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The Diary Of A Spirit Messenger

The Diary Of A Spirit Messenger

As a Spirit Messenger, I was reincarnated in a monster-infested earth.

But here, there is no such thing as a spirit.


Monsters? Dungeon? Those sorts of things are for hunters to solve, right?

As a non-awakened person, I just had to enjoy the normal life I had dreamed of.

But by chance- which wasn’t really by chance- I touched an unidentified egg from dungeon.

「 Congratulations! ‘Yu Ina’ has awakened! 」


I could hear my soothing life moving away.


[Hahaha! She’s a contractor!] [My contractor!]

“Who’s your contractor?”

It was already sad to be a spirit messenger again, but the spirits only caused accidents.

That was not even the end of the matter.

“If you want to get out, get out.”

I’m ranked No. 1 in Korea, which somehow ends up with me being treated as a part-time nanny.

“Now that I see you, you’re a special person.”

To the head of the Hunter Association, who drags luxury sedans around and puts me in trouble.

“I want to get closer to you. As a person to person.”

Even the guild leader of the big guild that we encounter often!

“Everyone, get lost.”

Give me back my peaceful life!

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