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ROPE Chapter 18


The state of Qin is a big country, the imperial city covers a huge area, subdivided into four major urban areas in the southeast, south, and northwest, and the Tanglin Waiting House is located in the Dongcheng District, which is located in a bustling area, Shen Liang’s carriage they took did not take a while to drive into the commercial street, but Shen Liang did not let Qi Xuan, who drove the carriage, go to Feiyu Pavilion, but let him drive the carriage to Luo Feng Ju.

Luo Fengju sounds like the name of the courtyard where people live, in fact, it is a trading house, the business is also very strange, they sell a lot of things, but there is no fixed thing, as long as you want to buy, whether it is article news or human life, here can undertake, but also as an intermediary to help matchmaking to do business, in a word, as long as you dare to buy, he dares to sell.

Of course, if you want to sell something that is really good, they will also buy it, or find a buyer for you and earn a commission.

Shen Liang in the past life should not have known about the existence of such a place, or Qin Yunshen told him, because he coveted Luo Fengju’s financial resources and asked Shen Liang’s Nether Dark Guard to help investigate the master behind it, but unfortunately, the Nether Dark Guard had not yet found out who that person was, and Luo Fengju suddenly closed and never opened it again.

“Third brother, why did you come early in the morning?”

On the third floor of Luo Fengju’s residence, a slender man rubbed his eyes and walked into the house sleepily, not forgetting to yawn when he was dissatisfied with the questioning, a look that had been completely hollowed out.

“Old fifth, be careful, which day the kidney is lost and who will cry?”

The man in brocade sitting at the table with Erlang’s legs crossed leisurely fanned the fan and teased.

“It’s better than you’ve never lost, the girls’ good, you old maid can’t understand, get out of the way, I’ll talk to the third brother.”

The man walked over and kicked open his long legs, sat down rudely on the side, took a sip of strong tea and drank it fiercely, and the man in the brocade who was kicked away by him was not annoyed, and said Youzai Youzai: “Old maid? You’re talking about the third brother, right? Almost forgot, the big brother seems to be a virgin ah, sigh… I had to write a letter to my eldest brother and ask him to see how his beloved fifth had buried him in the ground.

“You roll!”

Receiving a red fox on his shoulder, a meaningful glimpse of a man dressed in gorgeous purple, the man’s vicious eyes, dead Mu Chen, will find something for him, the third brother is the master who can casually offend? The beast of his garden was probably the first to say no.

“Is there any news from the second elder?”

Too lazy to take care of the two of them, the man in purple, that is, Pei Yuanxian sat by the window and idly looked at the traffic below, when he saw the carriage approaching from a distance, if there was a seemingly innocent tick on his lips, if he was not mistaken, that groom was a cool person, right?

“The war in the northwest is getting more and more fierce, fortunately, with the help of Shen Da, it is still under control, but the second elder said that he will send someone back for a while and let you take care of it on your behalf, at most for a year, and the northwest army will inevitably be victorious.”

Speaking of the right thing, the man swept away the previous sluggishness, but when he talked about the people that the second elder was going to send back, his face was difficult to hide the doubt, several of their brothers were among the dragons and phoenixes, and the second brother Huo Yelin was in charge of thousands of armies and horses, and the things he was unwilling to say, even they could not investigate.


Pei Yuanxian casually responded, got up and leaned against the window edge, and below, Shen Liang just jumped off the carriage, I don’t know if Shen Liang was too sharp, or his gaze was too **, Shen Liang suddenly raised his head after standing still, but unfortunately Pei Yuanxian stood in the dead corner of the line of sight, he didn’t see anything, and soon lowered his head to lead people into Luo Fengju.

“Shen Da’s younger brother?”

I don’t know when the man in gold clothes who leaned over raised an eyebrow, he had never seen Shen Liang himself, but he had seen Shen Da and all the people in the Shen family, Shen Liang and Shen Da looked quite alike, basically recognized at a glance.

“Well, Chu Li, let people stare at him and see what he has come to Luo Fengju to do.”

Nodding, Pei Yuanxian walked back and sat down, Shen Da, a brother who had just returned from the countryside, had never been out of the Hou Mansion in the past few days, how could he suddenly come to Luo Fengju? Is it simply a casual stroll, or do you know the business behind the fall of the phoenix house? Personally, he was more inclined to believe the second guess, but how did he know? There are a lot of secrets in the little guy.

“You suspect that thing is on him?”

The folding fan in his hand shook leisurely, and Xiao Muchen’s eyes were deep.

Chu Li was also slightly shocked: “Really? “You can’t let go of any possibility until you find another way.”

Pei Yuanxian didn’t say anything, the red fox lying on his shoulder didn’t know when it had jumped down on his legs, and the slender fingers with distinct bones were slowly rubbing its blood-red fur.

Xiao Muchen glanced away from each other, and the latter silently turned away, obviously to carry out Pei Yuanxian’s orders.

“Third brother, where are you going?”

The strange thing is that Pei Yuanxian also stood up, Xiao Muchen could not hide his doubts, Chu Li, who was about to walk to the door, also looked back, Pei Yuanxian did not have any pause in his steps, and the corners of his lips were faintly smiling: “Let’s go and see.” 


The third brother is afraid that he is not possessed by a demon, right?

The question in the minds of the two people, this kind of thing still needs him to go out personally?

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