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PSLMD Chapter 56


Chapter 56 – Heading to Jiren Hall

The lady boss handed the oil-paper-wrapped package to the shopkeeper, who then passed it to Yan Xiaosi.

“Business isn’t good today, so we won’t be able to sell all of these steamed meats anyway. Young man, take these home and enjoy them.”

“Thank you, shopkeeper.”

Yan Xiaosi unceremoniously accepted the oil-paper package. After bidding farewell to the shopkeeper and his wife, she climbed onto the ox-cart with the somewhat heavy package.

With the firewood having been sold, Ms. Zhong drove the ox-cart in the direction of the vegetable market.

Yan Xiaosi sat on the cart, opening the oil-paper package while speaking to Ms. Zhong, “Mom, let’s not go to the vegetable market yet.”

“Xiaosi, what are you up to now?”

The one asking was Yan Shuqin.

Yan Xiaosi’s mind was full of ideas these days. They couldn’t guess what she was up to.

Yan Xiaosi had unwrapped the oil-paper package, revealing large chunks of steamed meat inside. The aroma of the steamed meat made her swallow a mouthful of saliva.

The large slices of meat were coated with golden yellow rice flour, making them look delicious.

While she handed the steamed meat to Yan Shuqin, Yan Shuxue, and Yan Shuyun, she replied, “It’s still morning. The prices at the vegetable market will be high. In the afternoon, the vendors will surely drop their prices. We can go then.”

Vegetables don’t keep well after they’re picked and vendors want to sell their stock within the day. Otherwise, the unsold produce would wilt or spoil at home. Thus, in the afternoon, the prices of vegetables and the like are bound to decrease.

Yan Shuqin took a bite of the steamed meat with her right hand, and with her left hand, she poked Yan Xiaosi’s forehead.

“Xiaosi, your eldest sister thinks you’re getting smarter.”

Yan Shuxue ate the steamed meat, her words unclear as she continued Yan Shuqin’s thought, “Eldest sister, don’t forget, our father became a scholar at the age of twelve. Xiaosi is his son, so he’s bound to be intelligent.”

“Mother, let me feed you.”

Yan Xiaosi held the oil-paper package and moved closer to Ms. Zhong.

The last time Ms. Zhong had eaten steamed meat was when Yan Bowen was alive. After so many years, she had almost forgotten what it tasted like. Now, smelling the rich aroma of the steamed meat, her mouth watered, but she pretended not to want any.

“Mother is driving the cart right now and today is a busy market day. I need to be careful not to bump into anyone. You kids go ahead and eat.”

“Mom, I’ve already eaten. Let me drive the cart. The steamed meat from that small restaurant is delicious. Please have a taste.”

Yan Shuqin licked the grease from her fingers and also moved closer to Ms. Zhong.

“Mom, you should eat some too.”

“Mom, the boss lady gave us plenty of steamed meat. There’s enough for the five of us to have a few pieces each.”

Yan Shuxue and Yan Shuyun both chimed in.

Yan Xiaosi held a piece of steamed meat to Ms. Zhong’s mouth, “Mom, we are a family and we should share both hardships and joys together.”

After taking a glance at the four sensible children beside her, Ms. Zhong’s face showed concern for her own children. Only then did she open her mouth and eat the steamed meat that Yan Xiaosi handed to her.

Yan Xiaosi asked Ms. Zhong to park the ox cart by the roadside. The family of five shared the steamed meat one piece at a time. They all ate happily and contentedly.

After finishing the steamed meat, Yan Shuyun licked the pork grease from the corner of her mouth and asked Yan Xiaosi, “Xiaosi, should we just wait here and go to the vegetable market in the afternoon?”

Yan Xiaosi also licked the pork grease from the corner of her mouth. In her previous life, she didn’t like this greasy food, but now she found it delicious.

“No, let’s go to the pharmacy.”

Yan Xiaosi shook her head slightly and then asked Ms. Zhong, “Mom, which pharmacy in our Daxing Town is the largest and has the most business?”

Ms. Zhong, thinking she was feeling unwell, anxiously asked, “Xiaosi, are you not feeling well?”

While speaking, she reached out to touch Yan Xiaosi’s forehead, “It’s not hot.”

Yan Xiaosi smiled and said, “Mom, look at me. I just ate so much meat and I’m full of energy. Do I look sick?”

Seeing her full of energy and smiling, Ms. Zhong finally felt relieved.

Children in poor families cannot afford to be sick.

Yan Shuqin asked curiously, “Xiaosi, why are you asking about the pharmacy without any illness? It’s not a good place.”

Yan Xiaosi reached into the bamboo basket and took out a piece of baizhu to show Ms. Zhong and her sisters.

“Mother, elder sister, second sister, third sister, did you forget this basket of baizhu?”

Ms. Zhong began to understand her intentions.

“Xiaosi, are you planning to sell this basket of baizhu at the pharmacy?”

Yan Xiaosi indeed wanted to sell the baizhu, but not directly to the pharmacy.

Ms. Zhong had never sold herbs dug from the mountains before. After thinking for a moment, she said, “I don’t know if the pharmacy will want our baizhu. If they do, our family will have an extra source of income.”

Yan Xiaosi put the baizhu back in the basket and smiled, “Mother, we won’t know if the pharmacy wants our baizhu unless we try.”

Yan Xiaosi always believed that opportunities to make money are not given by others but pursued by oneself. Ms. Zhong thought about it and decided that the largest and most successful pharmacy in Daxing Town should be Jiren Hall. The doctors there were skilled. Wealthy people in Daxing Town almost always went to Jiren Hall for treatment. Sometimes, even the nobles of Xize County came.

“Xiaosi, let’s try Jiren Hall.”

Yan Xiaosi knew less about Daxing Town than Ms. Zhong, so when Ms. Zhong said to go to Jiren Hall, she immediately agreed, “I’ll listen to Mom.”

After discussing with Yan Xiaosi, Ms. Zhong drove the ox cart to the street where Jiren Hall was located.

After unloading the five bundles of firewood, the old yellow ox’s speed increased significantly. The ox cart moved through the market. Within a short time, Yan Xiaosi saw Jiren Hall ahead. As Ms. Zhong said, Jiren Hall was the largest pharmacy in Daxing Town. The entire wooden building in front was part of Jiren Hall. Because today was market day, Jiren Hall’s entrance was bustling, with a long line of people waiting to see the doctor and get medicine.

Ms. Zhong parked the ox cart in front of Jiren Hall and saw the long line of people, most of whom were dressed in silk and satin clothing, which made her feel somewhat apprehensive.

For people like them, who were poor, if they got sick and it wasn’t serious, they would go up the mountain to gather some herbs to boil and drink. If it was severe, they would find a local doctor in the village to check their pulse and prescribe some herbal medicine. They wouldn’t dare to go to a place like Jiren Hall easily.

Although they came to sell baizhu today, Ms. Zhong had never been to Jiren Hall before, which made her feel somewhat uneasy.

“Xiaosi, do we really want to go in?”

Not only was Ms. Zhong feeling uneasy, but Yan Shuqin, Yan Shuxue, and Yan Shuyun also appeared somewhat anxious.

Yan Xiaosi’s gaze swept over the four of them, taking in their uneasiness. “Mom, elder sister, second sister, third sister, how about you wait here for me, and I’ll go in and come back shortly?”

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