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PSLMD Chapter 66


Chapter 66 – Yan Xiaosi Gets Angry

When Ms. Zhong realized Yan Xiaosi’s intentions, her face suddenly changed with fear.

Although Yan Xiaosi dressed as a man, she was still a woman, and having such intimate contact with a man could ruin her reputation if it got out.

So, Ms. Zhong was very anxious and tried to stop her.

“Xiaosi, what are you doing…”

But before she could finish her sentence, Yan Xiaosi’s lips were already pressed against Long Hao’s, blowing air into his mouth one breath after another.

She was a doctor, and mouth-to-mouth resuscitation was just a life-saving skill for her. At this moment, there were no romantic feelings between her and Long Hao as their lips touched, so she didn’t think it was a big deal.

Yan Shuqin, Yan Shuxue, and Yan Shuyun blushed when they saw the two men kissing. Long Hao was actually meditating to heal faster, and at the most critical moment, he felt something soft pressing against his lips. Then, a breath was forced into his mouth, causing his heart to tighten and almost disrupting his meditation.

“Yan Xiaosi, what are you doing?” Just as Yan Xiaosi took a breath and was about to continue blowing air into Long Hao’s mouth, a cold voice suddenly sounded in her ear. She found the voice familiar, so she raised her head and saw Long Hao’s slightly reddened eyes staring at her.

“Cough, cough…”

Long Hao suddenly woke up, scaring her into choking on her saliva.

“You finally woke up, Brother Long. If you didn’t, I would have had to dig a hole and bury you.”

Long Hao sat up and wiped his lips with his sleeve.

Yan Xiaosi was somewhat irritated by this action.

She didn’t mind the rash on his face when she performed mouth-to-mouth resuscitation, but now he seemed to mind her.

“Mom, make less dinner tonight. This ungrateful man isn’t hungry.”

Yan Xiaosi angrily turned around and stormed out of the room, leaving Long Hao with a puzzled look on his face.

He had only wiped his lips with his sleeve because they felt a little numb.

“Brother Long, you fainted, and Xiaosi did that to save you.”

Yan Shuqin shook her head at Long Hao, thinking that he had gone too far this time.

“Brother Long, you fainted, and Xiaosi was very worried.”

Long Hao’s actions had also angered Yan Shuxue.

Yan Shuyun continued, “Brother Long, you misunderstood Xiaosi.”

Ms. Zhong was the most heartbroken. She sighed deeply and said with profound meaning, “Young Master Long, you have no idea how much Xiaosi has sacrificed for you.”

A girl’s first kiss is so precious, and Yan Xiaosi was willing to give up her first kiss to save this man. Almost interrupted by Yan Xiaosi, Long Hao was then accused by Ms. Zhong, Yan Shuqin, Yan Shuxue, and Yan Shuyun. At first, he found it inexplicable, but when he learned that Yan Xiaosi’s actions were to save him, he felt warm inside. However, due to his personality, he didn’t say anything to Ms. Zhong or Yan Shuqin and didn’t go out to explain anything to Yan Xiaosi.

Yan Xiaosi had already had intimate contact with a man, and there was nothing Ms. Zhong could do to change that. She sighed again and went to the kitchen to cook.

Yan Shuqin, Yan Shuxue, and Yan Shuyun followed her to the kitchen.

As soon as the three daughters entered the kitchen, Ms. Zhong immediately gave a serious order, “Qin’er, Xue’er, Yun’er, you must not tell anyone about what just happened.”

Yan Shuqin answered, “Mom, we know that even if Xiaosi were a man, having such intimate contact with Brother Long Hao would be inappropriate. We won’t tell anyone about what happened.”

Yan Shuxue and Yan Shuyun also obediently nodded.

Only then did Ms. Zhong feel relieved, thankful that no outsiders had witnessed the event.

Seeing that it was getting late, she quickly asked Yan Shuqin and Yan Shuxue to help her with dinner.

Yan Shuyun went out of the kitchen and searched around the dilapidated temple but didn’t find any trace of Yan Xiaosi, so she went back to the kitchen and asked Ms. Zhong, Yan Shuqin, and Yan Shuxue, “Mom, eldest sister, second sister, have you seen Xiaosi?”

Ms. Zhong replied while washing rice, “A cow just moo’ed, so your fourth brother should have taken the old yellow cow to graze.”

“Yun, take those five meat buns to Young Master Long.”

After thinking about it, Ms. Zhong no longer blamed Long Hao for his actions towards Yan Xiaosi.

After all, he didn’t know that Xiaosi was actually a girl, and waking up to find that he had been kissed by a man would surely make him uncomfortable.

Yan Shuyun took the now cold meat buns and entered the room where Long Hao was sleeping.

Long Hao’s face was pale because his meditation had been disrupted by Yan Xiaosi, and sweat was beading on his forehead.

Seeing him like this, Yan Shuyun was startled.

“Brother Long, what’s wrong? Are you feeling unwell? Xiaosi knows medicine; I’ll call her back.”

Seeing the panicked expression on Yan Shuyun’s face, Long Hao quickly said, “I’m fine; there’s no need to call him back.”

That kid was probably still angry with him. Hearing Long Hao’s normal voice, Yan Shuyun’s panicked expression finally faded. She handed the oil-paper-wrapped cold buns to him, “Brother Long, these are the buns Xiaosi left for you. They’re cold now, but they’re still tasty.”

Long Hao looked at the oil-paper package in Yan Shuyun’s hand, feeling somewhat surprised.

That kid was as stingy as a miser, yet he had actually left meat buns for him.

“Thank you.”

His heart warmed again, and he said thank you as he took the buns from Yan Shuyun. Yan Shuyun stuffed the buns into his hands, somewhat unhappily saying, “Brother Long, you should thank Yan Xiaosi. Today, he not only spent five taels of silver to buy you new clothes, but also rushed into your room as soon as he got home. He found you unconscious on the bed and saved you in that manner.”

Long Hao paused in biting the bun, feeling a wave of astonishment in his heart.

That kid loved money so much, yet he was willing to spend five taels of silver on clothes for him.

After Yan Shuyun left, he held the five cold buns and slowly savored them one bite at a time.

The cold bun skin was somewhat hard, and the meat filling inside had changed in flavor, but he felt that it tasted even better than the most exquisite delicacies.

In the portable space, Yan Xiaosi tied the old yellow ox from Tian Dazhuang to a pillar in front of the small western-style house, and she continuously fed it plump corn kernels.

The old yellow ox chewed on the corn kernels with a loud crunching sound.

Yan Xiaosi watched it eating with gusto, feeling somewhat resentful in her heart.

This old yellow ox actually had corn to eat, while she had to eat wild vegetable steamed buns for several meals when she first arrived at Yan’s third house.

It was really true that people were not as good as cattle.

After feeding the old yellow ox a sack of corn, Yan Xiaosi led it to the spring, where it drank.

The spring water was sweet and the old yellow ox drank a lot of it. After eating and drinking its fill, the beast wagged its tail and lazily laid down beside the spring.

Yan Xiaosi thought that the old yellow ox couldn’t get lost in her portable space, so she left it there and went back to the small western-style house.

Having spent a long time in Daxing, she felt dirty. She went to the third floor and took a bath in the bathroom, then went to the practice room to practice her cultivation skill.

Because she had eaten three meat buns in the market today, her stomach was full, and she had plenty of energy. She practiced for a slightly longer time than usual, opening her eyes after three quarters of an hour.

“Xue’er, dinner is ready, and Yan Xiaosi hasn’t returned yet. Go find him and bring him back for dinner.”

“Alright, mom.”

Just as Yan Xiaosi opened her eyes, she heard Ms. Zhong and Yan Shuxue’s conversation. She was in the portable space, so their conversation must have come from outside the space. This time, however, she heard it more clearly than before.

This feeling made her heart rejoice.

Could it be that her progress in cultivating her mental power meant that she could clearly perceive what was happening in the outside world? Continuing to practice in this way would allow her to better control and utilize the portable space.

The thought of being able to control and use the precious portable space in the future made her even more excited.

“Yan Xiaosi, Yan Xiaosi, where are you? Mom finished making dinner; hurry back home to eat.”

Just as she was immersed in her excited mood, Yan Shuxue’s shouting reached her ears again.

Yan Shuxue thought she had taken the old yellow ox up the mountain to graze, so she went to look for her on the mountain.

Knowing that Yan Shuxue wouldn’t be able to find her, and would head deeper into Four Sisters Mountain, Yan Xiaosi recalled the Rongdi scouts that had appeared before. She quickly concentrated her mental energy and came out of the space.

“Moo, moo…”

Yan Shuxue was searching everywhere in Mount Sigu when she suddenly heard a cow’s mooing. She quickly headed towards the direction of the sound.

She had only walked a short distance when she saw Yan Xiaosi leading the old yellow ox on a slope covered with leaves.

Seeing the old yellow ox’s bulging belly, she said to Yan Xiaosi, “Xiaosi, the ox has eaten enough. Let’s go home and eat. Don’t you want to eat braised potatoes with pig intestines? Mom made it for you.”

Yan Xiaosi wasn’t hungry, but upon hearing Yan Shuxue mention braised potatoes with pig intestines, her mouth began to water.

“Second sister, I’m so tired. Can you help me lead the cow?”

Having spent so much time in the portable space practicing her mental strength, she felt a little weak and tired. Knowing that Yan Shuxue spoiled her, she handed the rope tied to the old yellow ox to her sister with a shameless expression.

Yan Shuxue had no choice but to take the rope.

On their way back, Yan Shuxue walked slowly, leading Tian Dazhuang’s family cow, while Yan Xiaosi rode on its back.

Yan Shuxue looked back at her sister’s contented and relaxed face and laughed, “This old yellow ox is Dazhuang’s family treasure. If Dazhuang’s mother, Aunt Tian, sees you riding on its back, she’ll be furious.”

Yan Xiaosi, sitting on the ox’s back, swayed as the ox walked, making her feel drowsy.

She yawned lazily, squinting her eyes like a lazy cat, and replied to Yan Shuxue, “Second sister, this is something only you, me, the heavens and the earth know. As long as you don’t say anything, Aunt Tian won’t know.”

Seeing that she was really tired, Yan Shuxue didn’t say anything more. Only when they had left Four Sisters Mountain did she remind Yan Xiaosi to get off the ox’s back.

“Xiaosi, hurry and get down. We’re almost home. We don’t want anyone to see you riding on the ox’s back and have the news spread to Aunt Tian.”

Only then did Yan Xiaosi stretch lazily and get off the cow’s back.

As soon as they reached the dilapidated grass temple, the smell of braised potatoes and pig intestines wafted out from the shabby kitchen.

Yan Xiaosi licked her lips and said, “Second sister, I’ll return the ox to the Tian family first, then come back for dinner.”

“Xiaosi, wait a bit.”

After a brief moment, Ms. Zhong emerged from the smoky kitchen, holding a wooden bowl filled with braised potatoes and pig intestines.

“Xiaosi, take these to Dazhuang for him to try.”

Having just given a big cabbage to Mrs. Wang at the village entrance, Yan Xiaosi was somewhat reluctant as Ms. Zhong asked her to send braised potatoes and pig intestines.

“Mom, after giving this to Brother Dazhuang, will there be enough left for me? Besides, we still have a sick ghost who eats a lot lying at home.”

As she said this, her gaze was filled with deep discontent as she glanced towards the room where Long Hao was staying.

Long Hao, who was in the room, heard her clearly, and the corner of his mouth twitched.

Could she be referring to him as a sick ghost who could eat?

This little brat.

Knowing that Yan Xiaosi was cursing him, he clenched his teeth in anger but was helpless against her.

Ms. Zhong stuffed the wooden bowl into Yan Xiaosi’s arms while saying, “Child, if it weren’t for Dazhuang’s kindness, how could you have possibly borrowed the ox cart? And now you’re reluctant to share some food.”

Yan Xiaosi took the wooden bowl, turned around, and led the old yellow ox away, rolling her eyes.

If it weren’t for her medical skills, she wouldn’t have been able to borrow the ox cart at all.

When she led the ox cart to the Tian family’s house, the kitchen was bustling with cooking, and the aroma of lard wafted out.

“Dazhuang, I’m here to return the ox cart. Can you come out for a moment?”

Tian Dazhuang was squatting in front of the stove, helping Ms. Wang with the fire. Hearing Yan Xiaosi calling outside, he dropped the fire tongs and prepared to go out.

Ms. Wang stopped him with a hand.

“Mom, what are you doing? Didn’t you hear Xiaosi calling me outside?”

“I heard it.”

Ms. Wang glared at Tian Dazhuang and sternly reminded him, “That little brat Yan Xiaosi eats too much. Tian Dazhuang, I’m warning you, don’t invite him into the house for dinner.”

Recalling how much Yan Xiaosi ate last night, Ms. Wang still felt a bit uneasy.

Tian Dazhuang thought his mother was a bit stingy, but he dared not say anything. He nodded and left the kitchen.

He opened the courtyard door, and Yan Xiaosi handed over the rope tied to the old yellow ox and the wooden bowl.

Tian Dazhuang smelled the aroma of potatoes and meat and was stunned, “Xiaosi, what is this for?”

Yan Xiaosi replied, “My mother asked me to give it to you.”

Her arm was sore from holding it up, and Tian Da Zhuang hadn’t reached out to take it yet. She impatiently said, “Dazhuang, do you want it or not? If you don’t want it, I’ll take it back and eat it. I don’t mind having more.”

Ms. Zhong’s potato and pork intestine dish was so fragrant that Yan Xiaosi was really hungry at the moment. She couldn’t resist, threw the rope tied to the ox, and grabbed a piece of the stir-fried pork intestine from the bowl, stuffing it into her mouth, chewing until her lips were greasy.

Tian Dazhuang stared at her greasy little mouth and suddenly felt his face flush and his heart race. “Xiaosi, thank your mother for me.”

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