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LASR Chapter 15


Chapter 15 Carrying a Scandal

When the shooting schedule entered the second half, Li Shuangquan finally contacted the media to visit the set.

The entire crew stayed in the valley for several months to create the set. Although Li Shuangquan did not expressly prohibit access because of the terrain, the crew naturally formed an enclosed feeling. As a result, when the reporter came, everyone knew it.

 Li Shuangquan knew what the reporter was most interested in, so he didn’t call Song Que and the others. He let the two young people who played the younger sister and Lin Pingzhi show their faces first.

The reporter initially wanted to gossip about the relationship between this little girl who looks a lot like Zhang Menglu and Song Que. But after seeing her performance during the interview, what else did they not know? The little couple didn’t even want to hide it. It was a very sweet interview, all that missing was public disclosure.

Really because of the title of Little Zhang Menglu, there was no shortage of topics. Look at the young man next to her, whose appearance was above average in the entertainment industry. No matter how you look at it, there will be a bright future. And this kind of high value, both in and out of the play, like a CP; no matter how you want to broadcast it, it is easy to become a fan.

Thinking of this, the last question asked to the young couple was about themselves; they were not related to Song Que. The two were entirely consistent, and it was a good interview.

The interview with the young actors soon came to an end. The reporter swiftly appeared in front of Song Que and the others.

Song Que and Wang Yi have no scandals, but Song Que and He Wanting does. This reporter can be called by Li Shuangquan, which naturally means they have a good relationship. If he asks about the mistress rumors, he is afraid he’ll be unable to get out of the crew.

The reporter was a little distressed for a while.

Song Que, Wang Yi, and He Wanting sat under the tree with an electric fan blowing on their faces. The heat of summer was well-deserved for its reputation. The weather was too hot. Several people have hoods and thick clothes on their bodies. 

Song Que touched Wang Yi’s head and sighed, “Thank you for your hard work.”

But these words sounded gloating in human ears, making Wang Yi beat him after hearing it. Yilin was a little nun and had no hair. Naturally, Wang Yi couldn’t really shave her head. She wrapped her hair tightly in a wig, pretending to be shaved, and the hair was compacted. Inside the wig, it was hotter than Song Que wearing a hood.

The reporter immediately found the topic and said, “Are you two very close?”

Song Que said, “Xiao Yi is like my sister.”

The reporter laughed: “Is it like Xiao Zuoyi and Xiao Zuoyun?”

This question points to the previous cooperation between the two of them. Secondly, the hint was ambiguous but not too direct and standard.

Wang Yi said: “Xiao Zuoyi is not so much older than Xiao Zuoyun.”

Song Que said with a smile: “It’s my mistake; Xiaoyi should call me uncle.”

Wang Yi spat: “Take advantage of this sentence, and you will take advantage of me by raising seniority, right?”

Song Que smiled without saying a word, turned to He Wanting, and planned to raise some topics for her.

The reporter understood and asked some questions. While waiting for an answer, he saw something fall from the tree. Before he could shout, be careful. He saw Song Que, who was initially focused on watching He Wanting answering the question, who seemed to have eyes on the top of his head. Looking up, Song Que grabbed the thing, saving He Wanting from being smashed.

He Wanting didn’t know what was going on until this action was completed. Still, she saw the reporter’s eyes were always on the top of her head, and then she raised her head subconsciously; Song Que slowly withdrew his hand.

The reporter asked curiously: “What is it?”

Song Que stretched out his hand in front of the camera. It was a strange fruit, which seemed to grow on the tree, and fell down because of its weight. That thing was ugly, but it looked a little better in Song Que’s big, well-defined palm.

This thing wasn’t heavy, but it was not light either. It would hurt slightly if it fell from a tree and hit He Wanting’s head. Even if it wasn’t serious, He Wanting would probably make a fool of herself in front of the camera because she was frightened. The reporter company said that it has a good relationship with Li Shuangquan. Still, it just doesn’t deliberately provoke embarrassing topics. If there is any lousy video accidentally, it will be released for popularity.

He Wanting naturally understand this point, but she just smiled at Song Que without being overly excited. This sense of security Song Que gave her too many times. Although this is not unique to her, she also knows that anyone can be with Song Que. She and Song Que cannot be together, but this is enough.

Several people did not take this interview too seriously because they were all used to this way of warming up the drama through a few footages and a few interviews. These videos often didn’t cause much splash; at most, it was only to let the fans know that there was a new drama and then spread it more widely through the fans.

But this video is on fire.

Song Que, a person who disappeared for a long time, took on the traffic responsibility. It may also be because he doesn’t appear very often that his fans were keener to search for his new news every day, which means “hunger marketing.” This video was first discovered by Song Que’s fans and reposted. But later, more and more passers-by participated because Song Que was so handsome.

“Seriously, does Song Que have eyes on top of his head? After seeing it several times, it was impossible for Song Que to see where the fruit fell, but Song Que really noticed it all at once. He suddenly looked up. The speed seems to have stayed the same, the angle and looking up and reaching out almost simultaneously. It feels like he found out there was a sneak attack without even looking at it, hahaha.”

“Could it be the sound of the fruit falling?”

“Does the upstairs know how small this sound is? It’s not as obvious as in movies and TV dramas. It is unlike something a normal person can hear in a noisy and distracting environment. Even if you hear it, the response speed is amazing.”

“So handsome. Are you actually discussing such a scientific question?? I just want to be that ugly fruit, lying quietly in the hands of Uncle Song.”

Because of Wang Yi and Song Que, many people began to call Song Que Uncle Song. In fact, male stars in the entertainment industry rarely position themselves at this age. Xiao Xianrou will directly become a middle-aged role after passing. This transitional stage was so attractive because of Song Que.

“No need to mention it, Brother Song’s hands are beautiful, and Brother Song’s hands are really handsome. And the three of them have a good relationship, and they don’t make people feel ambiguous or stir up scandals. I like this partnership. “

Many people thought it was dull to remake a martial arts classic every few years. Still, after watching this video, they gradually began to change their minds. What’s there to see in martial arts? It was the most incisive ties of friendship in the rivers and lakes and the dazzling martial arts. They didn’t know how Li Shuangquan would show this love, but Song Que really has the expression of a man of the world. It makes people look forward to him playing such a young hero. Everyone went back to watch Song Que’s play in 《The Return of Yan》. The more they watched it, the more they felt it was worth looking forward to, which made 《The Return of Yan》 inexplicably famous again.

On the side of the director Lou, the film was finally set, and the schedule was appointed in December, which can be said to be very bold.

After getting the news from Director Lou, Song Que asked Li Shuangquan to take a leave. Li Shuangquan was a little reluctant, but then he thought that Song Que’s efficiency and ability to maintain state could be made up as soon as he returned. Finally, he was happy to let him go.

Song Que and Director Luo attended the film conference together and met the long-lost Lin Tiancheng. The questions at the film conference were not tricky. Several people completed the release easily and then went to a few places for the offline announcement. As for the online publicity, the trailer made a splash once it was released because of the popularity of Song Que and Lin Tiancheng.

The clip was edited from Lin Tiancheng’s point of view. Several crime scenes were cut through, and the dimly lit set presented an excellent scene. In an instant, Chen Jingwen calmly escaped his guilt and turned back with a slightly provocative smile. The next scene switches to Lin Tiancheng looking for Song Que’s help, and then the set is treated with a dim yellow tone. It is the scene where Song Que solves the case, Song Que confronts Chen Jingwen, and the last dark scene is from many years ago when Chen Jingwen was innocent. When he was released, he gave Song Que a provocative smile.

After Song Que had watched it, he had to say that the clipping of this clip was too misleading. Although there was no fake footage, he cut out the process of jointly solving the case with Lin Tiancheng. However, he could understand that Director Lou wanted to leave the suspense in the movie and then reveal it, so he didn’t say much.

This film has good quality, and although it is difficult to see the screenwriter’s reasoning skills, many people decided to watch it when it was released. As for Song Que’s fans, they were adults and had a lot of purchasing power. Usually, it was tough to see Song Que. He wouldn’t be in variety shows if he didn’t advertise his works. The dramas he was shooting seemed to be filming forever, and the fans’ appetites were full. At this moment, the money in their pocket was finally valuable.

Director Lou was happy to see this situation. He has artistic pursuits, but that didn’t mean he didn’t love money. If Director Lou had to choose one, he might find a balance among them pitifully. Still, now Song Que has good acting skills and appeal and even brought Lin Tiancheng up. No matter how Director Lou thought about it, he felt that his decision was extremely wise.

Song Que returned to the group to film after confirming that the publicity was in place. Li Shuangquan treated him generously. Song Que also didn’t make a fool of himself. Instead, he tried harder to make up for the missing days. Shot the scene when his followers rise in revolt and his closest friends forsake him, this scene also brought the staff into that scene.

Some staff had been working on the set for a long time and were used to seeing actors who could not even be saved by editing. For the first time, they began to believe that such things as acting existed.

However, Song Que is so dedicated that he falls to the ground after the performance, terrifying the people around him. It turns out he is tired and fell asleep; that episode became a legend and joke in the crew.

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