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LASR Chapter 12

Chapter 12 Carrying a Scandal

At the end of the game, Wang Yi slowed a little bit and seemed to have something to say to Song Que. A group of people went back backstage. Seeing that no one was paying attention, Wang Yi said, still with a little puffed up: “My agent and Huang Cheng’s agent were discussing firing CP.”

[Firing CP means the act of creating rumors that two actors who played in a movie or TV show have a romantic relationship in real life. Primarily the purpose of such an act is to draw public attention to the movie or the TV show]

This is quite common in the circle. It was not to ask them to act as a couple to deceive the audience. It was more like adding fuel to the flame to meet the needs of CP fans.

Song Que held a neutral attitude towards this kind of thing, neither supporting nor opposing it. He nodded, indicating that he heard it.

Seeing his unmoved appearance, Wang Yi felt a little sad and angry and said stiffly: “I know you don’t like me, and I only have a crush on you. I just don’t want you to misunderstand me as the kind of person who says she likes you and gets entangled with others. I am innocent.” 

To be honest, Song Que likes Wang Yi, this little girl. From her previous cautiousness, it can be seen that she was a smart and ambitious girl. But despite knowing the risks, Wang Yi also remembers his kindness and compensates for her guilt. She was in her prime, and the circle had many choices with similar positions and potentials. A rational girl like her, who made such a choice under such circumstances, apart from being sincere, can only show that she was mentally prepared to bear the consequences.

But the cuter this girl was, the less Song Que could give her a chance. After all, this wouldn’t be his last world. If he can only give her a passing status, how can he expect her to spend her life?

Song Que said: “I know you are excellent. I’ll give you a big gift when you get a boyfriend.”

Wang Yi stomped her feet angrily: “Who wants your gift?”

Song Que smiled but said nothing.


The long-awaited 《The Return of Yan》 has finally aired. It surpassed the hottest historical drama and the two modern dramas that were broadcast at the same time and became the most popular plot drama on Weibo. The search volume of the leading actors also jumped up.

The press conference that no one cares about has been searched while waiting for the update. Then Song Que’s martial arts without using wire was made into a gif, reposted by major marketing accounts. Another wave of fans came in.

Ke Ai couldn’t stop her smile. She always felt that Song Que was too introverted and not very good at getting things done, which might not be conducive to attracting fans. But she didn’t expect that the real him who was inadvertently revealed would always be able to get the love of others in unexpected ways.

Song Que was highly suitable for historical dramas. In the play, the sense of aristocratic family he emits is unique. Moreover, he was too low-key outside the scene, making the face fans have too little material to lick, and they were all crowded out into the TV series.

[Chinese internet slang means to admire]

Xiao Zuoyi was a talented and romantic figure regardless of appearance or character. The earlier scene was elegant and unconventional, not counting the suffering in the later stage. Although he was wicked, his wickedness came from his suffering, and his wavering made it hard for people to hate him. And he looked talented and romantic, and he was very affectionate. Needless to say, the audience felt the extraordinary tension between the brother and sister from first sight.

In the beginning, everyone was just self-obsessed, crying and shouting that they accidentally stood on the wrong CP ship again and would be abused after watching the drama. But looking at it, the audience felt more and more that Xiao Zuoyi treated Xiao Zuoyun specially. When Xiao Zuoyi’s adopted son’s identity was revealed, someone slapped his thigh: “Damn it, this ship really has a show!”

However, this CP will still end up in the street.

The audience who stood on the wrong ship only had time to see the feeling of this pair of CPs but had no time to foresee the misery of this pair of CPs. But before the end came, the discussions of Xiao Zuoyi and Xiao Zuoyun on Weibo were about love.

The other side was not as calm as here. Wang Yi and Huang Cheng exchanged a few words on Weibo. Huang Cheng’s girlfriend fans keenly felt that the situation was wrong and were wailing everywhere. Wang Yi’s Weibo was all black.

[Full of vicious comment]

In fact, Wang Yi and Huang Cheng were very compatible in appearance, status, and age. Still, the backlash from fans was particularly significant. The CP fans born because of the TV series temporarily belong to the disadvantaged group. They were overturned by the girlfriend fans before they had time to say a word. Wang Yi was scolded as good for nothing. Wang Yi has been smooth sailing since her debut, receiving most of the love and praise. How can she stand this battle, some people’s words are repulsive. Taking advantage of the opportunity of being anonymous on the Internet, they can’t wait to use words as a knife to stab people’s hearts.

So Song Que did not hang up in a hurry when he received Wang Yi’s call but patiently waited for her to speak, but he could only hear Wang Yi’s breathing, she never spoke, and Song Que never hung up. Song Que will not feel sore hands, so he kept holding his phone, nothing else, just wanted to let Wang Yi know that he was still there.

 Wang Yi gently said “Thank you” before hanging up the phone.

Song Que felt more distressed for this little girl.

Although he didn’t know what his identity was, what relatives he had, and how long he had lived, Song Que always felt that if he had a sister, it would probably look like Wang Yi.

Didn’t know how Wang Yi’s agent and Huang Cheng’s agent negotiated. There were still many loving interactions between the two on Weibo. With the progress of the TV series, Xiao Zuoyun was on par with Yan Ra; subtle and warm emotions were interspersed. In the brain-burning conspiracy, it seems more and more exciting. The weak CP fans grew stronger daily, and Wang Yi’s Weibo was finally no longer unilaterally blood bathed by Huang Cheng’s girlfriend fans.

Song Que paid attention to the follow-up of this incident, thinking that Wang Yi was planning to use violence to control violence and use poison to fight poison. She always felt she was in trouble with Huang Cheng’s girlfriend fans because of her stubborn temper.

But it’s good to get through it, and it’s great to be able to be full of vim and vigor.

With the high ratings of《The Return of Yan》, Song Que and the crew were invited to participate in the variety show. This variety show was activity-based. It has specific requirements for physical fitness and motor nerves. Those with IQ can also shine. It was the most popular variety show at the moment. More popular than any other talk show. So the crews choose this variety show after weighing over and over.

Song Que counted. When the variety show was over, it was just when Xiao Zuoyi was getting his lunch box. Thinking about it, he felt it was not very friendly to the audience, but it might be the effect the crew wanted.

[He fan (盒饭) literally mean lunch box. It was used to describe the actors who have finished all their scenes or the character has died]. 

There were not many actors coming this time. One was a matter of time, and some of the older main actors were getting old and stayed away from this kind of running and jumping variety show.

In the end, only Wang Yi, Song Que, Huang Cheng, and Zhang Ting, who played the male protagonist’s good brother in the play. But these were also the characters that attracted the most attention from the audience in the early stage.

At the beginning of the game, there was a problem with grouping. Let’s not mention how the fixed guest team made a joke. When it was Huang Cheng’s turn, something went wrong.

Huang Cheng hesitated between Zhang Ting and Wang Yi.

If he chose one decisively, it wouldn’t make people feel weird. Zhang Ting’s face froze; he didn’t expect to be forced to get involved.

The regular guests also noticed something was wrong and was just about to help avoid embarrassment on the scene. Song Que stepped forward, turned to Wang Yi, and said with a smile, “This won’t do. It suddenly occurred to me that I’m more familiar with Xiao Yi. If she was kidnapped by Xiao Cheng, wouldn’t it be embarrassing for Zhang Ting and me to form a team? Xiao Cheng, would you let me choose first?”

Zhang Ting quickly understood, hugged Huang Cheng’s shoulder, and said, “Yes, Ah, Brother Cheng, don’t leave me. I’m your favored general, your brother! The most important thing is that I don’t have a rivalry scene with Brother Song, and I don’t want my awkward chat with Brother Song to be too naked on the screen.”

Several guests were amused and, by the way, cared about the opponent’s play. After all, both had the most important roles in the early stage aside from the male and female protagonists. How can there be no rival scenes?

In fact, the two of them have only a few scenes together, and in those scenes, one is the protagonist, and the other is the background board.

Today’s show was the first cooperation between Zhang Ting and Song Que, and they quite have a tacit understanding.

Song Que didn’t know what happened to Huang Cheng, but he was also slightly annoyed. Those things in the past can still be said to be the agent’s decision. Still, today’s matter shows that his emotional intelligence was not high, and he was somewhat indecisive.

The matter of frying CP was not only unilaterally decided by Wang Yi’s side; if Huang Cheng wanted to do it, just do it well. At first, Wang Yi was hurt by his girlfriend fans. Huang Cheng gave some particular directions at these times. During this time, the girlfriend fans who finally calmed down a little bit were going to make trouble again, like being injected with chicken blood.

[Da Jie Xue (打鸡血) means being excited] 

Thinking of this, Song Que originally wanted to keep a low profile. The plans for letting the little fresh meat show up were also scattered.

[Xiao xian rou (小鲜肉) is a Chinese buzzword describing handsome young man celebrities. Particularly a rising star]

So in the next project, everyone clearly saw what it meant to be crushed. Don’t say that the winner has no effect on the program. In fact, crushing was very easy to lift the audience’s emotions, and it will make people can’t help but watch the next project to see if this person can crush it to the end.

Among the regular guests, there was also a strong and sturdy person who played this role. Occasionally, it will be done by other people by releasing the water. However, because this arrangement can’t release water obviously, the person who made it was not as exaggerated as Song Que.

[Fang Sui (放水) release water, it has many meanings. Here it was describing that someone can win but for some reason deliberately doesn’t show all the strength to let the opponent win]

Especially in the most intuitive running, Song Que carried Wang Yi, and Huang Cheng carried a regular female guest in their team. The weight of the two was not much different. At the age of twenty-five, Huang Cheng was at the age of fierce dragons and tigers, but under the background of Song Que, it was like a candle in the wind, and he was utterly run-wasted. He did not perform well in the next few sessions. Not to mention Song Que’s limelight, even Zhang Ting, is better than him in terms of humor and emotional intelligence.

To be honest, Huang Cheng’s physique was precisely what he should have at his age, but Song Que couldn’t help but deliberately fight with him, making him run out of fuel.

So as soon as the show aired, his girlfriend fans were heartbroken, wondering why Huang Cheng’s physique was so bad.

The creature-like girlfriend fans prefer the fantasy brought to them by the actor rather than an actor’s work. When this illusion was shattered, Huang Cheng’s excellent acting skills in 《The Return of Yan》 failed to stop them from shedding fans.

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