the age when you can get married. Marry sister or ger?”

“I’m a ger.” He picked up the teacup and shook the tea leaves floating on it, he said calmly and drank his tea admiring the man’s astonishment.


“Cough, cough…” Chu Li suddenly coughed unnaturally. Why did he feel like he was being teased? An illusion, it must be an illusion.

“Is it time to get married?” Putting down his teacup, Shen Liang reminded him. A few people’s next boxes were twitching their mouths. Now Chu Li was very sure that Shen Liang was teasing him.

“Hahaha… I like him, he’s funny, look at fifth brother’s face. It’s almost black.” Xiao Muchen was laughing loudly, Pei Yuanxun couldn’t but smiled amusedly. Looking at Shen Liang, the more he is interested.

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