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LASR Chapter 14


Chapter 14 Carrying a Scandal

After Song Que and He Wanting officially acted against each other. Song Que determined that He Wanting’s Weibo account was most likely managed by herself, and her personality was indeed a bit irritable. In the past, her weibo was controlled by her manager. But one time she couldn’t hold back posting, and thus accidentally setting up a straightforward persona. Seeing that it worked out well, the agent let He Wanting manage her own Weibo and only reminded the girl to let him take a look before posting on Weibo. Nevertheless, he was still afraid of her overdoing it.

Don’t look at He Wanting’s Weibo addressing him as “Teacher Song” as if she has a good relationship with Song Que. In private, she didn’t even want to talk to Song Que. In her eyes, the reason she has the black name of a mistress is partly Song Que’s responsibility. The statement he made was too innocuous, and it was not strong. After He Wanting scolded people on Weibo, she followed the follow-up. Knowing Zhang Menglu has a handle on Song Que in her hands, she secretly scolds the two couples for making trouble and involving her innocently.

In a sense, Ren Yingying fell in love with Ling Huchong at first sight and adored him with deep love and righteousness, which was the opposite of He Wanting’s attitude towards Song Que. She was not a particularly strong actor, which made her act in a way that defeated one’s purpose. Even the little junior sister was slightly better because of her innocence, not to mention that with Song Que’s help, she could act as a little junior sister who was ignorant of worldly affairs and subconsciously disrespectful to the eldest senior brother.

He Wanting heard the gossip on the set, gritted her teeth and studied, and finally gave a decent performance, but only half of Ren Yingying’s style was shown.

If it was usual, Li Shuangquan might have given a pass in the face of such an overdue performance for fear that it would drag on and affect the mood of the entire crew. But after seeing Song Que’s acting skills, he felt that this play could become the most classic adaptation in recent years, so he called it to stop again and again. In the end, he didn’t save face at all and made Song Que take her to find the feelings and shoot the part of Lin Pingzhi and his junior sister first.

He Wanting’s eyes were red and angry. Song Que had no choice but to take the person to a remote place. After confirming that there was no staff around, he said, “You hate me?”

He Wanting move her mouth as if she wanted to admit it, but she endured it and finally glared at him.

Song Que was delighted and said, “It seems you hate me. Then what I say next may make you hate me even more.”

He Wanting opened her eyes.

Song Que said: “If you want to act well, you must have at least one of these two, have the same feelings for the actors who are working together in the role, or have excellent acting skills. You can continue to hate me, but your acting skills can’t get any worse. “

He scolded her for her bad acting!

He Wanting was really angry. It’s not like she has never played against him. Did she not know what level he was? Big brother doesn’t laugh at the second brother. How dare he say that?

[means that the two are almost the same, so don’t make fun of each other]

During the scene, He Wanting ignores Song Que. One was because of the psychological factor, and the other was that there were many close-up scenes in this scene and fewer rival scenes. Her cognition of Song Que’s acting skills was still stuck in that fluttered drama.

Seeing that she was not convinced, Song Que opened the cell phone that he hadn’t seen much in the past few days. Fortunately, the assistant had been charging the phone, which could be used now. He opened the part where he received the lunch box and showed it to He Wanting.

He Wanting didn’t want to watch it at first, but her mind was a mess after finishing watching it. Her acting skills were not very good, but she has worked hard. As long as you watch it carefully, you can still see the brilliance of other people’s performances.

Song Que also provoked her: “Don’t talk about me. You are not even better than Xiaoyi; Xiaoyi will join the group soon, don’t let people think that Ren Yingying is not as good as Yilin.”

He Wanting turned her back and wiped her eyes. She thought Song Que was not the same on the outside and inside. Being so gentle and polite in front of others, and so much ridicule towards her. But the more he did, the less she wanted to be looked down upon.

Song Que saw she wiped her eyes and felt a little guilty.

He Wanting said: “Is it possible that you want me to stop hating you?”

Song Que said: “No, but if you want, I want you to improve your acting skills, at least when facing me.”

Since Song Que came to this world, he has always been warm and generous to others. He just has a sharp tongue. Although he felt a little guilty, he felt more like-“It’s a little cool.”

System: “…” Please don’t. Its host was doomed to be alone for a lifetime. Bullying a girl can make him so happy?

He Wanting was angry and aggrieved, and she responded stubbornly.

Then Song Que asked her to act in front of the tree and took a video with his mobile phone. After the filming, he asked He Wanting to come over to watch and complained that she was useless. After finishing, he said: “This video is a hostage, and if you act badly again, I will post it on Weibo.”

In He Wanting’s heart, Song Que is a person with a flawed character. He was capable of doing this, and He Wanting’s face turned pale.

Fortunately, Song Que did not blindly threaten her but gave some pointers and help. Under the threat of the video, He Wanting did her best to perform the scene. In addition, Song Que was constantly analyzing the characters’ psychology for her. She gradually entered the scene, and finally, she could feel Ren Yingying’s mood. If He Wanting meet Ling Huchong, I’m afraid she would fall in love with this person too. Seeing Song Que on the side, He Wanting emphasized in her heart she would still hate this Ling Huchong actor as always.

After Song Que took He Wanting back, Li Shuangquan understood what Xiao-Lou meant by bringing new people.

As for He Wanting, she can even act against a tree. What is so tricky about Song Que? She was a little happy when she thought Song Que was the same as a tree.

He Wanting was originally good-looking, but she acted in the wrong direction before, making people feel she was not beautiful but rather vulgar.

With He Wanting getting better here, Wang Yi finally joined the group.

She took the initiative to say hello to Song Que, but Song Que sensed something. When Wang Yi said all the greetings that should be said, the two walked together to chat.

Wang Yi was the first to call out “Brother Song,” looking obediently.

In the last variety show, the few seconds when Huang Cheng hesitated was when she was most helpless, but Song Que decisively helped her. When Song Que carried her on his back, the adrenaline was so frightening because of running and jumping, but she felt a long-lost sense of security. It’s okay to say she’s timid. Compared with a hopeless lover, she was willing to take a step back to become a younger generation to be taken care of. She is willing even if there is no ambiguous element in this concern.

Song Que didn’t directly break it, but he also realized something from her attitude and was very happy that the girl had moved on.

“The living conditions in the group are not very good. If anything is missing, I will find you, Brother Song.”

Wang Yi nodded, smiling slightly.

Wang Yi has made her decision, and her actions were also trying to lean in that direction, but emotions were not something that can be taken back in a short time. However, her feelings for Song Que and Yi Lin’s feelings for Ling Huchong are somewhat similar, so it was more effective for the play.

He Wanting was secretly shocked watching from the side, but being compared to Song Que was not fatal, but being compared to an actress in the same group was hard to say. Even now, her and Wang Yi’s performances can’t be said to be equal, but the gap will not be too apparent in the eyes of the audience. And Yilin’s role was less than her; she still has room for improvement!

Even if He Wanting has been slandering Song Que at this moment, she has to admit that without his help, she will not be able to make much progress in a short time.

He Wanting become more competitive and work harder. Director Li watched this scene and smiled at Song Que but did not say a word, obviously very happy to see this happen. Due to He Wanting unconsciously seeking Song Que’s approval, Director Li soon misunderstood thinking that something must have happened between them. Song Que was speechless, but he couldn’t explain it so as not to overcomplicate things and end up giving himself another problem.

Song Que was innocent here, but the little junior sister did a fake show with Lin Pingzhi’s actor. Both were fledgling young actors, their skins were in good condition, and they looked youthful. They can only be regarded as people who have entered the entertainment industry with half their feet. They have never seen the cruelty and inversion of black and white in this circle. Although they initially tried to cover up the scene, they still showed some secret friendship.

Song Que was reading the script on the reclining chair, and after hearing Zhenzhen’s laughter, he glanced there and saw that the two were flirting and sighed inwardly; it was nice to be young.

He Wanting didn’t know where she came from. She followed his gaze and glanced at him. She cut it and asked, “Are you jealous?”

Song Que glanced at her speechlessly and said, “There’s nothing to be jealous of, but I’m a little envious. .”

He Wanting rolled her eyes and asked, “What’s the matter with you and Zhang Menglu? Do you still like her?”

Song Que put the script on his face, intending to cover his face for a while.

He Wanting was going to take away the script; Song Que held the script and said unhurriedly, “You can consider the role of A-Zhi next time.”

[A Zhi (阿紫) One of the characters in the series Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils]

He Wanting walked away, and Song Que took off the script. Who knew He Wanting came back and asked, “Do you hate me?”

He Wanting looked like if he dared to nod, she dared to cry on the spot, but what else could Song Que say? Moreover, although his original intention was to stimulate her, she seemed a little too irritated now, so he had to shake his head.

He Wanting wanted to say something, but Wang Yi came over after a scene.

“Brother Song, my phone is out of power, please lend your phone, and I’ll call the agent.”

Song Que didn’t even think about it. He handed the phone directly to Wang Yi.

He Wanting felt uncomfortable looking at it. The mobile phone was a very private thing; he was so casual?

Wang Yi took the phone, made a call, and came back soon.

He Wanting suddenly said, “Can you lend it to me too?”

Song Que didn’t know what the crazy thing this girl was doing today, so he handed over the phone.

He Wanting had imagined in her heart that he would hesitate… but he didn’t. She finally felt a little better, took the phone, and suddenly had an idea. She wanted to take the opportunity to delete her video; she opened it and found that Song Que had already deleted it.

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